"I'm sorry Fiver, Primrose..... He's gone." Bigwig had said shortly. Fiver looked into Bigwigs eyes. They were covered in pain. One thing was in his mind, now digging so deeply it burned. His mouth wasn't working. His tear's worked perfectly, but his mouth only left it's self in a small gasp. Luckily for him Primrose's mouth worked.

"How." She asked coldly. Fiver felt the digging in his mind stop.

Bigwig looked around slightly. "It was the farm dog." He answered. "By the time I got there, he was torn to piece's. There was nothing left for me to bring bac-" He stopped. Fiver thanked Frith. Fiver couldn't keep his eye's open anymore. He was quivering. He felt the tears

moving down his whiskers and dripping to the floor. Suddenly he felt someone turn and run deeper into the warren. "Primrose!" Bigwig called. Yet she was gone. Bigwig now turned to Fiver. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you and Primrose." Fiver felt rage fill him. But he pushed it down. A come back echoed in his mind. But his mouth luckily did nothing. It echoed again 'Like you did for him!'.

But deep down Fiver knew that Bigwig had done all he could. Then Hawkbit showed up.

"Oie, the meeting's starting." He informed them.

"Right." Bigwig said. He and Hawkbit hopped to the honey comb. Hawkbit gave Fiver a sad look before leaving. Fiver sucked back his tears. He headed to the honey comb.

He sat at the back. Quickly Silverweed and Pipkin were at his side's. Pipkin had an innocent look of happiness while Silverweed put his paw on Fiver's shoulder. (Note: Silverweed is not old after he used hannah's magic spell to defeat Woundwort. It wore off. Just wanted to let cha know :3 ) "I'm so sorry.." he said. Pipkin looked confused.

"Sorry? About what? Say what's this meeting about?" Pipkin pestered.

Silverweed's eyes rounded. "You don't know?!"

"No." Pipkin smiled.

"Everyone." Captian Broom started.

"Where's Hazel?" Pipkin asked looking at Fiver and Silverweed. Fiver's heart was close to breaking now.

"Stop it Pipkin!" Silverweed hissed at him quietly. Pipkin was taken aback.

"We are here to say goodbye to the young and intelligent Hazel-rah." Broom sighed. Fiver heard Pipkin gasp. "Whether it was a father." Snowdrop, Gillia and Mallow huddled together sadly. "A mate." Primrose was being comforted by Spotina, Blackberry, and Clover. "A good friend." Bigwig, Hawkbit, and Dandilion all looked at the floor. "A brother." Fiver felt a few eyes fix on him. "Or a leader. He will be greatly missed. If you could all join me. " Everyone bowed their heads "My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.." They chanted together. Fiver kept his mouth shut. He knew that if he spoke he'd cried. He didn't feel like sobbing in front of his friends. Now Broom looked up. "It might be soon but, it's time to find a new rah. I nominate Bigwig." A few people spoke in agreement. Then Hawkbit shot up.

"Not that Bigwig wouldn't be bad or anything but I nominate Campion." He shouted. His words for once not dripping with sarcastic tones. Many other's agreed.

"Right, any other..... No" Captian Broom muttered "Right, All for Bigwig. One, six, ten, fif...Ok fifteen for Bigwig. Now, all for Campion. One, five, eleven.... and Fifteen for campion. Oh my." Everyone started to mutter to each other. Normally the Chief would chose who won out of a tie. But that's what they were trying to chose.

"Now what?" asked Campion.

"Should we have a quick fight without teeth or claws?" Bigwig asked.

Fiver muttered under his breath. Silverweed looked over.

"What?" He asked.

"Bobstones" Fiver muttered louder so only Silverweed could hear.

"Captian Broom, since they're both equal candidates." Silverweed said picking up on Fiver's hint "Than why not try Bobstones."

"Capital idea Silverweed!" Broom said "Also, the loser will become Captian of Owsla."

Everyone agreed, Bigwig sighed "Spoil sports.." Campion only chuckled.

Soon Bigwig was set. "Bobstone guess?" He asked. Campion turned. He looked quietly.

"Bobstone guess is...... two." Campion said. Bigwig lifted his paws to revile two stones.

Now Bigwig turned. "Who's do you think will win...." Silverweed asked. Fiver shrugged. Still not believing Hazel was gone.

"Fiver... I'm really sorry about what I was saying earlier." Pipkin said.

"It's alright..." Fiver said shortly.

"Bobstone guess?" Campion asked. Bigwig turned back.

