This is something I got from my other fic Late Arrival about them all being a family.

Disclaimer: People, honestly you all know this isn't Tamora Pierces.

Mismatched Family

The entire thing was never intentional, it had just happened. Jon, Alanna, Gary and Raoul had always been close like brothers (or a sister). Everyone just clicked in as a family, George also was like family to them, especially after he had married the Lioness. They all worked together under the guidance of the parental figures that many of the group lacked, parents like Myles and Eleni.

Thayet and Buri were also welcomed into the "family of misfits" seeing as none of them had family either. The minute Buri dumped Raoul on his back they were readily accepted.

When Arram came he like others was scared out of his wits and wary from a year ofleeing a madman. It took a long time for the great mage to trust again, especially royalty and his close companions, But Numair Salmalin proved to be a wonderful ally and was quickly adopted by Jon to "teach the dolt something useful" within a few years Numair was the chief mage and more powerful than ever.

Onua was similar to Numair, she had been destroyed and didn't trust people, especially men. Like her fellow K'mir, Buri, she never adjusted to court life but Numair took her under his wing and taught her that not all men were pigs and Alanna and George taught her how to defend herself. Onua Chamtong relaxed and like everyone else found a niche as horse mistress.

In her turn Onua brought the next person into the family, Daine had been hunted, run out and abused by her neighbors for her entire life. She had a past so bad that Numair was "surprised, she talked to a human being ever again.". In her new home the wildmage mastered her rare gift and flourished in her loving homes.

Kitten came only a few months after Daine's arrival and Skysongs mother's murder. Daine was effectively the only mother she remembered but many of Daine's friends loved her like a daughter and the children treated her as though she were a baby sister.

It was Daine again who befriended the next two friends, Lindhall was probably the only person to not have lost his family to violence, he left Carthak willingly looking forward to a nicer life with his student and Numairs friends, some of whom were on the delegation. In Tortall he was still a teacher but it was in a country where things like BoneDancer and his animals were readily accepted by many.

The most interesting thing is that almost all of them fell in love with people close to them. Alanna married George and Daine married Numair. Jon and Thayet married quickly as did the Raoul and Buri. They had all grown so close many of them didn't even realize they were in love till it became blatantly obvious. Many of these people did have children, who were welcomed with open arms, like and they were often raised by the whole group, magic from the mages and animals from Daine, fighting from many of the rider "aunts" and the Lioness. Everything just clicked and decades later they still spent many a night together like family.

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