I sat on Edward's couch, my arms wrapped around him as his lips moved down my neck, licking and kissing at my warm flesh. I felt his cool hand reach up my shirt, brushing over my breast. Despite the fact that I was wearing a bra, his touch still caused my nipple to harden instantaneously. I sighed loudly, loving the feeling of electricity that coursed through my body due to Edward's touch.

I had finally convinced him to let go of his preconceived notions of celebacy and have reeping the consequences ever since. Dispite the fact that he was a vampire, and I still was a human (my constant pleading still had not changed his mind), our sex life was fantastic.

I moved my hand down to stroke him through his pants, smiling as he growled his pleasure against my neck. He quickly harden beneath my hand and I grasped him tightly, causing him to moan loudly.

All of a sudden, I was sitting on his lap, his hand removed from my shirt, while he stared expectantly at the front door.

Feeling as though I was missing something, I followed his gaze.

The door suddenly opened and Emmett and Rosalie walked through, hand-in-hand. Emmett was Edward's 'big brother' for all intensive purposes and Rosalie was Emmett's girlfriend/fiance/wife (It changed depending on how long they lived in any place).

"Catch you doing something naughty?" Emmett asked laughing. Emmett was very open about his 'adventurous' sex life and loved to constantly pick on me.

"Leave it alone" Edward said sternly. Shifting me slightly in his lap so he could stare down Emmett. I tried to slide off his lap, embarrassed to be caught in such a position...I could only guess what wise cracks Emmett would come up with about it! As I shifted Edward grabbed my hips, preventing my escape. I felt his stiff arousal against my bottom and realized the reason for my positioning.

"Don't worry little brother," Emmett said, plopping himself down in the arm chair, obviously not allowing us anymore alone time today, "I won't embarrass you today...much!"

I looked around to see where Rosalie went to, but there was no trace of her. She didn't like me, and wasn't shy to show it. At least she wouldn't be here to stare at me while I was lounged across Edward's lap.

"Go away" Edward groaned, obviously having read Emmett's mind and not liking what he was seeing.

"I promise not to mention sex, once" he promised, crossing holding up his fingers in a mock scout's honor sign, "that is unless Bella wants me to" he finished, turning to wink at me.

"Don't hold your breathe" I said quietly, embarrassed to be talking about this with him.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you couldn't handle it anyways" Emmett said laughing.

"Emmett" Edward said, a warning clear in his voice.

"Just cause you are too chicken to try some kinky stuff doesn't mean that Bella isn't interested in learning about what she is missing" Emmett said, a wide smile stretching across his face.

"Emmett," I said "what would it take for you to leave Edward and I alone for awhile?"

"Honestly?" He asked, a look of intrigue crossing his face. "I'm sure I can think of something that would buy you some time."

"Anything" I said, really sick of his constant bickering by now.

"Bella," Edward said, "Believe me, this is not something you should ever ask Emmett. After spending nearly a decade listening to his thoughts, I still question his sanity most of the time"

Emmett laughed loudly, clearly impressed by Edward's opinion of him. "Fine, fine, fine, I won't bug you anymore, If you can prove that your sex life is more adventurous than mine."

I looked at him, wondering if he was kidding before asking "How do I do that?"

"Well, how about a little contest? We take turns trying to outdo each other and the one who is the most adventurous wins" he explained.

"Bella," Edward said, "Just ignore him, I will find a way for us to get some more alone time together without having to bend to his crazy ways."

"No, Edward, that's fine" I said. Enough was enough, if I was planning on spending the rest of my life with Edward, I would have to deal with Emmett sooner or later. "I can handle this" I finished, my eyes on Emmett. "So, who will decide who the winner is?" I asked

Emmett seemed to ponder this question for a while before yelling, "Alice"

Alice had been in her room, on the third floor, but came down the stairs quickly. "What's up guys?" she asked.

"You up to be a judge for a little contest I have going on with Bella?" Emmett asked.

"Sure, what's it about?" she asked, obviously clueless the rest of our conversation.

"I'll tell you all about it later" Emmett said, flashing me a small smile of victory.

"OK, I guess I'll talk to you later" Alice said and turned to look at me, a questioning look in her eyes, before disappearing back up the stairs.

I started to blush, not only was my sex life going to be on display for Emmett to hear about, but now Alice was going to hear all the gory details too. I quickly started to backpedal trying to find a way to keep part of my sanity.

"Rules," I quickly blurted out,"there has to be some kind of rules"

"Okay," Emmett said, clearly thinking it through. "One...you must have proof that you actually did what you claim to have done, so a souvenour of some sorts from each round will be required. Two...no copying what the other couple does, we want to keep this interesting. Three...the contest will have a total of 5 rounds...if you think you can handle that much" he finished.

"Fourth," I quickly added, ignoring his last comment, "no one else finds out about this contest" I cared too much for Esme and Carlisle to be embarrased every time I looked at them for the rest of my life.

"Fine," Emmett said, "you want to add anything else?"

"No," I said "but if I win, not only are you going to leave me and Edward alone, but you are going to be forbidden from talking about sex in our presence again."

Emmett laughed, clearly thinking he was going to be the winner no matter what "Fine, but if I win, I get to talk about sex whenever I want, and you have to join in"

"Fine," I said, "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow," Emmett said, getting off the couch, and starting to walk up the stairs,"I'll let you catch up on your sleep tonight...you gonna need it!"

I could hear Emmett's laughter as I turned to look at Edward. His eyes were glued to mine, a look of surprise still plastered on his face. What had I gotten us into??