It was all so different, yet still the same. The colour of the walls had changed, but not the placement of the furniture. The bed was where it always was, but it was new. True, she hadn't been here for a long, long while, so it wasn't surprising, but she still got a little jolt when she realised it had been changed. However, the main thing was the man was still there. The hair was more silver-grey than dark brown, but the strong arms and calloused hands brought back feelings and a faint blush of memory to her cheeks.

The bathroom door opened and out stepped a dark-eyed brunette. She padded softly across the bedroom and looked down at the sleeping man and gently dropped a butterfly-light kiss on his lips. Then, straightening up, she looked directly across the room and whispered: "It's time for you to go Shannon. I'll look after him now, and for always." Shannon, the first Mrs Gibbs, smiled gently and nodded to Ziva, the fifth Mrs Gibbs and turning, walked silently through the wall. Ziva slipped into bed beside Jethro and wrapped a tanned arm around his waist, her two week-old wedding ring glinting in the moonlight. Soon, her breathing matched his as they both enjoyed a deep sleep.

Far, far away a little girl with the same bright blue eyes as her Daddy asked her Mother a question: "Mummy, is Daddy alright? Is he happy?" Shannon said to Kelly "Yes darling, he's alright. He'll be happy now; this girl's the right one and she won't let him go." "Good" replied Kelly, "He needs someone to love him as much as we do." "She will" said Shannon. "She's done so since she first day she met him." Kelly smiled at Shannon, took her hand and walked slowly into the dazzling light at the end of the corridor – back to their home.