This will be a few chapters long. I don't do really long stories well. Just dabbling into some Ivy angst.


My mother was furious. But, why wouldn't I keep the baby? Especially now that Jason was gone, I wouldn't just give it up. I couldn't have saved Jason, I know that. I wasn't what he wanted. His was a very different kind of fairy tale. He needed a knight, not a damsel in distress like me. Even though Jason didn't love me, he had unknowingly entrusted me with something so precious... so real... it was worth the sacrifice. I could protect the last living piece of him the world had to offer.

I ran away for a few weeks, after the fight with my mom. I just left. I was on a bus before I realized that I had no place to go. I was alone. It was, what I guess you could call, a defining moment, realizing that I, the most popular girl in my class, had no real friends. I had people to drink with, to get stoned with, to sleep with. But I couldn't think of anyone that I could cry with.

I couldn't turn to Nadia. I mean, we'd been getting along much better and all, but I still wouldn't call her a close friend. I was still angry with Matt, even though I knew he'd do anything for me. I weighed my options. There was only one person I really wanted to see, who wouldn't tell me everything would work out in the end. I could go to Peter. He of all people understood what I was going through. He had been in love with Jason for years. Poor thing. I felt so much for Peter. He was one of those people that you just had to care about. No one with a heart as big as Peter's should ever be hurt this badly.

I gathered my courage and dug into my purse for my phone. I knew I had his number saved on it. It was harder than I thought, asking for help. My thumb hovered nervously over the send button. I said a quick prayer in my head that he didn't hate me and called. It rang for a few minutes. Then, as I was about to give up, a soft, pained voice answered.

"Ivy?" Was all it said.