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Happy Birthday, Alastor

"What do you wish for your birthday, Uncle Al?" Severus asked while climbing on Alastor's lap.

"Everything I want is a kind and well-behaved little Severus," Alastor said and positioned the five-year-old boy in a more comfortable position on his lap.

"Uncle Al, that's stupid," Severus said, annoyed, rolling his eyes.

"I think it is a very reasonable wish, my boy," Alastor said and smiled at Severus. "I would have wished for a well-behaved Pookah as well, but I fear that would be useless." He looked at the little weasel who was sitting on the table with Alastor's pipe in his little paws, gnawing on it. Hearing his name, he looked up and stared at Alastor curiously. When he saw it didn't mean he would get a treat, Pookah started to bite on the head of the pipe again.

"Don't be sad, Sev, he told the same to me," Harry said while plopping himself unceremoniously on the couch opposite Alastor's armchair.

"Let Poppy see that and you will need to hide," Alastor said to Harry.

Harry sat up a bit to look at Alastor, but left his feet on the couch. "Come on, Alastor, you have to tell us what you wish for your birthday," Harry pleaded.

"Legs down, Harry. If you need your bad leg to be rested higher than summon a chair," Poppy scolded him as she came into the room.

Harry quickly straightened up and put his feet down. "Sorry, Poppy."

"How is your leg?" Poppy asked him.

"As always, Poppy. Why you still bother to ask is beyond my imagination," Harry said sullenly.

"Watch your tone, young man," Poppy scolded him and waved her wand over Harry.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled.

"Charlie will have your new and altered potion bath ready by tomorrow. Maybe this time it will work better," Poppy said hopefully.

"Yeah, just like the other five times before," Harry said sarcastically.

"Harry, did you take your mood potion today?" Poppy asked.

"Yes, I did. I'm sorry, Poppy. I just met Hermione, and she annoyed me again." Harry looked away from the boring eyes of the Mediwitch and woman he saw as his surrogate mother now. Five months he had lived here now, and he had never felt more at home anywhere else. Alastor and Poppy were like parents to him and he had wished more than once that he'd had them in his childhood. Now he was an adult, but nevertheless enjoyed his life with them. He didn't even mind when they scold him or boss him around. It was their way to show him that they care for him.

"Harry, we spoke about getting out of situations like that before you get too frustrated," Poppy said calmly.

Severus had laid down on Alastor's chest and watched his aunt scold Harry. He was used to it, and they had explained to him that Harry has problems with his moods because of his war wounds. In Severus' eyes Aunt Poppy and Uncle Al could make anything better. They even helped his parents sometimes; the headmaster and the deputy of this big castle.

Pookah had finally given up trying to destroy Alastor's pipe and jumped on Harry's lap. He had sensed the bad mood of the young wizard, and so he used his special ability on him. He was able to calm him, which was shown as Harry relaxed while scratching Pookah behind his ears.

"I know that we spoke about it, and I always try, but Hermione can be very tough. I wish she wouldn't be in the castle so often. The dungeons aren't even safe from her. Since her and Charlie announced their relationship openly she has been around him a lot more," Harry said sullenly.

"Harry, she is still your friend. You should not try to hide from her but learn to handle being around her without getting angry or frustrated or depressed," Poppy explained.

"I know and I try, but avoiding her is much easier. Let's change the subject. Your husband is giving us a hard time because he isn't saying what he wants for his birthday."

Merry Christmas


"I'm fourteen!" Severus protested.

"Sing!" Alastor growled.


"Sing!" The growl became even deeper.

"No, please, I—"

Alastor pulled Severus down by his arm, so their noses almost touched.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells...." Severus reluctantly sang and turned as red as a tomato. He tried to ignore the giggle from his right where Amily Rose sat. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Charlie giving her a swat on the back of her head, and he grinned smugly while going on singing.

"Daddy," the eight year old girl protested. Her long, red locks were falling into her face while she looked innocently at her father.

"Behave, Amily, and don't tease Severus," Hermione scolded her daughter in a low voice to not interrupt Severus' singing.

Opposite of them, James Alastor pulled at the sleeve of his father's robes. "Daddy, is Severus scared of Santa Clause?"

Harry suppressed a grin about his son's thoughts. "Maybe a little."

"Do you think it helps if I change my hair green like Sev likes it best?" James Alastor looked shyly at Santa Clause who sat in a big armchair opposite of Severus. "Or do you think Santa Clause doesn't like green hair?"

"I think Santa Clause likes any kind of hair color, James. Look, your mum's is pink today, and she already got a present from Santa Clause."

James looked at his mom, who smiled, amused about the still-singing Severus. Then he quickly morphed his hair green with a pink wisp in the front of his hair.

"What's that for?" Tonks asked James Alastor while gently luffing little Lily Marie on her knee. Lily wore her pink dress and had insisted to wear her fairy wings as well. This was her costume for the daycare costume party. The two year old wasn't averting her amazed gaze from the man with the red costume and the long white beard. Her thumb was in her mouth, and she hoped Santa would love her red sparkling shoes and her pink dress. She wished she could change her hair color like her brother, but she was not a Metamorphmagus.

"For Severus and... for me," James said, pointing with his little finger at his chest and threw a glance at Tonks' Christmas present. "So Severus doesn't have to be scared of Santa Clause," the four-year old announced loudly.

"I'm not scared," Severus, who just had stopped singing, protested.

Even Hermione had to chuckle while rubbing her big tummy.

"Problems?" Charlie asked, worried.

"No," Hermione smiled at her husband. "He's just kicking." Again, she rubbed her belly affectionately.

"It's your own fault, Mum. I wanted a baby sister, but you have to have a baby boy again." Amily rolled her eyes.

"We don't want another sister. Little..." Tancred started.

"Jesse is much better than a girl," his twin, Gabriel, finished.

"Stop fighting, or Santa Clause won't have anything for you," Hermione said, threatening.

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