I move from building to building and street to street as I make my escape. Working my way through the Neimodian city and avoiding the droid patrols as much as possible. The city is on full scale alert after the explosion and battle droids are searching for the assassin, me of course. There are thousands of them stirred like a nest after the destruction of the palace. The droids are insignificant specks next to the power of the Dark Side, but I have completed my mission for Sidious and I'm eager to leave this disgusting place. The last thing I want is to get dragged into a fight with this worthless droid army.

I stop as another group of droids come down the street I am on, ducking behind the edge of a nearby building and watching as they come closer. Several of their squads spread out and begin kicking down doors, searching the buildings on this street. Some Neimodians yell at them in protest as their homes are violated. One such group starts moving towards my location with their rifles drawn as they search for me. I snort in disgust and force jump on to the roof of the building before they reach my location. I start running and jumping from roof to roof, continuing to make my way through the bridge city.

I look down at my wrist chrono as I run and dial in the frequency for the Infiltrator, giving it the signal to take off and come in for a low altitude run. Based on where I left it in the Cato Neimodian forest it will take around ten minutes to arrive at my location.

After signaling the Infiltrator I turn my attention back to the rooftops as I jump from one to the next, moving towards the pickup point where I had sent it. I jump over another alley and land on the next roof, but then a door on it opens and a battle droid walks through.

"You there, stop!"

I growl in annoyance and ignite my lightsaber again as several more walk out and join it.

Wasting no time I spring into action swinging the lit end of my staff. I make a swift cut through the neck of the first droid, then continue my momentum with a pair of slashes inflicting two deep cuts on the next before spinning and making a strong slash that sends the droid flying seperated into two pieces. Then I swing making a deep cut on the left side of the next one before slashing back through the chest, then I lift the severed droid pieces and fling them at two more droids with the force. The projectiles smash into them with high velocity tearing through the droids in a shower of electrical sparks. The other droids try to open fire but I block their shots and release a force push that sends the entire squad falling down the staircase. I use the force again to barricade the entry with a pipe, then I take off running on the roofs once more.

After a while of this I jump down into an alley below and observe from the shadows as another droids patrol passes by, I wait until their backs are turned before crossing the street into another alley and avoiding detection. Once I reach the end of the alley I look around the corner and see more droids questioning a Neimodian by the side of the street, as more of them enter and search the buildings. In the distance I can see a pair of droids riding on STAPs as they zip down the street. I grin and use the Dark Side to redirect them both into a nearby building as they pass, the vehicles crash and explode destroying the droids on them and bringing the building down. The other droids quickly run over to the burning wreckage and I use the distraction to cross the street and continue on my way.

After several more miles of running I force jump onto a nearby rooftop and survey the area around me, noting droid locations with both my eyes and senses. The Infiltrator is five minutes out and the programmed pickup point is just a block away. But the droids have a very high presence in this area maintaining their search for me, at least 50 of them are in the area ahead, and it's an open area as well compared to the narrow streets and alleys I had been moving through. The buildings are spaced much farther apart taking away my ability to jump from the rooftops. There isn't much concealment either, I would be easily seen and engaged by the droids. Not that that poses a problem, just more of an irritation, something that would keep me on this worthless planet longer than necessary.

I search for a way to get through without alerting them, but there are just to many of them and not enough cover to avoid detection. I mutter a curse at this miserable place, before jumping down from the roof of the building, igniting the right end of my staff and landing with a thud, its red glow reflecting on my face as I approach the droids.

"There he is! Open fire!"

"Roger roger"

They begin shooting immediately, releasing a barrage of blaster fire at me. I deflect it away, rapidly moving my saber to catch each bolt. I open my mind to the Dark Side of the force, using my hatred to channel it and allowing the immense power to wash over me...to immerse me in darkness. I deflect every shot they fire with ease and explode into action running my blade through the chest of the closest droid, as more of them enter the fray and begin shooting. I pull my blade out of its chest and strike down another droid with a quick swing through its mid section, then I twirl my wrist and bring the blade through another one in a diagonal strike that cleaves it into two pieces.

I concentrate on the glowing, sliced remains of the shattered droids and lift them with the force, then I close my eyes and delve deep into the Dark Side calling on all of my anger and hatred, the Dark Side answers my call with purple bolts of force lightning shooting from my finger tips, surging into the junk pile of droid remains. I charge the broken metal shells with the lightning and then send them flying into a group of live droids who are shooting at me. The lighting charged pieces hit them and explode on contact frying several of them with a large discharge of electricity.

More droids arrive and now the area is swarming with them, all of their blasters aimed and firing at me in desperation. With the Dark Side as my ally I move faster than their sensors can detect, easily deflecting their bolts and sending them back to their owners. Reaching another droid I cut through it with a vertical swing, then quickly take out another with a swing through its neck that sends its metal head flying into the distance. I spin around and slice through another with a swing through the midsection that cuts it in half. The severed droid falls to the ground but still trys to shoot at me despite missing its lower half, I snort and stab my lightsaber down into its chest.

