Author's Note: Born of an angsty Cam!fic craving, that left me wondering exactly how Cameron was damaged.

Disclaimer: I do not own House MD or its characters. No profit made, no infringement intended.


He always wanted to know how she was damaged. He probed her constantly, obsessed by the puzzle. Then he found Thirteen, and she was just a toy he'd lost interest in.

He needn't have tried so hard, the answer was simple enough. She needed people to want her. She clung to anyone who called her beautiful. She was hopelessly drawn to men that lusted after her. She was addicted to people that depended on her. She even craved the man who was so fixated on her secrets. The dying lover. The infatuated school boy. The grieving doctor. The obsessive genius. Their need for her was a drug that coursed through her blood.

She had thought the other secret didn't really matter. The secret that not one of them did she desire as a lover. Cameron enjoyed sex, of course. It was simple and clean- arousal, chemicals, and release. Just not passion.

It wasn't until she laid eyes on the new puzzle she thought was her replacement that she realized her error. When she looked at Thirteen, she felt lust, desire and passion. She wanted more than the hollow drug of adoration and need. She wanted the girl with sad eyes and the beautiful smile. It was quite simple really.