Title: Vulnerability
Rating: I'll say K+ for implied sexual situations.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Abby needs a hug.

Author's Note: Very, very short little snippet - D/s play is an emotional rollercoaster, and it can affect people in different ways. I just wanted to get this one out there - it's kind of like the opposite of what happened to Abby when she played in my other fic 'Delicate'.


"Good girl."

I relax, breathing hard, as the handcuffs are unlocked and gentle hands guide my arms back down to my sides. I instinctively wrap them around myself, turning on my side and curling up around a pillow. I need something to hug, and although my body is tingling all over with pleasure and pain, tears sting my eyes.

"Come here, little tease." The request is quiet, and it takes me a split-second to be able to force my muscles to obey. Clumsily, I roll over and into Gibbs' waiting arms, and he pulls me into his lap, pulling a blanket over us and stroking my hair as I bury my head against his neck.

The beat of his heart and sound of his breathing calm me a little, and I sigh gratefully at the reassuring warmth of his skin, blinking the tears away. It was the most amazing scene I've ever had, and the neediness I feel right now is stronger than it ever has been before.

"I love you, sir," I can't resist murmuring, and his hand against my hair falters a little with surprise. We've been playing together for a few months now, and although I make a point of telling him I love him all the time at work – the same way I do McGee, Tony, Ziva and Ducky – I've kept it out of our personal life. I don't wanna spook him, but tonight I just can't help myself.

"Love you too, little tease," he tells me quietly after a second's hesitation, and I smile, burrowing further into his arms and closing my eyes.