Still have problems writing Grissom (at least dialogue anyway) but hey ho, never mind. Practice makes perfect. But I'm too tired to try putting Billy Petersons voice to them all to see if I could hear Grissom saying it, even if I can't write how he says it, so it might be more off than usual, you have been warned. Just been re-reading this before I post it and realised it's getting more Grillowsy than I expected but I'll still be able to turn it around I'm sure, my heart is still in the GSR side of this story. Would help if I could remember the actual storyline I had planned still, but never mind.

A few months after that Catherine came into Grissom's office. He knew her well enough by now to know that she was nervous about something.

She knocked gently on the door before entering, this was enough to set alarm bells ringing in Grissom's head, she never knocked, she seriously was nervous about something.

He nodded her in and indicated the seat in front of him and sat patiently waiting for her to speak.

She stayed silent, now he knew something was wrong.

"Catherine? Are you ok?"

She finally looked up at him, and seemed to see him for the first time.

"Yeh, yeh, I'm fine. It's just ..." she lapsed into silence again, he waited for her to continue.

"I think I might be pregnant" she whispered quietly a few moments later.

He couldn't tell if she was actually happy and just in shock or didn't want the baby or still didn't know what to think and so had no idea to respond. After a while he managed to think of what to say.

"Think? Have you already taken the test?"

"Just now, but it hasn't given me a result yet, but I couldn't sit in the bathroom by myself and wait." It was then that Grissom noticed something she'd been holding in her hands since she had entered the room, she really must not want to be alone if she'd walked all the way to his office with it still in her hand, and he could tell she justed needed him to be there for her.

"How long before it tells you?"

"Another minute or so."

He nodded and together they waited in silence, after a while she lifted her hands to the desk, one still holding the test and the other clenched into a fist, looking as though she was trying to relieve the tension by pouring it all out through her hand and nails.

He gently reached out and took hold of her free hand which she clung to desperately, her eyes never leaving the stick.

Before the test result came through he had to break the silence, if only to stop Catherine gripping the stick any tighter so that it didn't break.

"Catherine." She looked up at him. "Have you mentioned this to Eddie yet?"

She shook her head. "Is it strange that I'm talking to my boss about it before I talk to the possible father and the person I'm dating?"

He knew she needed reassurance. "Catherine, you've only known Eddie a few months, we've been friends for a few years. Besides you took the test at work and you can't come and find Eddie at work."

"Mmmm" she murmured quietly, it still felt strange, the man she was clinging to, the man who was the first person to know if she was pregnant, the man who she seemed to trust most was still Grissom, the man who had rejected the only true advance she'd made. She wasn't speaking to the man who might be the father of a baby she was possible carrying, she wasn't speaking to the man she was dating, she hadn't even told him she was late, she'd still refused to have sex with him since she realised just in case he managed to work it out. She knew with Eddie the chances that he would were virtually non-existent, but there still had to be a reason she didn't tell him.

She'd known Eddie for just over 6 months, it wasn't a long time, but she still couldn't quite explain to herself why she hadn't even thought of calling him, that the man she's wanted to see was Grissom, but only as a friend.

It was too much to be thinking about, she couldn't work that out as well right now.