iiii dont know. my belated christmas fic maybe XDDD pure cracky fluff???? YAY!! i'm sorry, this song has always given me this image.

warning: OOC? crack, fluff, bird-glomping, not-drunk jing (or IS he), and OMFG snow?! no wei mahn.
inspiration: shake it by metro station
reasons: its ALWAYS made me squeal and think of jing glomping kir randomly XD;; idfk.
rating: T?
pairing: jing/kir
summary: he really really hated when jing was drunk, and he hated being called fluffy and he HATED it when he was glomped by non-boobed creatures!
disclaimer: nooooooooot mine.

AHA! :3 read on my fellow fangirls! ...er, fanboys to?


Kir let out a shriek as two arms wrapped around him gently, pulling him from the air quickly. He was pulled close to a warm chest, and he muttered angrily. Feathers were trapped between arms, making it hard to move, and he glanced up to see a grinning Jing. Said boy was laying on the bed of the hotel they had decided to stay in, and Kir wasn't all that certain Jing was sober right now. The teenager had a creepy habit of somehow getting drunk without Kir even noticing it.

"Jing, lemme up." he demanded in annoyance.

Jing shook his head, and snuggled into Kir's head, much to the bird's displeasure. "Nope! You're warm! And fluffy to..." he hummed.

Kir twitched. F-Fluffy? FLUFFY?! He'd show HIM FLUFFY!!! "I am NOT fluffy!! I'll show you, lemme go, I'll make you sorry!" he raged, flailing about.

The teen pouted. "Aw, don't get mad Kir. Its a compliment!"

"Compliment, my ass!"

Grinning again, Jing poked Kir's tummy. "You're too easily flustered. Come on, stay still so I can cuddle you, you're really soft! And its so cold outside, be nice!"

The bird felt his eye twitch as he glowered at the opposite wall furiously. Why did Jing have to be so annoying when he was drunk? He was too clingy and he was always saying such mortifying things! He wondered if Jing even remembered what he did or said half the time. After the LAST time, Kir doubted it. What kind of person could do...do THAT and just act normally the next morning when they TRAVELED with said victim? Kir didn't even think Jing knew what he had done. But that was for the best, he told himself, eyes narrowed. If he knew....

A cheek was promptly pressed against his head, moving back and forth over the feathers and a content sigh slipped from the teen's lips. Kir heaved a sigh. He really hated when Jing did this. He felt so...VIOLATED! And maybe a tad bit fluffy, but thats besides the point. He'd be rearranging his feathers for weeks...

"You're so soft~"

"I really hate when you get drunk, Jing." he muttered, huffing.

Jing blinked. "Who said I was drunk?"

kir glared up at his friend. "Well...you only get this way when you drink!"

The boy frowned and thought for a moment. "I don't recall ever being drunk."


"No no, its true!" he argued.

Huffing, Kir rolled his eyes. "You sound like an addict!"

Jing pouted and poked Kir's belly again. "Well you sound like someone in denial!"

"Look whose talkin!"

"Yeah well-! Ooh, snow!"

Kir began to open his beak to snap at the teen, but blinked when he registered the other's words. Snow? Glancing at the window he saw that it was indeed snowing. Ugh, that meant COLD. He hated cold. Jing was busy rambling about how pretty snow was, and how it was so soft and fluffy, and Kir just let out an aggravated sigh. "Not drunk" my ass, he thought in annoyance. He wondered if he could hit his friend and not get yelled at later...it was tempting.


iiiiiiii dont know. came out okayish. myeh.