The Challenge

By InuGhost2.0

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It was a bright and shiny Saturday morning. Birds were chirping in the trees, flowers were in bloom, children ran around playing in the warm sunshine, and Gibbs' team was in Hell. They had received an urgent phone call from their boss at 6 A.M. wanting them in the office on the double. After arriving they were told that plans had changed and they were to follow Gibbs back to his home. The true trouble had started after they had arrived there. Gibbs looked furious as he let them into his home and proceeded to lead them to his basement.

"Gibbs you finished the boat! I'm so proud of you, and it looks beautiful." Abby as usual was all smiles despite the how early in the day it was. Running over she gave Gibbs a strong hug looking at the boat with wide eyes.

"You definitely put a lot of effort into this. The craftsmanship is magnificent. It looks like it was done by a professional." Running a careful hand along the hull of the boat Ziva turned back to her boss. "So now that the boat is finished what are you going to do?"

"I plan on sailing it, and getting started on my next boat." Despite the gruffness of his voice, pride was still evident as a smile lit up his face upon viewing his prized possession.

"So Boss how do you plan on getting this boat out of your basement? There is no way it's going to fit through any of the doors in the house." For once Tony had the right of it as he looked at Gibbs waiting for an answer.

"Its funny you should mention that Tony. I was planning on getting it out of the basement myself, but the Director needs to see me in his office. So I'm entrusting all of you to get it out of the basement for me. Oh and for the record, you can't damage the boat or the house in anyway shape or form. Have fun." Moving with surprising speed Gibbs left the basement and his house before any of his team could raise a voice in protest.

"For an old guy the Boss can sure book it when he wants to." McGee said with a hint of admiration in his voice. This earned him a slap on the back of the head from his three companions.

"Probie Gibbs just left us on our own to move his boat out of the basement without damaging it! A potentially insurmountable challenge!" Tony was close to freaking out. His voice had risen several octaves and a glare was evident on his face.

"Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? Because I certainly don't have any idea." Ziva said all this in a defeated tone sitting down on the floor before pulling out her knife and fiddling with it.

"No idea, Gibbs definitely left us with quite a conundrum this time. Though he must have faith in us if he assigned it to us." Her piece said Abby sat down on the wooden steps sucking on a Caf-Pow she had brought with her.

Sighing heavily McGee pulled his laptop out of his bag along with the power cord. "I'll check on line and see if anyone has suggestions or ideas of what we can do to move this hunk of wood out of the basement."

"Well at least we have several hours before Boss Man gets back to figure something out. So come on everyone think. I'm going out for food." Maneuvering past Abby, who was still sitting on the bottom steps sucking away at her Caf-Pow, Tony ran up the stairs before his colleagues could get a word of protest out.

Resigned to their fate Abby, McGee, and Ziva waited in Gibbs' basement for Tony to return with breakfast. Each of them trying in their own special way to figure out a solution to the puzzle.

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