Another group of them attacks and I explode with a burst of force speed, reaching them in an instant, and taking off the heads of two more with a quick horizontal swing. Then I spin around and cut through another with a diaganal swing, before unleashing a force push that rips a group of them into pieces. I pause to deflect several bolts then catapult into the air, lining up my blade with a trio of droids, and using the force to stack them together; I stretch my saber out as I come down onto them, skewering all three of them at once and frying their vital circuts. I force push the droids off of my blade sending them flying into another group with enough force to send them flying.

I again take off with force speed towards another squad, deflecting bolts rapidly as I do. The first droid I reach I stab through the chest, then I pull the blade out, swinging through the side of another before bringing the blade back through the same droid cutting it in half.

I take off towards another group but am ambushed from behind by a squad of eight droids rushing into the fight. I tap into the Dark Side again and throw my saber at them, using its power to make the blade spin like a buzz saw, the blade flies out and rapidly cuts through seven straight droids like butter, I call it back and the blade slices through the neck of another as it reaches my hand. As soon as I catch it I place the other end of the hilt directly onto a droid and press the activation switch igniting the other blade through its chest, then I twirl staff cutting through it quickly with both ends of the weapon.

The droids back away and cower in fear as I stand before them with my fully lit double bladed saber. I smile at them relishing in their fear. Then I charge at them with force speed, holding out my staff horizontally, slicing through rows of droids on both sides of me, moving through them like a blur of dark motion. I start to spin, rapidly twirling my blade as I dance around their blaster fire and cut through their ranks, severed metal parts fly in every direction as they fall into panic. I continue cutting through them one after another with my twin blades, moving faster than the eye can see, with the Dark Side increasing my strength and speed beyond imagination. One droid is swiftly cut down with three quick strikes from the two ends of my staff, another is sliced through by the left side, another by the right, then I run the left end through the chest of one more, the blade burning through their wiring and circuitry.

I sneer in disgust as more squads arrive on the scene and open fire, I quickly bolt over to them and twirl my blade instantly slicing and dicing through four droids with both ends of my staff. Then I bring the left end down in a backwards swing that takes the head off another, then I twirl my blade again and thrust it back stabbing into the chest of a droid behind. Pulling it out I deflect another wave of blaster fire back at the source before taking the head off another battle droid. I cut down another with a horizontal swipe then force push a small group crushing them against a nearby building.

I step back and deflect more blaster fire with my blades and prepare to strike again, but suddenly the ground starts to vibrate. I stop in surprise, looking around for the source of this disturbance. The ground continues vibrating, shaking the buildings and rattling their glass windows. The tremor grows stronger, breaking several windows as something draws closer. Something....large I can sense. The rumbling begins to sound in the distance, slowly increasing in volume as the shaking intensifies. The droids have stopped firing though they still have their blasters pointed at me, they are obviously awaiting the arrival of something. Curious I pause my attack and listen as the ground around me trembles, the loud rumbling joined by the sound of a soft mechanical whir.

Then I see it.

It being the armored hull of a Trade Federation AAT, gliding over the ground on its repulsor engines. The giant tank rumbles down the street, joining the formation of battle droids. The AAT comes to a stop, slowly rotating its main gun towards me, the mechanical gears whining as it does. A sudden warning blares through the force, and I dive out of the way, seconds before the tank fires. A massive plasma projectile slams into the building behind me, blowing it to pieces in an explosion that sends me flying through the air.

I land in a heap, my pants lit in flame from the blast, burning my legs in fiery agony. I quickly put it out with the force, and block out the pain of the burns, jumping to my feet and taking off, as the tank reloads and aims again. I move with a purpose, faster than the slow rotating turret can follow, dashing towards a group of battle droids. I quickly reach them and slice through two more as they resume their fire. I stop and turn towards the tank while deflecting their bolts, allowing it to line me up in its sights. I smile over my shoulder at the nearby droids, as they look beyond me, to the tank's main gun pointed right at them.

"Uh oh..."

"Roger roger"

I force jump into the air seconds before the AAT fires again, it's plasma bolt striking and obliterating all of the droids in the group in a wave of fiery destruction.

I quickly land and take off again as it reloads and tries to take aim at me, but with the Dark Side enhancing my speed, I easily outrun the turret and its aiming system. The tank fires again and destroys another building behind me as I catapult into the air, landing on a high platform.

The AAT takes aim again, but this time I'm ready. I call on the Dark Side again, raising my hands to focus its power on the tank, I use a wave of telekinetic energy to bend the turret upwards, hearing the steel creak beneath the strain. The gun is facing me, ready to fire, it's drivers oblivious to its bent turret. It fires, but this time it detonates in a giant explosion, destroying the AAT in a fireball that levels more droids and buildings around it.

The few droids remaining continue firing on me, in a state of panicked desperation. I deflect their bolts back at them, taking out several more, and prepare to jump down and finish them; but I stop when I notice the Sith Infiltrator come flying in at very low altitude. I reach down on my wrist and activate its ramp control, lowering it. Then I wait as it comes in, timing my jump carefully while deflecting blaster fire. I leap into the air with a force enhanced leap, somersaulting into the air and neatly landing on the lowered platform.

I move into the cockpit and release an EMP blast, frying the circuitry of all droids and computer systems in the area, keeping my presence here from ever being known. I guide the ship out of the atmosphere, glad to be away from this loathsome planet.