Edward was driving me to my house. He felt bad for monopolizing me all the time, so he brought me here to spend quality time with Charlie. Don't get me wrong—I felt bad, too; I just wanted to be with Edward. Anyways, Edward needed to go hunting—along with Esme, Carlisle, and Rosalie. I wanted to stay with Alice and the others, but I don't want to feel like I'm abandoning Charlie.

"Are you okay, love?" Edward asked beside me.

I smiled at him assuringly. "Yeah. Just thinking."


"Random things."

"Which are?" he pressed, dying to know what I'm thinking. Typical Edward.

"Events that occurred."


"Goodness, Edward, do you have to be that persistent?"

He looked at me innocently. "I just want to know what's goes on in that lovely mind of yours."

"Lovely," I scoffed.

He smiled at me crookedly.

I blushed. Stupid smile.

He pulled into the driveway. He turned off the engine and quickly—with such amazing speed—opened the door for me.

"There should be more men from the nineteen-hundreds," I gushed. "Other than you and your family," I added.

He chuckled softly.

"My dad should be coming later," I murmured, mostly to myself. I hugged Edward around his torso. "It seems somebody has to satisfy my...needs," I hinted suggestively.

He smiled at me. "Oh?" He bent down and kissed me. I closed my eyes and responded back, but then I didn't feel anything. I opened my eyes. Edward wasn't there.

"Edward!" I yelled.

"Yes, love?" I heard his wonderful voice call from the kitchen. I went there and saw him looking through the refrigerator.

I stifled a laugh. "What a shocking view—a vampire looking through a refrigerator, filled with disgusting human food."

I saw him roll his eyes. "What do you want to eat?" he asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know."

"Pasta?" he suggested.

"I don't feel Italian."

He laughed at my response. "Chicken?"

I shuddered. "I'm tired of cholesterol."

"What about—"

"You know what?" I interrupted. "I'll just settle for a fruit salad. I'm sure we have enough for it. I'll just cook some fried chicken for Charlie."

He took out all of the fruits that were in glass bowls, balancing them on his arm.

"Impressive," I complimented.

"Comes with the vampire package," he joked.

I, for one, didn't find it amusing at all. "Stop your vampire bragging. You know my problem."

"Ah, yes." His eyes twinkled with humor.

"And all your vampire jokes lead to my problem."

His eyes tightened.

"Which leads to arguing about something that involves the words 'Me turn immortal.'"

He sighed, "Not now, Bella."

"You keep saying that, but someday, Edward—someday—you will give in. You. Just. Wait." I poked my finger at his chest.

He stared deeply in my eyes. He caught the finger I was poking him with, and kissed it. Then he kissed my cheek. And then the other...and then my nose...and then my temple...and then my neck...and then my—

"Stop with all your intimacy!" I said, blushing madly. My heart was pounding fast.

He pouted at me. "You didn't make me finish kissing you. I didn't even kiss your soft..."—he came closer—"warm..."— he was almost touching my lips—"lips," he whispered seductively. He kissed my lips.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Surprised, he pushed me towards the wall softly. He let go of me and my lips, but stayed where he was at. His breathing was ragged. He put his hands on either side of me.

"Mine," he whispered. He pressed his lips on mine, and then whispered, "Forever."

I pulled him and pressed my lips harder on him. I was about to unbutton his shirt, but he pulled away.

"Bella," he gasped. "Please don't think this is offensive or anything but...what are you doing?"

I blushed.

"Bella?" he called.

"Well, you see, I added another thing to my...wishes," I mumbled.

"Wishes?" he asked.

"I wanted to...to..." This was too embarrassing.

"Wanted to...?"


"Bells!" I heard Charlie yelled. "I'm home!" He came into the kitchen...with his belt...that has his...gun.

"Edward?" he said, confused. "Nice to see you here." He stared at him warily.

Great, I thought sarcastically.

"Hello, Chief Swan," Edward greeted smoothly.

Charlie stared at Edward again before leaving. I stared at Edward with alarmed eyes.

"We forgot to tell him we're dating!" I hissed quietly.

Edward smiled. "Don't worry."

I glared at him. I went to the freezer and took out the frozen chicken. I put it in the sink and turned on the water so it can defrost faster.

"What are you making, Bella?" Charlie asked behind me.

"Fried chicken. I'm just going to have a fruit salad," I replied.

"Bella," he scolded, "you have to eat more than that. Fruit salad is not enough for your appetite."

I rolled my eyes. As if I didn't get much scolding from Edward, I thought bitterly.

"I'll put a lot of fruits; we have enough, anyways. Do you want fruit salad, Dad?"


I turned to look at him. I saw him looking at Edward with apparent suspicion in his eyes. I looked at Edward; he was just looking out the window, leaning against the counter, deep in thought.

"Edward," Charlie addressed.

Edward whipped his head towards him. "Yes, Chief Swan?"

