House and Wilson had been driving all over Princeton all day after the movie with nothing much on the agenda. They had gone window shopping and were just more or less interested in nothing more then being with each other. They were silent in the car James had his hand on Greg's leg for more then an hour. It wasn't sexual just a loving gesture until House's stomach growled. Wilson had smiled at that. Even when they were friends House never ate regularly except to steal Wilson's sandwiches. But now that they were a couple House had eaten a lot more mind you he wasn't fat cause he still kept up his appearances but just the sheer thought of eating with House gave Wilson an enormous smile.

House turned to Wilson and said almost eagerly "So where do you want to eat?" Wilson kissed his lover on the cheek and said "I know the perfect pizza shop. It's not very far from here & it's really inexpensive. I've been dying for the House special." Greg laughed and said with a grin on his face "Oh did I tell you? The place has gotten a new partner. He's really cute too…almost as cute as the owner of the place." Wilson laughed out loud "I'm sure the new partner is just adorable!" By the time the discussion was over they were at the apartment as the two of them discussed what kind of toppings that they wanted on their pie.

Wilson got out the groceries as House locked the car and came up behind him nuzzling James's neck with tiny kisses. They went into the apartment as House went into the kitchen with two bags "Since you cooked breakfast I get to make the House special." Wilson sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and watched House get all the ingredients out "Can I chop anything up while I'm waiting here?" House swished his hand away saying "Nope I got it under control."

For the next hour James watched in amazement as House went to it chopping up vegetables laid out the pepperoni made the crust with his own hands and put it in the oven while talking to Wilson the whole time. "Should be done in eighteen minutes." House said sitting down his leg throbbing. There in front of him was his Vicodin bottle he shook two out & took them before somewhat relaxing.

After the pizza was cooked and bubbling Greg got out the dishes and sliced it up giving three slices to Wilson as they sat down at the table talking about just everything from Cameron's hair to Cuddy's low cut tops. After the pizza was eaten Wilson rinsed off the plates and put them in the dishwasher.

The two of them went into the living room got comfortable on the coach House slumped on Wilson's chest and Wilson's arm snaked around his waist. The two of them watched something mindless and before they both knew it their eyes were drooping.

Wilson slowly shoved House away from him as he got up. House gave a huge protesting moan and tried to grab James but Wilson got him to his feet "Come on Greg" he said softly almost seductively "Let's go to bed."

The two of them went into the bedroom took off their clothes turned off the lights and crawled into bed. House cuddled up to Wilson and sighed deeply relaxing in Wilson's arms and falling asleep as James kissed him and fell asleep too comforted by the warmth of his best friends love.