Prologue: The Past

I never thought that life would be better, for me. I have a happy and complete family. My mom is a lawyer, my dad is the FBI chief, my big bro is a CIA agent, and I used to be one of them, Living in a house with people who works with the law made me see the world in a different perspective. For me, the world is full of opposites; life is always at risk. What I didn't expect is that I'll slip when I took the risk.

I lose my best friend because of that. He didn't die, but our memories did. It hurts me a lot, surviving and knowing everything clearly, facing everything alone. It ruined my life. Losing an important someone who knows you like yourself is like losing yourself as well. My best friend have forgetten everything because of me.

I am Isabella Marie Swan, a coward, a loser. I don't care if I continue to drown myself by taking all the Anthony Cullen is my bestfriend. As I try to move on and run from my past, I try to relive our memories to myself. The pain in too much to handle, but I've learned to become numb. I could deny my feelings by keeping my guard. He might've moved on, but me? Never,

This is our story. My sin. His sacrifice. Our lives are intertwined like two strings. Once broken, and now is tried to be tied together, again.