Full Summary: Bella knows Jacob's a werewolf, but they never became friends again. Then something bad happens to Bella, making her traumatized. The Cullens come back. Why? What will Edward do when he sees Bella? Does he still love her? Will her help her? And who did this to Bella? May be OOC.


"Bells, I'm going to work now…okay?" I heard Charlie ask.

I looked at him bleakly and nodded before looking at my dull breakfast—which I never even touched.

He sighed at his failed attempt at making me talk. "Okay…," he said nervously. "Um, drive safely to school. Bye, honey." He put a hand on my arm, and I cringed away from the physical contact. Charlie quickly removed his hand and went out the door.

I've always cringed away from people—boys in particular—whenever they touched me. I'm okay when girls touch me, like Angela or Jessica, but not really. It happened that dreadful night…

I shook my head. I don't want to remember that day.

I sighed and got up from my chair. I grabbed my bowl and put it in the sink. I went out the door towards my red Chevy. I got in and started the truck. Great…another day at school, I thought bitterly.

All of a sudden, it started to rain. I groaned loudly. Oh, God…must you hate me so? I put up my hood, and started to drive.

"You smell so good in the rain."

I gasped. No, Bella! Don't think of…him.

It's been about six months since…he left. I've been acting like a total zombie—never ate, never having a good sleep, never interacting well… Let's just say it's been hell for me. Or maybe worse. I overheard Charlie talking on the phone with Dr. Gerandy, saying something about me being in catatonic state.

I sighed again.

I realized I arrived at school. I pulled in the parking lot, and got out. I saw Angela run towards me.

"Hi, Bella," she greeted kindly. She always was the only that talked to me all the time. She was sympathetic, but she didn't show it, which I was grateful at. I even told her what happened to me…that night. "How are you today?"

I said one word: "Rain."

She laughed softly, something I never did. "Oh yeah. I forgot; you absolutely hate rain. Sorry."

I shrugged. "It's okay."

"Guess what?" she said. "Jessica told me that there are going to be new students today."

"Really?" I said feigning interest for her benefit. "Do you know who they are?"

"No. But they're not here…yet."

"Okay. See you in lunch." I waved goodbye and went inside the school.


"…you sure it's them, Jessica?" I heard Angela whisper. She was sitting at the lunch table. "Are you absolutely sure?!"

Jessica sighed exasperatedly," Yes, Angela, it's them—or at least two of them."

I made my way over to them holding my tray full of food. I don't even know why I even bother getting food; I don't eat much.

"But, they couldn't—!" Angela stopped when she saw me. "H-hi, Bella!"

I started at her warily before replying, "Hi, Angela. So, what were you and Jessica talking about—something about the new kids?"

"Um…" Angela stole a quick glance at Jessica—it looked pleading.

"It's nothing, Bella. They're just new kids," Jessica assured me.

"Huh." I let it go for awhile. I started to eat my chicken nugget absentmindedly.

I let my eyes wander around the cafeteria. I saw guys throwing food around and girls putting make-up on. I snorted quietly. As if they don't look like clowns anymore…

I heard Angela gasp. I looked at her with curious eyes.

"It's, uh, nothing, Bella! Time of month! Cramps," she said nervously.

"You're period went away yesterday. You told me." Angela can be a bad liar sometimes—at least not like me, but I was always known to be perceptive. Ed—

I cringed. Don't say his name… It will only make it worse, Bella.

I saw Angela looking at the west side of the cafeteria. Before I could look at where she was looking, Mike came and began his annoying small talk with me.

"Hey, Bella," he greeted. "How's life treating ya?"

What a stupid question…

"Life's…okay?" It sounded more like a question.



He stared at me for a moment, sighed, and then began talking to Jessica—the normal routine; make small talk; me being not interested; and then him giving up.

"What?!" Mike suddenly shouted. "They're here?! They can't be—!" Jessica quickly shut his mouth with her hand.

I glared at her. "Who's here?"

"No one, Bella, it's okay. No one of import—"

I stood up, slammed my hands on the table. I was getting irritated. "Cut the crap, and tell me who is here?! Stop treating me like I'm a baby!" My outburst was so loud that everybody in the cafeteria looked at me. I blushed and sat back down.

Jessica and Mike had stricken expressions—I had never yelled in front of their faces—but Angela seemed unfazed.

She smiled at me apologetically. "Sorry, Bella, but…look over there." She pointed a finger at the direction.

I looked over where she was pointing at and gasped out loud.


Two pairs of golden eyes staring at me with pained expressions…

It can't be…

Pale skin…beautiful features… Alice Cullen and…

I gulped audibly. Just say his name, Bella.

…Edward Cullen…

I gasped and quickly looked away. Why are they here?! I thought frantically.

"You okay, Bella?" Angela asked. "It's all right."

"I—I'm okay," I replied. "I…I'm…fine." I began eating my chicken nugget again. From my peripheral vision, I could still see them staring at me.

I jumped up when the bell rang.

"Bye, guys," I muttered and quickly hurried to my next period.

The rest of the day was boring as usual. I tried to avoid them but why should I? I wanted to know some answers—why they're here, did they miss me, or if Edward still…loves me.

I shook my head. No. He couldn't still love me. He even said so himself.

I sighed, and continued walking to gym. I didn't even notice Mike chatting next to me.

He still talks to me after all these months of not talking that much. Stupid, persistent Mike.

