(Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Warnings: slash (shonen-ai, boyxboy), maybe OOCness. Note: I almost flipped when I saw the section for this. My mind started writing something right away. –pouts- I wanted to be the first to write this pairing.)

There will be three parts, in three different points of view, all for the same situation.


I sit to the side on a little bench, grumbling to myself. I'd very much like to be sleeping right now, but everyone had managed to convince me to join the party. Okay, so I'm kind of intrigued by Marbado and its inhabitants. Everything is so colorful and happy right now. My senses are being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new sights and sounds and smells. Everyone is having so much fun; even that shy little Ticah is out there braving the crowd. The longer I sit here, observing, the more alone I feel. I figure this loneliness is mostly self-induced, since I've turned down multiple invitations from Aldo, Reiha, Ayn, and Ticah. And I'm reluctant to admit it, but I know that even if I had chosen to join them where all the action was, I would have clung to Aldo, using him as a lifeline.

So, yeah. Whether I'm reluctantly participating or not, I'm still going to feel really out of place.

And I'm now stuck here, stari– watching Aldo. It's honestly not my fault. Every time I start looking somewhere other than the ground, my eyes immediately search him out, find him, and stay there. There's just something about him that draws me in that I actually don't think I'd like to comprehend.

"Hey, Millisar." The green-haired Kascuza invites himself to sit next to me.

"Hello…" I reply reluctantly.

He smiles. "He's still a bit naïve, but his heart's in the right place. I don't blame you for falling for him."

I don't know when he figured this out, or how long he's known, but I can't really bring myself about to care. By the way he talks it makes me feel like he's been in the same situation before. So rather than ask questions, I just smirk. "It doesn't help that he doesn't look half bad either."

Nassau nods in agreement. "You're staying with them, right?"

I nod. "Probably."

He smiles again and we're off into a conversation. I'm pretty sure we both know that this is more than a little small talk. I don't know if it means much or anything, but talking to Nassau is actually pretty calming. I actually enjoy this conversation, and I personally think that's saying a lot.

After a while, he frowns and looks away from me and towards the party. "Do you think our races will learn to get along?"

I frown as well, scrutinizing his expression even though he's looking away. I really take some time to think this over. "Maybe…Eventually," I say at last. "I don't think a majority of the Summoners are going to take to treating either of our races like equals very well."

"Eventually…" he muses. Suddenly, he chuckles. "Man, I'd like to live to see that day."

Quietly, I mutter, "I don't think as ourselves…that we'll ever completely forgive them though. Whatever they say."

Nassau's mood quickly sobers. "Don't be too hard on them. I know I thought that way too, but," he pauses slightly, "If I learned anything on the journey through the human lands, it's that they're not all that bad. I mean, I'm sure if they were aware of the pain we went through, and if they got over their unreasonable fear, they wouldn't approve."

Before I can respond, I look up as Aldo hops his way over; cheeks flushed pink and blue eyes sparkling with pure happiness. I find it surprising that he's not with Reiha, but I'm not about to question it.

"Nassau, Millisar, come join us," he whines.

"Hey, Aldo," I say, ignoring his plea completely.

"Yeah?" I gulp as bright blue eyes look straight into my own. …What is wrong with me?!

"What do you think?"

He frowns; a befuddled expression appears on his face. "What do I think about what?"

"Do you think that all of this, well, racism will just vanish?"

I'm pretty sure I was expecting him to immediately say 'Of course!' or something to the likes of that, because I'm thrown back when he takes a few moments to think about it. His eyes darken and they thoughtfully stare into the dirt and grass. His sudden bright smile startles me, though I do my best to hide it.

"What do you think, Millisar?" he asks softly.

I frown. "What does it matter what I think?"

"It matters to me." He bends in front of me so he can look at me eye-to-eye, and I realize that he can see right through my barriers. What he can see, though, I have no clue.

I look down to the ground. "I…I'm not sure." Why do I feel so ashamed?

"Why not?" It's said so gently…

The ground suddenly seems so much more interesting. I've never laid out all my thoughts and feelings bare for all to see, yet I found myself conversing things with Nassau not long before, things more than horribly meaningless talk out of politeness. And now I find myself wanting to tell Aldo everything. To throw myself out there, unprotected, fearful of the judgment that awaits me. I glare at the ground as the battle of my mind and heart takes place. I feel like I'm going to burst.


I stay silent for a while, before it slips out of me in a released breath, no more than a whisper. "My heart tells me to give them a second chance…but," I take a shallow breath, "But my mind won't let me."

Aldo just stands there, still looking at me, although I'm not looking at him. He says nothing, perhaps waiting for me to say more.

I slowly, cautiously, say, "I think it's an instinctual thing. They caused so much harm…so much pain…my mind won't allow my body to present itself in such a situation again."

There is a heavy silence. Great. Just great. "Forget it." I say harshly. "It's not like it was much anyways. Yeah. You don't understand…never will…I just made a complete fool of myself. This is what I get for throwing my heart out to get stepped on." I don't know why all of this is spewing out of my mouth, but I can't stop. It feels so bad right now. I feel like I just lost an organ. It can't be my heart, because that hurts too much.

"Millisar…are you mad at me?"


"Millisar….look at me, please?"

I don't want to, but I look up anyways.

"You're right in the fact that I don't fully understand, but it means a lot. Really."

"You're just saying that."

"I'm not. You don't know how much it means to me that you told me." He tentatively placed his hand on my cheek, and I had to keep myself from jumping back in shock. "…So much…" It was barely a whisper, and I don't know if he even said it or not. But it doesn't matter. I can feel his lips on mine and I stop breathing. Before I can think anything else, he pulls back, and smiles.

"Besides, it means that the humans still have a chance."

I blink. What? "…Idiot."

He ignores the insult and gently tugs my hand when he stands. "C'mon, Millisar. Join the party."

I slightly frown. "Okay…"

He positively beams and drags me into the crowd. I immediately regret it. A lot of the Kascuza have been giving me strange looks, but of course they're polite about it. Even though, it still bothers me to an extent. I don't know how Ticah's doing it. I can't stand it.

"Hey, Millisar," Aldo gently pulls on my hand. When he knows he has my attention, he says, "I think you should try the food first!" He grins. I look at him, incredulous. "There's a lot more to eat than Banna stuff."

"That's not what I'm worried about." I scowl. I don't mind eating Banna stuff; it's just that I've had enough of it to not go out of my way to get some. "Is there anything else you think about?"

He blinks. My eyes widen as I realize that I might've hit a sore spot. I look down, feeling bad, now. I gently poke his revealed stomach. "I…didn't mean it…that way."

He pushes my hand away. "It's okay. I didn't take it that way." He smiles brightly.

I felt my face flush and I turned my face to hide it.

"Oh hey, Aldo, Millisar, there you guys are."

"Hey, Nassau!"

I quickly make my face expressionless and fight the flush away. "Hello."

The Kascuza nibbles on a Banna Berry as he…well…observes us. A few moments later, he then smirks, looking at Aldo. "See, what did I tell ya?"

Aldo grins wide, tightening his…wait when did he put his arm around my waist? "You were right, Nassau."

I try to get away from his grip with no avail. "Aldo…."

Nassau laughs. "Man was I right. Look, he's blushing."

My eyes widen and I feel my face heat up even more as I glare daggers at the Kascuza. Oh, Miss Phicra, what have I gotten myself into?