Chinese Curse

Cindy and James first appeared in Soccer Moms

May you live in interesting times…

Chinese Curse.

Kim was sitting in the office, frowning, next to her wsa Shego. They'd not fought in years—family, marriage, kids, that tended to put a crimp in the battle aspect of life, to say nothing of the potential disaster of losing the diaper bag.

At least that was over.

On the other hand, she might not have a child after this. James had better have a good explination for this.

"So…" Kim said, "you're saying that James and Cindy broke into the science lab at the university…and built…this." She pointed at the image behind Chief Hobble.

"Yes Ma'am." Hobble said. "It apparently was an anti-gravity device that they than used to stack all the cars from the mall into a pyramid."

"My Son would never do that!" Kim said in righteous anger. "You're child is a bad influence on him!"

"My kid? MY KID?" Shego said, the forty year old glaring at Kim, "If anyone is a bad influence it's James on Cindy! She'd-" There was a whistle from the door, as Dr. Director, older but still in charge, walked in.

"Actually apparently it was your child, Kimberly." Dr. Director said, "He's bored being a hero and so he convinced Cindy to try a villainous stunt. I have to admit I'm impressed—evidently they both not only have your abilities, Kim, Shego, but their fathers and uncles." Kim twitched… having the Tweebs abilities…

"After all, James helped build the device and Cindy constructed the power conduits that channeled her comet energy into it."

"Ah." Shego said, looking nervous. They were both used to being fined…but what would happen to their children.

"I'll talk to James and Shego will talk to Cindy." Kim said, desperately. "I don't think there's any need for Juvenile hall—they're only 12!"

"Juvenile hall? Cindy's delicate!" Shego said standing up, "You can't possible-"

"Of course not." Dr. Director said, Hobble a wide smile on his face nodded.

"I'd never do that."


"Do you know how many sleepless nights you caused, Shego?" Dr. Director commented. "How much devastation?"


"And you, Kim Possible…how many times the PTA wanted to expel you, or you made the Law Enforcement all over the planet look bad?" Hobble said, a smile on his face.


"So…we both agreed. We're going to do nothing."


"Nothing! Just release your children, your loving children, your children who are about to hit the glorious age of puberty and Junior High school and mood swings, coupled with comet powers, genius level intellect, gadgeteering, and the ability to master dozens of styles of Kung-fu." Doctor Director smiled at the two women who were now scrunching back into their seats. "And instead of your husbands, whenever they break anything, mutate any nation, or accidentally launch the moon out of orbit….we're going fine you."

Hobble started laughing, "Oh Vengeance is sweet." With that, the two left the office laughing.

It wouldn't be so bad. Kim thought, James was a nice boy-

So, Uncle Tim, if I reverse the polarity flow, that's how I generate a quantum singularity, right? Her 11 year old son had asked. Combine that with teen age hormones…

Don't worry mom. Cindy had said, I don't need those reflectors, I have THIS-and with that a torrent of pink fire, more powerful and controllable by far than Shego's powers erupted, forming into a walking entity of plasma energy.

They gulped.


"Yes, princess."

"I think I may have just peed my pants."

"So have I, Princess."

The End.