"…kind of stupid, Bella," Mike was saying. "You guys broke up, and he stares at you, like he's guilty or something. It's his fault. Weird, right, Bella?"

I winced slightly at what Mike said.

"Y-yeah," I replied. "Weird…"

We both separated to go change in the locker room—the place where Mike can't bother me.

When I went in, I heard some girls gossiping about someone gorgeous.

"Eek, Edward's here! Maybe I'll have a chance on asking him out now that he's single after all these months—or does he have a girlfriend?" one of my gym classmates Brittany wondered. Typical. Talking about Edward, I thought.

I listened intently to what they were saying while I changed. They must know something; after all they're one of the school's gossipers.

"Nah," Brittany's best friend Marcia said. "He doesn't have one. It's pretty obvious since he broke up with that Bella girl—it broke her heart really bad. I felt sorry for her. I think he's not the long-distance relationship type. Anyways, why would you want to go out with him? He's pretty intimidating." Edward? Intimidating? Yeah, right, I thought.

Brittany sighed, "Yeah, you're right. Brad and I are going serious, anyways. I don't want to break that bond we have." She started to gush on how romantic and sweet he is.

I smiled slightly. That's why I like Brittany—even though she's a gossiper, she's not like those cheating types; she cares about her boyfriend, and she's not mean. Unlike some people.

I walked out of the locker room, and I noticed Coach Clapp lining the boys up, facing toward me. I blushed when I saw Mike looking at me. That made him smile. I wanted to scream out and say, "That blush was from attention, nothing else!" but I don't have the confidence to do that.

"Miss Swan," Coach Clapp called, "please start the line over here." He pointed on the line that was across from Daniel Johnson, who was the first boy in the line.

I went over to the line, and waited for the rest of the girls to come so I wouldn't be alone with the boys. It felt weird being the only girl. Why do the other girls have to take so long? All they have to do is strip off their clothes and put on the gym clothes.

I sighed, and started to look at the boys in line. …Mike Newton…Chris Gomez…Edward Cullen…

My eyes went wide, and I did a double-take. He's in this gym class?! I noticed he wasn't staring at me like in the cafeteria. Instead, he was glaring at the ground with his fist clenched tightly. Why is he mad?

"Hmm…," I pondered. He obviously heard this, because his head snapped up towards me. I wanted to turn away but I couldn't. His beautiful, golden eyes were holding my gaze. I felt like I was frozen. I didn't know how long we were gazing at each others' eyes because Coach Clapp blew the whistle, and all the girls were there. I broke the gaze and looked away. Then I did the predictable—I blushed.

I looked at him in the corner of my eye and saw him gazing at my burning cheeks. He always loved them.

"Coach Clapp!" one of the girls whined. "We weren't done!"

He sighed. "You guys were taking too long—ten minutes. Ten. Minutes. That's too long. That's wasting time, too. All you have to do is change into your gym clothes. You don't need make-up—you're gonna sweat."


"You guys are done changing! I mean look at you!" He gestured towards her full gym attire. "End of conversation."

She started to mumble words like, "Stupid" and "Bossy."

"Okay!" Coach Clapp shouted to us. "We are going to be playing dodge ball!"

I groaned.

"Boys versus girls!" he went on. "Now remember, boys: don't hit the girls too hard. Hit them at the legs or arms. And you boys better not hit the girls in the chest. Girls—don't hit the boys in the groin." He clapped his hands together, and threw the ball. "Get…ready…go!"

The boys took the ball and started throwing it at us. I quickly ran over to Coach Clapp.

"Miss Swan, why aren't you playing?" he asked. "I know you may not be good but that's not an excuse. Everybody participates. No special treatment. That's—" I stopped him by giving a paper. He scanned through it. "Oh. That's right. I'm sorry, Miss Swan. You may take a seat at the bleachers."

I smiled a little at him.

I walked to the bleachers, and saw Edward looking at me with a confused face. When the ball came towards him, he just took a step to the left, and it hit Mike.

I almost laughed.



"Bye, Bella," Angela said. I noticed Alice and Edward were nowhere to be seen.

"Bye." Then I climbed into my truck and drove quickly out of the school.

Maybe they skipped class, I thought. I shook my head. Oh, Bella! Why do you care?

I saw Charlie's cruiser in the driveway. He's still supposed to be at work. I parked my truck near his and jumped out. I opened the door and went inside. As I was walking, I tripped over something—my feet probably.

"Bella?!" I heard Charlie shout in the living room. What is he doing here? He came out and helped me up. When I was on my feet, I immediately got away from his touch.

"Uh, you all right?" he asked.

I nodded.

"You're probably wondering why I'm here, right?"

I nodded again.

He sighed. "Well, someone called at the station and said they wanted to talk, you know, face-to-face. It sounded important. And well…here I am."

I spoke quietly, "Are they here?"

He looked stunned when I actually said a sentence to him. "Uh…yeah, they're in the living room waiting. And it's bad to keep guests waiting, Bella, so let's go."

I was confused. "Why do I have to go?"

He stiffened. "Um…don't go crazy, Bella, but…" He beckoned me towards the living room. I followed him, and then gasped out loud.

Seven beautiful people in the living room, squashed together on the couch—the couch looked like it was going to break— looking at me with pained expressions. The…the…

"Bells," Charlie said, "the Cullens are here. They want to talk to us, but mostly you since… Um…"


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