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I'd offered to help Alice unpack her things, goodness knows she had a ton of stuff, but she said not to worry about it. She'd hired movers and between them and Jasper, she didn't have to lift a single box. But I still hadn't seen her since she arrived in New York two days prior and I missed the little bundle of energy terribly.

I found a job substitute teaching, which I was planning to continue with until the end of the school year when I could look for a more permanent teaching position. I loved it, but wish I didn't have to work the week Alice moved. I was hoping she'd be able to get away from Jasper and the new store long enough for us to get together before Monday.

I was in the middle of a lovely dream involving Edward, an empty beach, and no clothing when I heard the shrill ringing of a phone. It's a deserted beach, why the hell is there a phone? I rolled over in bed and covered my head with the blanket; I heard Edward fumbling on the nightstand for my cell phone. I peeked out and saw him open it and toss it by my head without answering; his eyes still closed. "It's for you."

Alice's bright, wide awake voice was on the other end. "Bella, why are you still asleep?" She didn't wait for me to answer. "Well, get up and shower, don't bother with clothes I'm bringing you something. I'll be there in a half hour."

I felt like I'd missed the part of the conversation where she told me what we were doing. Edward moved to lay on me, I felt him hook his cool fingers through the waistband of my pajama pants. I giggled and swatted at his hands.

"What?" Alice asked.


Alice groaned, "eww, nevermind. Can't you guys wait?"

I changed the subject and rubbed a hand over my face, trying to wake up, "where are we going?" Edward lifted my shirt high enough to kiss my stomach; I felt like I was on sensory overload.

"Don't you know what time of year it is?" Alice asked, incredulous.

I thought about it, the second week of February? It wasn't Valentine's Day. I was lost.

Alice sighed, "it's Fashion Week! So tell Edward it'll have to wait until later. Bye!" She hung up without waiting for me to respond.

I felt Edward moving up so he could look me in the eye. "I distinctly heard her tell you not to bother with clothes."

Despite my lack of time, I pulled him closer. "She didn't mean it like that." I sighed, "I should get somewhat ready before she gets here."

He dropped his face so it rested on my chest. He mumbled, "does she do this a lot?"

"Yeah." I could feel his grin. "Get used to it."

He leaned up a little, "so…need any help in there?" He motioned toward the shower.



Author's Note: Ok, so a few random things about this story:

I was born and raised southern California; I chose Balboa because it's my favorite beach in SoCal.

I based the school Bella teaches at on a real place I saw once driving with my mom a long time ago; it was unlike any other school I'd ever seen. My descriptions are from memory, with room for creative license.

During Alice and Bella's first trip to New York, Bella gets searched by security. They determine the underwire of her bra was what set off the metal detector. This actually happened to me a year or so ago; it was ridiculous. I've also been stopped because of bobby pins in my hair.

During the scene where Bella is telling Edward everything in bed, she talks about a trip to Joshua Tree where they camp unknowingly next to a hive of bees. This is a story from my own life as well, minus the stings.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it :)