Wizard's World War

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The Blurb: To the world outside Europe, Lord Voldemort was nothing more than a localized disturbance. As the next generation goes through Hogwarts, they find themselves trapped in a war much much worse...starts with Victoire Weasley's last year, James's Second Year and Albus and Rose's first. Also features OC's.

Chapter 6

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The holidays came and went, and soon everyone was back at Hogwarts. The dorms were decorated with the new Christmas presents. Everyone eagerly mingled, and the girls gossiped about the boys and what they might have done over the holidays. That was until they saw the Head Boy. Tybolt Lancaster had been in an 'accident' over the holidays leaving his face badly disfigured. He was truly a horror to behold, angry scars marred the whole left side of his face, and his hair once radiantly gold, was now short and cropped, and speckled with silver, or so the Slytherin girls thought and it wouldn't change back. He seemed however, somewhat happier than before, as he waved cheerfully to the older girls, and they waved back pitying the poor boy, rather than ogling him as before. His schoolwork picked up again, as he made up for all the lost marks due to his situation before Christmas.

Tybolt saw the eyes of the girls who had been after him, and he knew that part one had been a success. He saw the mixed looks of pity, sympathy and of course the 'he's not for me any more because he's not good looking'. Or at least that's what he overheard from the whispers around. He made his way over to the head of the Slytherin table to 'commiserate' with his friends about his 'accident' over the holidays but found that some of them didn't respect him as much as they had before, but he was not that shaken. He had chosen this path after all.

Victoire Weasley, sitting at the Gryffindor table looked over at Tybolt at the Slytherin table. Eww she thought, he's really overdone it. Out of the whole school she was the only one who knew that there was no accident, and that it was rather an advanced transfiguration spell that only the top students at Hogwarts could master. And Tybolt Lancaster, besides his looks and wealth, also had brains. He was the complete package. If she hadn't been in love with Teddy, she probably would have been one of those girls that he hated. She knew that he could do it if he set his heart on it. She eagerly awaited the chat they would have when they returned to the Heads Dormitories.

Victoire and Tybolt sat in the Heads Common Room, opposite one another, lounging around, after having done their rounds for the night. Some of the students they had caught had been truly terrified by the angry looking Head Boy when he gave them detention. But the Head Boy and Girl sat in the room on plush couches, neither frightened. Tybolt's face scrunched, shimmered and changed; the scars all disappearing, leaving an unblemished visage.

"Nice spellwork," Victoire said, smiling.

"That's only part one," Tybolt replied, as his face changed back, "part two will come soon."

"Part two?" Victoire asked.

"You don't want to know," Tybolt answered. "But it's working at least." He had already noticed the number of girls fawning over him had dropped drastically. Some of them had already moved on to their next conquest.

In the Gryffindor common room, Fred Weasley and Lukas Jordan snuck out of the room, out of play a prank probably on Filch or one of the Slytherin prefects doing the rounds tonight or so James thought. Eric, James and Robert watched them go and followed, all under the Peverell Invisibility Cloak.

A stinking swamp was going to be placed outside the Slytherin dungeon door. The three second years observed the two pranksters set the charms and spells in place for quick release. James was looking at the Marauder's Map seeing that Filch was far away, and no one was approaching. They heard Fred and Lukas laugh, and run off, back towards the Gryffindor common room. The three boys followed.

The next day, they saw Flich running around shouting as the corridor outside the Slytherin dungeon began to smell. Professor Greengrass gave one wave of her wand at the swamp, but instead of disappearing, it exploded smattering the whole corridor in pond slime.

Another wave of the wand cleaned up most of the pond scum, but some of it had seeped into the clothing that was being worn and they would need to be cleaned by the House Elves before they could be worn again. Professor Greengrass walked down the corridor, flustered and angry, she could guess who would have done it, but with no proof she had no right to take House points for this, but she could always do it for other things. She remembered she did have some Gryffindors for potions today. Yes, they would get it, she thought as she strode through the corridors to her classroom.

Meanwhile, Professor Morpheus was in his room, tinkering with an invention. This was something that he hoped would help him achieve the One's objective at Hogwarts, to find the wand of Myrddin. He smiled, satisfied that this could be tested soon, before locking it away, as he headed off to Transfiguration with the second years.

Eric, James and Robert were running late for their second year transfiguration class, and they hurried through the corridors running for Professor Morpheus' class room. They zoomed past the corner into the classroom just before Professor Morpheus entered. "Students, please take a seat," he said. "Class will begin." They continued to go through the basics of second year transfiguration.

