Author's note: Hi all, this is my first Titan AE fic in a long time. I'm using entirely new characters for this story but retaining all the rich history and setting of the movie. I'll be adding new chapters periodically so please keep checking back. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


- Journal Entry #346

- Carson Miles, Commander

- UCS Constellation

- May 17th, 3049

It's been almost a year since my redeployment aboard the Constellation and I've already grown homesick. Makes me feel like some recruit complaining like this, but many of the officers and crew also share the same attitude after a year away from New Earth. They miss the clear vistas of the newly created planet, the feel of a cool wind blowing softly by, the warmth of the sun on their skin. The old saying goes that, you never appreciate what you've got until it's gone, and most of the human race never knew how much the Earth meant to us as a species until it was turned into dust and debris by the Drej. Over sixteen years adrift in space, trying to survive rampant speciesism by other aliens who were cowed by the power of the Drej's mothership, hunted by Drej, slavers, and hiding in dank space stations and drifter colonies was taxing for us all. So to come back home after all the hardships and then be told that your next mission is to leave the planet and secure the quadrants around the system was tough to swallow.

We received a new order today that will take us even further out from our initial recon and patrol area. The spearhead of a new operation to expand our scope in the galaxy, et cetera. What we're doing out there is still a mystery even to us in command, I assume it's to do another sweep and clear, making sure there's no predatory vessels out and about looking to capture human transports to open up another lane of foreign commerce to and from New Earth. Whatever the reason, it's sure to keep us busy for at least another month before we're relieved.

So far all has been quiet mostly on this front. Some of the other quadrants have run into more serious problems, like the near scuffles with the akrennians. It takes alot for me to even write akrennian without adding bastard or whores nearby, but I've written about that in length enough. We took down a slave barge that held twenty humans aboard on this voyage, but that's about all we've managed to run into in our patrol. Every time I've come across one of those vile ships something from there will always stick with me. Children beaten and battered to near death, malnurished men and women with scars from the prods and razorwhips, rape victims and people so broken by the experience that they can't perceive the idea of not being in a cage and working under the usually harsh terms of a slave driver, beginning to return to their captured existence.

It is usually UCAF policy to capture said barges and wait for a transport to take them to New Earth for processing. But thanks to a deal the politicians at Colorado made with the Council of Galaxy Wayfarers, most of them are never given a trial through our courts despite their crimes, and instead are given over to the respective governments. Some are put on trial, or so we hear, but most in the service have a suspicion that they're just let go and free to be scum bags elsewhere. Wouldn't surprise us any, after all we were the punching bag of the Spiral Arm for almost two decades, and now that we have a new home we're becoming a interstellar power once again. That's why some of the most serious offenders are usually are never reported to the Council. Some would say that it lowers us to their level, but those that spout such crap never had to comfort a child as she slowly died from starvation and covered in festering wounds.

I find myself looking at a picture of my wife and myself as we stood outside the Orion a few days after first touchdown on New Earth, well rather, soon to be wife at the time. The iron engraved band weighs down my hand in recollection, the smell of the rain, the feel of fresh grass and soil between my toes, the sounds of rockets shuddering and incoming ships packed with drifters, the gigantic drifter colony ships making their way towards the planet in the distance. I was a green eared recruit and she was an ensign when Orion launched from Old Earth a few mere hours before the Drej moved into our system and wiped out our global defense. Even though we occupied the same ship, we never even met each other until six years afterwards in the recreation room. She challenged me to a boxing match after she heard me running my mouth after getting a 8-0 win streak. I keep telling everyone that I was thrown off cause she was a woman, and my pa taught me better than to hit a woman. But she had one hell of a right hook.

We waited to get married once we got to New Earth, which was still eight years away at the time we discussed it. We had no idea if we were ever going to, since communication with the Titan went dark a few days after Earth. It was our little way of clinging onto the hope that it was still out there somewhere. She's there now, and I wonder if she's looking out to the stars and wondering where I am and what I'm doing. But knowing her she's got her ear firmly to the ground and all her spooks feeding her intel. Being the new director of the United Colonies Intellegence Division, she has been busy adjusting to her new high stress job shortly before I left. I asked her why she even wanted to be in Intel when she first signed up, and she simply smiled to me and said: "I'm sick of metal walls and empty space surrounding me. Besides, someones gotta tell the meatheads where to point and fire their guns."

Guess we all have to find our own way of pitching in and defending this new planet, this new home of ours. The Tuckers did their part in creating it, and now it's time for all of humanity to rebuild and protect that new land. I set the photo back onto my desk, feeling a bit better and less pessimistic now about my current situation. My homesickness wavers as I glance at my ring again and think about the first thing we'll do once I get back there. Locking her in a room with a bottle of the finest champagne I can get my hands on, and removing the cell batteries of her comm to work. Only got a few more hours till Constellation's slipdrive takes us back into normal space, so I'm gonna catch a few z's before being summoned to the bridge.

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