EDITED as of: February 27, 2010

Author's note: Hi, everyone...I made this one because I'm a fan of DArk KAitou from Dn Angel. Moreover, I am rooting for Dark and Riku's love pairing. I love them as a couple. As simple as that, ne? I write to entertain you, I made this fanfic to enlighten some pips out there (who were disappointed when Dark and Riku didn't actually end up together) and to share my ideas about what I want to happen between the two. Others might not like this pairing, but who cares anyway? I am just going with the flow of my boisterous heart. Hope you like it.

Pairing: Dark/ Riku

Genre: Romance, Humor, and a mild Angst

Disclaimer: You already knew I do not own the anime neither the characters, right? However, I wish I owned Dark. Ah, Dark.


"A Whistle of Love"

Dark and Riku Tribute

Her cheeks are like freshly bloomed pink roses. Her red lips, although I haven't touched it, are blissfully soft I may concede. Her healthy roseate brownish hair yet so short is shining brightly amidst the breeze, and it glows like a radiant star during moonlight under that rising sun. Her sleeping face is like of an innocent angel, so enough to tame a demon's blasting fury. Her bangs that were straight–cut made her cute all the more so. She indubitably looks like a doll, a lovely doll.

She really is an innocent lovely girl when she sleeps. Who would have thought that in reality, she is boyish and has some sort of characteristics such as, behaving mannishly?

My lap is her pillow, and just by seeing her so closely like this is enough to make my heart beats so fast. What more if I kiss her glamorous lips? Ah, I'll be drowning with so much happiness.

Riku is so this close to me and it makes me want to envelope her slim figure around my arms. She's having a deep sleep on my lap. Ah, this girl is whom I loved. I've fallen for many times before, some I cannot remember the faces, and few others I cannot recall their names. For every after 40 years of awakening, and sharing same body of a Niwa kid, I have had so many flings. But neither of them is what we called love. Riku is the only one who blinded my heart with so much love. Yes, I love her but it's one-sided. Her heart belongs to someone else, the other person inside this tangible body…Daisuke.

If only I could catch her heart…if only.

Riku suddenly moves, her arms are stretch upward to sideward, and she moans an enticing tone. Then as she open her eyes, she jumps off from my lap upon seeing her most hated man, or as if she is seeing a ghastly alien. ME. The Phantom Thief Dark.

"Wh—at are you doing here?" she asks while pointing one finger at me, looking oh-so furiously.

I grinned at her and said, caressing her hair, "We sleep here, haven't you remember?"

She widens her eyes and shouts loudly as she immediately slap my hand, "What have you done to me you LECHEROUS, PERVERT man! Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!" she's really incredible, isn't she. She even has this big mouth, always blurting foul languages against me, well, as expected from her. She acts more likely a boy. Extremely opposite from her twin sister, Risa, who is on the other hand a pure exemplar of a modest refined lady. I often ask myself, what factors did I love about Riku? What is it really about her that I have come to love?

Riku does hate me and is always seeing me as a perverted guy, she despise me you may add. I wonder when she had started thinking that way towards me; it's not that I rape someone in front of her. Did I ever? I stood up and said firmly, almost irksomely, "Oh crap, I haven't done anything to you…yet." I saw her knitting her brows to my last words, "Anyway, it seems you have a sudden amnesia. So let me explain our currently bothersome situation. See that?" I pointed my forefinger above us, to a high mountain cliff where we had fallen last night. Yeah, we fell. Stupidly.

It happened when Riku was going to confess to Daisuke. In the middle however, she backed off, running with an extreme blush on her cheeks, away from Daisuke's sight. Away from us, in actuality. Obviously, Daisuke ran after her and without it noticing, she fell from that cliff above us. That precise time Daisuke then called me out, and so I was able to saved Riku from falling hardly on the ground. With lots of big rocks, just imagine. However, because it was so dark and the moon was covered with clouds, I can hardly see everything, and then my right wing was hit on one of the trees. I feel so bad for With (my pet that I use for flying as wings). And since my wing was endured I couldn't fly so high, so I decided that we'll stay here for a while until someone will come to rescue us. With could bear to fly that high but with Riku to carry? I don't think so.

