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Sorry that I never updated this in what seems like forever...moving and other things. But I'm back! Hope this chapter is worth the wait! Apologies that it may be short...but the next chapter won't disappoint (I hope), because an event that everyone has been hoping for will happen (well, I think everyone has been waiting for it).

Shattered Glass

When I woke up, my memory was a little hazy. I tried to sit up, but then I realized that someone's arm was wrapped around me and I could see a familiar mop of brown hair close to my neck. I knew my heartbeat sped up double time when I realized that it was Seto whose arm was wrapped around me. "S - Seto?"

"Mmph..." The CEO mumbled, his sapphire eyes opening slightly, "Good morning, Katsuya."

"M - Morning." I stuttered, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks.

Seto sat up, stretching his arms, "Well, yesterday - er - this morning was something else. That bastard got what was coming to him, though." He turned his head to look at me, his eyes narrowing in concern when he saw my flushed face. "Katsuya, are you feeling all right? You're beat red in the face."

"I - I'm fine." I mumbled, lowering my eyes and biting my lip. Why the hell was I acting like a schoolgirl around her high school crush?! I don't have a crush on Seto! We're just friends; nothing else! ...Though why does that sentence hurt? Man, I am so confused!

Seto lightly pressed his hand against my forehead, chuckling lightly, "Well, you don't have a fever. That's a bonus."

"It is? Why?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion.

"We don't need you more sick than you already are, plus, I...don't want you any more sick." The last part was said in a hushed whisper, so I had to strain to hear it.

You don't want me any more sick? I thought to myself, then groaned in annoyance when THAT sentence didn't make that much sense either.

The CEO looked at me, some strange emotion in his eyes. What the emotion was, I don't know. He reached forward and tucked away a stray lock of blond hair behind my ear, then caressed my cheek softly with his feather like touch. I knew my face had gone fifty shades of red, because I could feel the heat coming off it, "S - Seto? W-What are you doing?"

"Just be quiet for a minute, Katsuya," The CEO whispered quietly, "There's something I want to try."

I bit my lip and stayed silent, knowing my face was going more red with every caress Seto was giving me. His caress moved from my face to my arm, running his slender fingers up and then tilting my face up to meet warm sapphire eyes.'

"S - Seto–?" I started to say, but my sentence was cut off when the CEO suddenly leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against my own.

I knew at that moment my face was as red as a strawberry. W - What the...? Seto is...kissing me? I don't believe this...!

His tongue ran across my lips, gently asking for entrance. I granted it, and he shoved his tongue inside of my mouth, exploring every inch and caressing my inner cheeks. I moaned lightly, knotting my fingers in Seto's mess of brown hair while his hand went behind my head and deepened our kiss.

He shoved me down on the bed, kissing me harder and more passionately while his hand went under the gown I was wearing and took one of my nipples in his hand, rubbing it gently between his fingers. I moaned once again, tightening my grip on the CEO's hair. I was worried about hurting him, but right now, I didn't really care. The only thing my mind was processing was that Seto was kissing me and he was going to–

I shoved my hand against Seto's broad chest, looking up into his lust filled sapphire eyes, "S - Seto...we can't go any further.... This is a hospital, after all..."

The CEO smirked, kissing me one final time before taking his hand out from under my gown and sitting up, running a hand through his now messy brown hair, "Well, that was...a little unexpected. I thought I could control myself better than that."

I knew I was panting; I could tell from the ache in my chest and my breathing was a little loud and hoarse.

Seto looked at me, his eyes filled with apology, "I'm sorry, Katsuya. I shouldn't have done that."

I shook my head, a small smile gracing my face, "It's all right, Seto.... I enjoyed it."

The CEO smirked once again, reaching over and tucking a lock of my unruly blond hair behind my ear, "Glad you did...because there is a lot more where that came from after you're out of this place."

My face flushed scarlet at that statement, "U - Uh...well...I can't wait to get out of here, then."

"Of course you can't." Seto whispered huskily, claiming my lips once more in a forceful kiss; shoving his tongue inside my mouth. I reciprocated immediately; however, Seto quickly dominated the kiss as his hand once again locked behind my head and he shoved me down on the bed, leaning over me for a few seconds before quickly kissing me once again.

There was a knock on the door, and Seto groaned in annoyance; quickly fixing his hair and helping me with mine before muttering, "Come in."

A nurse, probably in her mid twenties, came into the room. She had hair the color of mud, and her warm honey eyes held a softness that was like silk. She was average height; around 5'8 and she looked to be around 120-130 pounds. She smiled at me, a clipboard in her dainty hand. "Hello, Jounouchi Katsuya, am I right?"

"That's right." I said, unable to resist the urge to smile back at the nurse.

"Well, you should be able to be released in a few days; maybe three or four. In the meantime..." She went to my heart monitor and giggled slightly at the lines on it, "Maybe you could resist not doing anything with him until after he leaves, eh Mr. Kaiba?"

Seto blushed faint pink, and I chuckled to myself. The CEO glared at me lightly before turning back to the nurse, "Yes, I'll try."

"All right then, boys, don't let me stop you." The nurse giggled to herself again, then walked out of the room.

"Three or four more days, huh?" I wondered, smiling, "Good, because I hate hospitals."

"So do I." Seto said, chuckling, "I can't do things with my puppy while he's in the hospital."

I blushed, and the CEO chuckled once again, "S - Shut up, money bags."

"There's the Katsuya I know and love." Seto said, the faintest trace of a smile gracing his face as he leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.

Wow, nothing angst. I was surprised myself with this chapter. I was thinking to myself, "Hey, here comes the actual romance part of the fanfiction!" Sad to say this, but this story will be over in a few more chapters. There are less than eight chapters to go before this is over.... Sad but true. Thanks to all who put up with my slow update! ~sweatdrop~