The days turned into weeks and Qui-Gon opened up more to Obi-Wan than he had to any other Jedi he'd known. They became friends and their sessions with the healer brought them closer together. Qui-Gon came back from a Council meeting to find Obi-Wan chatting to Bant. She'd become a Padawan, and was sharing her experiences with Obi-Wan when Qui-Gon walked in. For a split second, Obi-Wan worried about the noise they were making, but a smile from Qui-Gon reassured him that he was happy.

"Hello Padawan Bant, I believe congratulations are in order, are you enjoying being an apprentice?"

"Hello Master Jinn. Thank you and I am enjoying it, but as I was just telling Obi-Wan it's a lot harder than being an initiate, and I was asking Obi-Wan how you two manage to fit all the sparing and meditation and missions in?"

Qui-Gon laughed. "Yes it's all a part of being a team Bant and working together. Talking of missions, the Council have just given us one".

Bant nodded. "Oh well I guess I better go, have a safe trip and 'May the force be with you both."

As the door shut Obi-Wan looked at his master with worry in his eyes. "Master do you think I'm ready - for a mission?"

"You're ready for this mission Padawan. It will be relatively easy. No tress, no negotiations, and no wars, just peace and quiet."

"What sort of mission is it?"

"Just go and pack Padawan, and leave the details and the worrying, to me."


The transport they were using was Mace Windu's personal craft. It was small craft but very fast, and it had all the modern communication systems on board, a sleep cabin and a galley, and enough food in the cupboards for a month.

"Master?- Master Windu sure has a lot of food on board his ship." he said as he brought a sandwich back to the cockpit for his Master.

"Does he Padawan, I hadn't noticed."

"Well there looks like there is enough food for a month! I didn't think he ate that much."

"You'd be surprised at Master Windu's appetite Padawan."

"Master, if we're going on a mission how come I haven't any mission reports to read."

The mission is top-secret Padawan. You'll know about it when we get there."

"Top secret- what if something happens before we get there how will I know where we are?"

"Don't worry so much Padawan the co-ordinates are logged into the computer and Master Windu knows where we are going."

"How long will it take for us to get there?"

"To answer your question Padawan, the trip will take three days and I don't envisage anything happening."

"Do I have any research to do for the mission Master?" he asked.

"No Obi-Wan everything has been taken care of and it won't require research. It is somewhat of a mission of the moment thing."

"A Mission, of the moment thing Master, I've never heard you speak like that. What does that mean?"

" It means you don't have to worry about the mission, all you have to learn on this mission is patience."

"But Master, I think I should know where we are going too - what if I have to answer the com unit and someone asks me where I am? What if --"

"Obi-Wan! Did I ever tell you that you worry too much."

Obi-Wan lowered his head and said "Yes many times."

"Do you trust me my Padawan," he asked in a calm voice.

Obi-Wan's head shot up. "Of course I do Master, it's just that you seem to be keeping a secret from me."

"Why young one, do you think I would keep a secret from you?" he said smiling.

Obi-Wan nodded slowly.

"Well Obi-Wan, you're right and no matter how much you pout, or whine, or ask. I'm not going to tell you. Now I've put the craft onto autopilot, so how about we go to the galley, and I'll teach you how to play sabacc."

"Sabacc, Master."

"Have you ever played it before Obi-Wan?"

"No Master, I haven't"

"Well my young apprentice you're in for a lesson then."


"Yes Padawan?"

"Master Windu told me once, that you cheat when you play sabacc with him."

"Did he now, I think he's just a sore loser Padawan, but just in case I promise not to cheat."

Over the next few hours they played Sabacc, and then Qui-Gon taught Obi-Wan a game called Trin Sticks. The object of Trin sticks was to create geometric shapes using a combination of coloured sticks. This game was popular in the casinos. The trip was spent in meditation, learning games and learning about each other. Three days later Obi-Wan stared out of the port viwer and he could see the planet come into view, it appeared like a blue green marble in the distance.

"Master it is beautiful. What's the name of this planet?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Ah hah! Thought you could trick me into revealing the name of the planet, my young Padawan. You only have a few more minutes to wait, before you know where you are, so settle back while I land."

Qui-Gon landed the ship and opened the doors, Obi-Wan stood up and turned towards the ramp. He wanted to see where they were.

"Not yet my young apprentice, you've forgotten something." Obi-Wan turned around to face Qui-Gon, and there in his hands was a fishing rod.

"What's that for Master?" He said in a confused voice.

"This' Obi-Wan, is our catch as many fish as we can, and we have a month to catch them in." he said.

"Fishing Master - I have never been fishing before." Obi-Wan said excitedly.

Qui-Gon smiled as he placed an arm around his young man, and they walked out of the ship and there in front of them was the River of Light.

"Master! we're on Regar 1, this is the place where I returned the rock too, the one you gave me."

"Yes I know Padawan, and that's why we are here."

Qui-Gon stopped Obi-Wan at the waters edge. He turned the boy to face him. "Stand right here, I want to give you something that I want 'you' to keep".

Qui-Gon waded out into the water and retrieved the rock. When he came back Obi-Wan had tears in his eyes.

Qui-Gon knelt down in front of him pulling Obi-Wan's hand towards his own "I give you this stone as a symbol of my love for you. This stone was always yours my Padawan; you are its - Rightful Owner."

Obi-Wan threw his arms around his Masters neck and whispered "I love you too Master."


I know it's mushy but it's better than killing them. I have posted a short humerous story called A Naked Padawan if your interested.