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I push the left end of my staff against his blade fiercly, using the Dark Side to increase my strength and allow me to hold my own against his lightsaber. The crackling sound of our blades resonating through the room as they clash together in a saber lock. The red glow of our sabers shining on our faces. I use every ounce of strength in my body to hold the lock attempting to force him back.

Our faces are inches from our sabers as we push against the lock trying to break it and gain the advantage. His face is hideous, wrinkled, a pathetic old man in appearence....in appearence. One would never know this was the most powerful Sith Lord in existence.

Sidious snarls as he forces me to step back to hold the lock of our blades. His entire persona a vessel of the Dark Side as he channels its god like power with astonishing ease. I sneer back at him using the Dark Side to maintain the lock and continue pushing against him. I aim a vicious kick at his mid section but he twists his body to the side dodging it while still pushing against the left end of my staff. He responds by hitting me in the stomach with his bare hand, a blow enhanced by the Dark Side that takes my breath away for a moment.

Still I push against his blade not backing down at all. Growing tired of it Sidious increases his strength even more and easily pushes me back, forcing me to break the saber lock and move to the left to avoid being run through. I bring the right end of my blade up to block his next attack, then another at a different angle, I use the left end to block a strong swing at my mid section, then the right to parry a thrust aimed at my heart all in quick succession.

I look for an opening to attack but there are no flaws in his Ataru form, he moves with perfect grace raining down attacks on my Juyo. He attacks from all angles using the Dark Side to enhance the strength and speed of his blows. Most beings would already be dead....but I am not most beings. The Dark Side is my ally and I use its power to increase my own speed, reaction time, and stamina. I am able to deflect his blows with great effort.

He moves in again forcing me to continue moving back as he alternates swings at the left and right ends of my lightsaber staff. Despite having two blades I can barely keep up with the speed of his attacks, muchless his overwhelming power in the force. I continue to block and parry his attacks, catching them on my blades and looking for an opening of some kind. But there are no openings against Darth Sidious.

He swings again and I raise the right end to block but suddenly find myself flying backwards in extreme pain with purple lightning surging through my body. I fly thirty feet backwards and smack into the wall before falling to the floor in a heap. I'm dazed and in agony from the lightning but I quickly jump back to my feet just in time to block more crushing blows from Sidious.

We continue our deadly dance across the large room our blades clashing at a blinding pace. Sidious is on the offensive and it takes everything I have just to keep from being skewered. I rapidly deflect more of his attacks with my double blades as I step back against his onslaught, racking my mind to come up with a way to turn the tide of the battle. But Sidious has no weaknesses to exploit, no short comings in his form or posture, just a never ending onslaught of devastating attacks.

I back pedal while blocking trying to create some distance but it's useless as he is on me before I can get anywhere, forcing me to pour all of my energy into defensive fighting. His swings come from high and low, from left and right, he thrusts, swings, even kicks on occasion keeping me from getting anything going against him.

He swings at the left end of my staff, then at my legs in the blink of an eye which I barely catch with the left end of my blade. He rotates and swings at my head which I duck under but instantly find his lightsaber heading towards my chest. I parry with the right end of my staff and twirl my staff to block two more strikes at my left side and my legs. His attacks are a blur of red light but I still manage to block them, going all out with the Dark Side of the force.

Sidious thrusts towards my chest but I parry it away but he quickly brings his blade back around into a saber lock with the right end of my staff. Our faces centimeters apart from our hissing blades. I strain to hold him off as he sneers into my tattooed covered face. I push with all of my strength but Sidious continues pressing against me like it is nothing. His blade inches towards the hilt of my staff and I am forced to pull away again to break the lock. He rushes forward swinging away with blinding speed at the twin ends of my staff.

Suddenly I am lifted into the air with the force. I struggle against his hold trying to break the grip but I am flung into the wall once again. This time I do not get up. I lay perfectly still, not breathing. Sidious approaches cautiously, probing with the force to see if I am awake after the savage impact with the wall. But my mental shields are so attuned I am able to maintain them even when unconscious, and he knows this.

Horrifying pain consumes my body as I am once again lit up by force lightning. The pain is agonizing as the bolts surge through my body, melting my flesh and making smoke rise off of me. He relentlessly continues the barrage, the pain overwhelming and greater than anything I have ever endured. I continue to lay still despite this horrific pain, not screaming, not breathing. For most beings this barrage would have melted their minds into a worthless heap of screams and whimpers....I am not most beings. I endure the pain motionless.

Finally the lightning stops leaving charred, blistered skin in its wake. Sidious laughs as he approaches me thinking I am unconscious.

"You still have much to learn my apprentice. Though your skills are acceptable for your purpose, you are no match for a true Sith!". I lie still, lifeless in his eyes. He continues laughing as he steps closer. Then he shuts off his blade.

I explode off the floor pouring all of my power into the Dark Side and using it in a massive burst of speed. Sidious yells in surprise and pain as my horned head collides with his stomach and drives him back, slamming him against the far end of the room. The force of the collision breaks through the wall sending us flying through into a pile of rubble and debris, my horns deep into his skin as I drive them in.

Sidious screams in pain and unleashes a massive burst of force lightning right into my head. The last thing I see are the purple bolts streaming from his finger tips before I fall into unconsciousness.

I slowly come to, groggy, with pain throbbing through every part of my body. I shake my head to gather myself and take in my surroundings. Suddenly a pair of black robes come into view right infront of me. I discard the pain with the Dark Side and rise into a kneeling position.

"You are ready my apprentice. The Dark Side of the Force IS YOUR ALLY. Now is the time, go forth and bring my enemies to justice".

"What is thy bidding my Master?"

"You will go to the Cato Neimoidia system. There are certain...elements of the Trade Federation that resist us. They threaten to defect to the Republic and expose my plans. Find them and kill them, leave none alive, leave no witnesses. Strike with the fury of a true Sith".

"I will not fail my Master".

With that I rise and head to the hangar, I quickly enter the Sith Infiltrator and blast off into orbit.

I am not most beings....I am Darth Maul.