"Bobstone guess is.. two." Bigwig said. Campion raised his paws. Everyone leaned in. Bigwig

looked up. "Good game, Campion-rah."

Everyone cheered and ran forward to congratulate Campion-rah. Blackberry gave him a kiss. Her belly slightly large due to the kittens. "Why thank you captian Bigwig." Campion-rah smiled picking up his one and only bobstone. "Now lets all go out for silfah." Everyone ran after him. Captian Broom stopped at Fiver, Silverweed and Pipkin.

"Good idea Silverweed." Broom said "You remind me of a rabbit back in my day.."

"It wasn't my idea Captian Broom." Silverweed said. Happy to keep Broom from rambling. "It was Fiver's"

"Really, well send him my regards." Broom said.

"What? But he's right her-" Pipkin started, only to turn and see Fiver had disappeared.


Fiver hadn't left his bed for two days. He didn't eat only because he wasn't hungry. Hazel had gone leaving him here. His loneliness and sorrow filled his gut, filling him. Everyone was having fun. Fiver couldn't understand how everyone just left his memory behind. But on one side of him he remembered his brother's saying.

'We move On...'

Fiver sighed and rolled over. Coming face to face with Pipkin. "GAH!" Fiver yelped jumping up. "Pipkin! Don't do that!"

"Sorry Fiver. But my joiner owsla has run off, then Bigwig , Campion and the other bucks but Strawberry are on patrol, and the does are expanding the storage area." Pipkin said.

"And how do I fit in?" Fiver asked. Even with his powers he knew what Pipkin would say.

"I'm bored!" (Predictable Pipkin..) "Come outside and play! Frith is smiling today!"

"Go ask Strawberry." Fiver said laying back down.

"Oh, Please! Fiver you need to get out more.." Pipkin pleaded. "Sides... I'll show you my secret spot.." Fiver looked up.

"Secret spot? What's so good about it?" Fiver asked.

Pipkin smiled and came closer and whispered "Mint leaves."

Fiver straitened up. The rare food that everyone had always talked about. Fiver had never had some. Due to the fact that, at sandleford he was a waste of fur not good enough for such taste or so said the Owsla. "Well I guess." Fiver said. Pipkin ran from the sleeping quarters with Fiver trailing behind.


Pipkin and Fiver had run quite far from the down. So far that Fiver began to worry. Soon they stopped at a Pine tree with bushes all around. Jumping in both Fiver and Pipkin found a large amount of Mint. "Wow.." said Fiver looking around.

"I noo righie" Pipkin said with a mouth full of mint. Fiver looked around.

"Arn't we far from the down?" Fiver asked.

"Don't wooie. I noo the way buck." Pipkin said taking another bite "Reax, we'ie safe here" Fiver still had a tingling feeling. But sat down to eat. The minty taste danced on his tongue. He savored it. It felt warm suddenly making him see how hungry he was. He managed to fill his self half way up when.


"What was that?" Fiver asked looking up.

"I didn't hear anything" Pipkin said. Then two large rabbits leaped out and pinned the Pipkin and Fiver down.

"Frith and Inle?!" Fiver yelped. Soon the struggling Fiver and Pipkin were surrounded.

"Uh Fiver..." Pipkin sniffed.

"Ya?" Fiver mumbled.

"Maybe you did hear something....."

"Something indeed..." said a fermiler voice. Suddenly Woundwort walked out of the bush..

Both Fiver and Pipkin gasped.

"H..h...h-how?" Pipkin studdered.

Woundwort only snickered. Then turned to his owsla. "Nock out, don't kill but knock out Pipkin. I want Hazle to get my regards."

"Ummmm, Hazel is....." Pipkin looked at Fiver. Fiver looked sadly back. "dead."

"Really, well a shame that the black rabbit got to him first." Woundwort said "Then who's incharge of that mousie warren."

"First its not mousie!" Shouted Fiver only to have somebody step on his muzzle."

"Second... its Campion," Pipkin said.

"All the sweeter. Give Campion-rah my regards." Woundwort smiled. With that Pipkin was knocked out.

"What about the runt. Can I slash it to bits Dark one?" A gaurd asked.

"No Skull, he is still of use. As I have told you before. Its Genarl Woundwort." He muttered.

"And how will I help you? I will die before I tell you anything." Fiver spat as soon as Skull removed his foot.

"Oh you will." Woundwort said. "Bring him, and I want our tracks covered PERFECTLY! Clear?"

Fiver was picked up by the scruff of his neck and carried off like a small kitten. "So, where's your great prison now?" Fiver asked.

"You'll see." said Woundwort.