"But why are you here, where's Niwa-kun.? I was with Niwa-kun last night and I… I—"

"You fell." I finished. And I couldn't deny the fact that I was clenching my hand, Riku was looking for him although I am the one whom she's together with. It hurts in a major way.

"Ehh? I, what?" she looks around and continues, "Niwa-kun, where's Niwa-kun? Is he alright?"

Repeating his name twice with that worried face in front of me, it hurts if only she knows. The pain I'm currently feeling is so intense, excruciatingly.

"He left to get help. They must be here sooner." Obviously I lied, of course Daisuke is here inside me, he's right here inside this body. She just then gave me a suspicious look.

"How come you're with me? I couldn't remember you were around last night. Eh, don't tell me...y-your real motive is to rape – me?" she said, and I was a bit mad because of that. I don't know why, strangely but, my feet are seemly moving on their own, as if they have their own minds, going towards her.

"Don't come near me you PERVERT!" she steps back.

Darn it, calling me a pervert really pisses me off. I cornered her in the tree behind. I found my arms cornering around her, what am I doing?

"Pervert you say? Why, what PART of me do you know, huh, Riku? Or do you want to have a try…on me?" I said, half pissed. I am doing something I couldn't imagine I could do, but what I feel right now is mere jealousy and it is devouring my sanity. I feel so many aches. I don't want her to love him, she could love someone else, but why does it have to be Daisuke? It's okay if Daisuke actually loves her in return but he loves someone else too, so why does it have to turn out like this?

I pressed myself much closer to her, my nose just hovering above hers and I really, really want to…go lower and kiss her.

'Uwaahh..someone help me. He really is a…'

I seem to lose my control, but actually, I now lose my control. I move my hand to caress her cheek and with my fingers I brush her bangs, she closes her eyes by me doing so. Being alone with the man she hates the most makes her perfectly nervous, and as I caress her cheek she couldn't even move. She knows I am going to kiss her and that thought results to her presumption that she's going to collapse. I can feel her heart that is thumping so rapidly against my chest, but on the other hand, I know she seems to like my scent as I move down closer to her lips. What am I thinking? Am I really going to kiss her even though I know she will totally despise me right after? She will, indubitably, curse me in her entire life.

'Uwaah, I'm such an idiot. Move. Slap him. Or kick him. Just don't let him kiss you Riku, your kiss is reserved only for Niwa-kun. Kyaah, but this guy did already steal my first kiss before. I'm ruined.'

I actually thought that Riku would hit me, slap me, or even kick me in my—you know, but I was surprise when I didn't receive any response, nor violent reactions from her. And because of that I took the chance. I lower my face to aim for that glamorous lip, those kissable lips of the girl I love. The lips that I thought I could only kiss during my dream. I feel like I'm flying in heaven, her lip is an inch from my own and then I was about to kiss her…but,

Dark! What do you think you're doing to Riku? a voice suddenly is yelling at me, as if I am about to commit a crime.

Just shut up Daisuke! This is the only chance I have! Don't interfere you moron!

But you can't kiss her Dark!

Why, she isn't Risa right? So it's none of your damned business Daisuke!

My first kiss is reserved for Risa, but if you're going to kiss Riku then it's like I'm kissing her too!

I am now in control so you have nothing to do with it. I love Riku as you do for Risa, don't you have some little concern for my feelings?

When I never heard Daisuke's voice again, I believe he'd come to understand my situation. So I am going to finish what I have started. But just when my mouth almost touched hers, I feel that Riku's trembling, her clench hands are shaking on her sides.

"Ni—wa..kun." she utters in a very low voice, that I know for certain, even she herself couldn't hear it clearly. But I did. I heard it well, she was uttering the person's name she loves so much and so, I stopped. I just couldn't kiss her when this girl utters Daisuke's name. His name. Not mine.

Just then, I move to turn from her. And I found my hands both clenching tightly on my sides, as I heard my heart crying for pain.

I knew it. I am not the person that Riku loves. I know it even before. But I love her so much that if only, if only I could make her love me.