Wilson in his white boxers was singing "Sugar Sugar" happily in the kitchen as House on the lap top sat in bed his leg throbbing dully as he shook his Vicodin out of the familiar bottle on the side table. Wilson's voice rose louder & louder shutting out all thoughts from House's mind. He got out of the bed as his leg made him drop to the floor. Wilson's voice stopped mid way through the song & called out to his partner with concern "Greg?"

House looked up his blue eyes dulled over from the pain "I...I'm fine Wilson." James ran in & saw House on the floor his right hand gripping his leg. He stood Greg up & put him back on the bed with gentle reassurance. "You stay right here I'll bring in breakfast in here." James moved the laptop to the side table as Greg gave a low protesting whimper. "But I neeeeeeeeeed it." House whined. Wilson nodded his head no and went back to the kitchen.

Greg shook another Vicodin & swallowed it as James came into the bedroom with a cup of coffee. He gave one to Greg & kissed him gently before going back into the kitchen with a promise of coming back. Greg grabbed the remote control to the TV & switched it on to the History Channel bored & frustrated about not being able to help. He took a sip of his coffee and made a face "too weak." he muttered putting it down.

Within a few minutes James came back in with several pancakes on a breakfast tray with two small glasses of orange juice as House clicked off the TV giving his undivided attention the feast that James had made for them. His mouth watered & his stomach growled. James smiled at the appreciation in Greg's eyes and put the tray down & sat down. Greg pulled his lover over gave him a kiss on the lips then patted a spot on the bed for James. "I love you."

For Wilson those three little words were more important then all the treasures in the world. He snuggled down beside Greg and began to eat with him. After breakfast Greg kissed James again tasting the maple syrup on his lips. James started to clean up as House tried to help but James just shook his head no again "It's my pleasure to do it Greg..it's our Sunday tradition."

House got up from the bed grabbed his cane & went to the front door to get the Sunday newspaper off the stoop the winter winds bit at him. He shivered and closed the door behind him "It's a good thing we don't have an place to go. Brr it's cold out there." He inched his way back into the bedroom picked up the newspaper & got back on the bed spreading the newspaper out picked up the culture and leisure section and began to read it.

James came back in after loading up the dishwasher and picked up the financial side Greg enjoying himself immensely. House threw down the newspaper that he was reading in boredom as he snatched the page Wilson had just gone done reading. Wilson snatched it back in a huff with House just giving him pathetic puppy dog looks