Meanwhile, the first years had a period off, so they went off to visit Hagrid. Albus and Rose went into Hagrid's cottage, where he lived and sat down for some tea.

"Haven't caught up with you for a while, Hagrid," Rose said. "Been busy with a lot of assignments. You know, dad wants me to beat that Malfoy kid so I have to work especially hard for him."

"Rose, stop lying," Albus interjected, "you know your dad meant it as a joke, and the only reason you study so hard is because you yourself want to be top student in the year."

Hagrid's laughter boomed through the hut, and Albus and Rose joined in. A long and lazy afternoon followed as they spent their free afternoon chatting.

A few days later, the owls flew in and the gossip began to spread. The Daily Prophet headline was flying around the school on every girls lips. The rumour had reached the Daily Prophet that Tybolt Lancaster was going to be dispossessed of everything according to a new will that was just discovered. The gossip went into overdrive. If the girls avoided him when he had turned up with the large scars, then they should doubly avoid him now, since he was going to have no money. He was careful not to show any sign of happiness on his face, but deep inside he was finally free of the girls who only wanted him for his money and looks, since he possessed neither at this instant. He shot a small smirk at Victoire, who smiled back from the Gryffindor table. There would be time to talk later, back in the Heads Dormitory.

Later that night, Tybolt and Victoire were once again, after a long night of patrolling sequestered in the Heads Common Room. "That was the second part of your plan?" Victoire asked.

"Yeah," Tybolt answered, "though I did consider making myself a bastard. But that would have hurt mum so I decided against it. This solution is a bit simpler and more elegant." He raised a glass of pumpkin juice for a toast. "To finding me the right girl."

"To you, finding the right girl," Victoire replied, "may she love you for who you are on the inside, instead of your money and your looks." She raised her goblet.

The days came and went and the second lot of Quidditch matches would come soon. It would be Gryffindor House facing Ravenclaw House, followed by Slytherin House against Hufflepuff house. Gryffindor and Slytherin stood at one win each. Aidan increased the amount of practice that the Gryffindor Quidditch team had in anticipation for the game, and made sure that James trained long and hard, as he was coming up against Tyler Lancaster, who was a very good seeker. As a result, James's homework suffered more than usual, and he was relying on Robert, and Eric when he wasn't practicing to help him with his homework. However, it was Lana Jordan that proved to be the biggest blessing, she was kind enough to lend James her notes when he came back from extra Quidditch practice.

January faded into Febraury, the cold of winter settled in. Soon the game day came. And Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Quidditch teams were ready to start the game. The Gryffindor Quidditch team was introduced, firstly the chasers, beaters, keeper and then seeker. The Ravenclaw team followed soon after. And then the match began. Bludgers flew around, and the quaffle was thrown and shot, and saved. Gryffindor led by a narrow margin of ten points as James and Tyler both looked for the golden snitch. The goals continued to come thick and fast, as both teams's keepers struggled with the chaser's teamwork. Even Patrick Wood had off days, and today was definitely one. He was thankful that the Gryffindor chasers were having a fine day.

James and Tyler continued to swoop back and forth, as the crowd cheered for the goals and the bludger hits by both teams. The golden snitch was still missing. Goals went back and forth, and then it was spotted. Lukas Jordan's voice rang clear through the stiff breeze, "And Potter and Lancaster are both off and chasing the Golden Snitch." And then the match was over, as Tyler Lancaster caught the Snitch. "And Ravenclaw has won, by seventy points."

The Ravenclaw's cheered. The Gryffindor team went back into the castle to shower and to watch the next match. Aidan consoled a disappointed James, "Look," he said, "it's not expected, Tyler Lancaster is a very good seeker."

"I know," James replied, "but I worked so hard…"

"You've still got a long way to go," Patrick put in, "and he's a fifth year already, got three years more experience, and anyway, we only lost by seventy. Not that big of a loss. I find that some games you do well, and some you don't. You just have to take those in your stride."

Meanwhile, outside, Hufflepuff had just beaten Slytherin house in the second Quidditch game of the year, meaning each team had won exactly once. It would come down to the last two matches, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and then Slytherin and Gryffindor. They were to be held later in the year.

A day passed, and Tybolt Lancaster was still as ugly as he made himself, and still rumoured to be flat broke. Any girl he talked to, especially the Slytherins would turn away in pity or snigger behind his back. Or so Victoire had told him. At least he was rid of those shallow girls. The next step was to find the one that was interested in him as a person.

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