"May I have a word with you?"

My eyes widened in shock. Charlie's going to give him the..."talk."

Edward nodded and followed Charlie to the living room. Edward looked at me and winked.

I scowled at him before watching the chicken defrost. I got a melon from the glass bowl and a knife. I started to cut the melon into pieces on the cutting board. While doing that, I strained my ears to listen in their conversation. I moved the cutting board to the side, so I can hear them more.

"Edward," I heard Charlie say in a firm voice, "I know you love my daughter, and I know you don't have any intention of hurting her."

"Yes, sir," Edward said gentlemanly, "I love her with all my heart. If I did hurt her—which I would never, ever do—I give you full permission to shoot me."

Charlie chuckled. "You're a good boy, Edward. Bella sure is lucky to have you and vice versa." He paused. "Edward...you left her."

I gasped softly. I bit my lip to stifle the tears.

Edward was silent for a moment. I could imagine the anguish on his face.

"I...know," he managed to get out. "Like I said before, it was a blasphemy to me. I wanted to stay so badly, but we had to go, and...I never thought of myself as a good boyfriend to her. I wanted her to move on and be happy with someone else—someone better than me. I was so surprised when I heard of what happened to her..."

Charlie gasped, "You...know?"

"Yes. Everybody in my family knows. We're so, very sorry we didn't tell you. Carlisle didn't want to put this on you. We helped her."

"So that's why she's been hanging out over your house...," Charlie murmured.

"Bella's happier now, right? She's Bella—and she's staying that way, no matter what." I heard the determination in his voice.

"Thank you," Charlie whispered. "Thank you so much, Edward. Say that to your family, as well. I appreciate it. I'd have to tell Renee..."

I resisted the urge to groan. Great. Now we have to tell Renee.

"Anyways, Edward, I'm just going to say I'm proud of you. You're strong. And I guess I can give you permission to be with my Bella." Forever, I added. "Just don't hurt her again."

"Never, sir, never."

I smiled, and began finishing up cutting the food.

* * *

I was laying against Edward's stone chest. We were in...our meadow.

"I haven't been to this place in such a long time," I whispered. "It brings back so much memories. Doesn't this place give you peace, Edward?"

He kissed my cheek. "Yes, love, it does. The meadow is still the same, except much more beautiful—just like you."

I blushed. "Does every boyfriend have to shower their girlfriend with compliments?"

"It's every boyfriend's job. They don't think of a compliment to say, though; it just comes out of their mouth every time they see their stunning girlfriend."

I giggled softly.

"So, how was your talk with Charlie?" I asked conversationally.

He chuckled and then whispered in my ear, "You tell me, you little eavesdropper."

I blushed.

He stroked my burning cheek. "So beautiful...," he whispered to himself. "By the way, Bella, what was that thing you added to your...wish list?"

I blushed.


"I...want to make love with you...," I mumbled.

He froze. Then after a short while, he glared at me.

"Bella, I could hurt you," he whispered. "I'm sorry, but I can't."

"You won't hurt me—I know you won't," I said.

"This is ridiculous! I could hurt you. Other than me harming you..."


"Anyways, Bella, I wouldn't be your first. You lost your virginity to that monster." His eyes turned cold.

I flinched at the memory. "It doesn't matter if you're not my first, Edward."

"Marry me first," he said suddenly.

"What?!" I yelled. "Where did that come from?"

He sighed. "I can't just make love to you. And I want you to be officially mine. I want to call you...Mrs. Cullen."

"I'm already yours."

"What's so wrong about marriage? Isn't it supposed to be romantic to girls?"

"Er, I don't know... I'm only eighteen..."

"Don't people who love each other want to get married?"


He chuckled, which surprised me. "You'll eventually give in, love."

I frowned. Marriage...?

"What does Alice say?" I questioned. "Did she have a vision?"

He shook his head. "I don't think so. She's blocking me at times, though."

"She probably doesn't want to ruin the future or something. Her job is to look out for our future—at least that's what she said."

"Hmm... Let's not talk about Alice anymore, hm?" he suggested.

"Uh, okay. What do you want to talk about?" I asked.


I had to smile at that. "I want to be with you forever...literally."

For once, his eyes didn't tighten. "I'm...considering it, Bella."

I felt pure joy build up inside of me. "Really?"

"Yes," he said reluctantly. "Since I'm considering your number one wish, are you going to consider my wish?"


"You know I love you, right?" he whispered lovingly.

"Yes. Do you know I love you?"

He smiled crookedly. "Yes."

"Isabella Marie Cullen," I murmured. "Someday I'll be labeled as that."

Edward kissed my lips lightly. "Oh, I hope so."

Edward helped me... He cured me...

"I love you, Edward," I whispered.

"I love you, too, Bella," he whispered.

...Maybe I will agree to being Mrs. Cullen—for him...


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