The Challenge Ch 2

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The team minus Tony, who had still not arrived with breakfast, was still sitting in Gibbs' basement contemplating how to achieve the seemingly impossible. Tasked with removing the boat from the basement without damaging the basement or the boat itself was proving difficult to solve. Each was lost in their own thoughts on how to solve the problem when the sound of a car door closing followed by the scent of food informed them of DiNozzo's return.

"Ok I've got the food. Have any of you had any luck in figuring out what we can do about this hunk of junk?" To emphasize his point DiNozzo smacked his hand against the side of the boat and was rewarded with a hollow thud.

"Well I emailed some of my friends and told them if they have any ideas they should email me back A.S.A.P. Though if one of their solutions works they're demanding credit." McGee had set his laptop aside and was currently digging into his breakfast burrito. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still warm, and was exactly what he had wanted.

"I did have one idea." Placing her Caf-Pow on the floor Abby eagerly took the breakfast, Tony had gotten for her, out of his hands. "I know some people who could bring one of their planes by, and we can try and lift the house up then move the boat, and place the house back down. Course I'm not certain that Gibbs wouldn't notice the damage done to his house, but you never know."

"Maybe if we dug a tunnel that led to the outside big enough for the boat to be moved through it?"

"Nice idea Zeevah but I don't think we have several months in which to accomplish it, unless Abby can get some of her construction worker friends down here on a moments notice." Tony's voice was filled with sarcasm as he yanked out a stool to sit on while eating his breakfast.

"How about we contact Ducky? He will likely have an idea of what we can do about Gibbs' boat. Perhaps he knows something we do not about this place."

"Ziva that is a pretty good idea you had about getting Ducky's help. Even if Ducky doesn't have an idea it wouldn't hurt to have an extra head or two to figure this out. Besides if we have to move this thing we're going to need all the help we can get. Hell he might even bring ice cream if we're really lucky." Abby's face had lit up like a Christmas tree at the thought of getting some chocolate ice cream.

Before Abby had finished Tony had already pulled out his cell phone and was dialing the good doctor's phone number. For some reason Ducky failed to answer his phone right away, but after the fifth ring her had answered. After a few short minutes Tony hung up his phone. "Ducky says he'll come right over, and before you start Abby he did promise to bring ice cream with him."

"Did Ducky have any ideas Tony?" McGee asked finally looking up from his computer.

"No, he didn't have any ideas off the top of his head, but he is bringing Palmer with him, so who knows."


"That was them just now, I'd better toddle off or they might get suspicious of where I was." Ducky was smiling as he picked up his hat and coat as he headed for the door.

"Hey Duck make sure you don't give them too much help, otherwise this won't be nearly as entertaining." Looking over the back of the chair he was seated in Gibbs' eyes was filled with mischief as he looked at the mortician.

"Oh Jethro you know I'm never one to spoil any of your fun. Though Director if you don't mind I would certainly like a copy of this…for those dreary nights when mother's being her usual self."

"Don't worry Ducky I'll make sure Cynthia makes a copy up for you. Oh...Ducky one last thing before you go. We don't want you influencing them too much, we're trying to keep this pot legitimate, and I don't want the Cyber Crimes division whining again about us cheating them out of winning." Director Shepard appeared to be all business and the authority figure she was, though the image was slightly hampered by the bowl of popcorn sitting in her lap, and the beer bottle sitting in the chairs cup holder.

"Madam Director…have I ever done anything that ruined any of the pots you and Jethro ever ran? I do not think so." Pushing open the door to MTAC Ducky took a final bite of his candy bar before tossing the wrapper in the trash can. After maneuvering his way around the other NCIS personnel who were viewing the live footage from Gibbs' basement over the plasma screen Ducky managed to make it to the elevator and hit the button for Autopsy to collect Mr. Palmer.

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