a/n This is my first attempt at fanfic, but I had a story that was kicking around in my head that I wanted to tell. This is rated M for future lemony goodness and language.

The premise is that Bella comes to LA to escape her life and runs into the A list Hollywood star Edward Cullen. They have an instant connection. All human.

The characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, I'm just borrowing them in my happy fantasy land.


Chapter One


Why am I here? I thought to myself. Here I was, surrounded by a hundred people, yet I felt more alone than ever. I never should have let Jasper talk me into coming to his stupid party. Sigh.

Then across the room I see Jasper coming towards me, dragging some poor bastard behind him, smiling broadly with his tussled blond hair almost bouncing with joy as he got closer. Then I saw who he had his grip on, EDWARD CULLEN!

I tried to restrain myself from getting up and running. Edward Cullen! Hollywood's new "it boy". He just finished filming his signature role in a movie where women everywhere were fainting at the sight of him on screen. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Those gorgeous green eyes, that rust colored hair that looked like a girl just finished having her way with him, his lean and muscular body rippling underneath his black t-shirt and skinny jeans. He was simply perfection. Why on earth was Jasper bringing him over here?

"Edward, this is my friend Bella Swan, Bella this is Edward Cullen" Jasper said smiling his shit eating grin as he did so. I wanted to freaking kill him. I looked up and smiled nervously and said "hi, nice to meet you" as I extended my hand out to shake his. Ugh, shaking his hand, what a loser you are Bella, I thought. Edward took my hand in his and locked in on my eyes. I felt this spark of warmth come over me when he touched me. He gave me his trademark half smile and sort of cocked his head curiously, as if maybe he felt it to. Don't be stupid Bella, I thought.


There I was sitting perfectly happy and alone in the corner when Jasper spots me, smiles and next thing I know I'm being dragged across the room while he starts going on and on about wanting me to meet his friend Bella. Yeah, that is what I want tonight, some silly vapid fan girl fawning all over me, talking to me like I'm HIM and not me. I groaned inside of my head. Ever since taking that stupid role women everywhere follow me like I'm the second coming. Stranger still they talk to me and react to me like I'm him, that smug bastard I play in those stupid movies. Once I stepped into that role it is like I ceased to be me at all to anyone.

"Edward, this is my friend Bella Swan, Bella this is Edward Cullen" Jasper said. She raises her hand looking nervous and says "hi, nice to meet you", so I take her hand in mine. Instantly I felt this warmth in mine, this electricity flowing from my fingers to my heart. I need to lay off the Patron shots, I thought. She looked so fragile sitting there. Like a china doll with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wasn't dressed to whore it up like most of the women in this place, she had a form fitting sweater and flared jeans. She wasn't looking to impress anyone, but yet she stood out anyway. Her hands were fiddling with the inside of the sleeves nervously.

"How do you know each other?" I said, intrigued about getting to know this woman more.

"Bella has the honor of being the only woman I have ever loved or will ever love" said Jasper and with a kiss on her forehead he flitted back off to his partner Emmett who was making a fool out of himself on the dance floor.


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