Chapter 1
13 year old Hunter Steele was finally getting some rest after a long day of patroling the city of Arachnia, located in the Inner World. His rest is interupted by his spider, Shadow.

"Getting some rest?" Shadow asked.

"Not anymore I'm not," Hunter grumbled, upset that Shadow had interrupted. Shadow had been trying to get him to rest ever since they had first gotten back from defeating Mantid for good. Hunter had been badly injured in that battle and he had barely made the trip back home. A week ago that battle had taken place , therefore ending the war with the Invectids.

Hunter and Shadow were partners in battle. Together they are unbeatable. Hunter is what is known as a Spider Rider. A Spider Rider is the elite warrior of Arachnia. There are seven Spider Riders: Hunter and Shadow, Corona and Venus, Magma and Brutis, Aqune and Portia, Prince Lumen and Ebony, Igneous and Flame, and Sparkle and Hotarla.

Hunter had been the most recent addition to the group. Hunter had come from the Outer World or Earth. Many people still call Hunter an Earthen even though he has earned more than enough respect. It's safe to say that Hunter is the leader of the Spider Riders. He holds the Oracle Keys. The Oracle Keys are the keys to the Oracle's, or the powerful being that created the Inner World, power.

Hunter had to keep the keys away from the Invectids during the time of the war so Hunter had to find and capture them before the Invectids did. The keys choose him to the holder of there power. Invectids are bug-like creatures who were, until just recently, attempting to take control of the Inner World and consume everything. Mantid was the leader of this plot and the only really evil one of the Invectids. He, a couple years back, tried to use the keys to make himself more powerful. He ended up banishing his people from sunlight. He tried to do the same thing just about a week ago. Hunter had saved everyone.

Hunter had been in bed most of the week; everyone still wanted him there because his wounds were still not completely healed. Today was his first day out of his bed and Shadow had kept all eight eyes on him. Hunter still didn't have all of his strength back and Shadow had been sure to shorten his patrol time because of it.

Hunter sighed. 'At this rate,' he thought. 'I'm never going to get better.' Hunter laid back down on his bed and closed his eyes. He was so tired right now. His annoying battle spider intruded in on his rest again. "I told you not to go on patrol today," Shadow said. "I'll be lucky to have you wake up tomorrow."

"I'm not that tired, Shadow," Hunter said softly, not bothering to open his eyes. "I could use some rest though. So please be quiet." Shadow was shocked. Hunter never said please to him. He must be so intensely tried that he's delirious. A soft gasp sounded from outside Hunter's door. "You can come in, Corona," the very tired Spider Rider said. He rolled over to his side and winced as he stretched one of his wounds.

Corona came in through the door(as opposed to what?? sorry had to say that), concern etched on her very blue eyes. Hunter was already asleep by the time she reached his side. She pushed back a lock of red hair of his forehead and put her hand in its place. She pulled her hand away from his very warm forehead and checked his wounds. They all seemed to be healing normally. Nothing explained the fever that Hunter had. She covered him up.

Her manacle beeped. A manacle is basically a Spider Riders key item and is worn around the wrist. She tapped a large button on the manacle and said, "Yes?"

"How is he?" Igneous' voice came out of the manacle. Corona bit her lip. 'Should I tell him?' she thought.

"All of his wounds are fine......." Corona started uneasily.

"But..." Igneous said.

"But he a fever and unfortunately, it's pretty high."

"So much for his swift recovery." Corona snorted a little too loudly. A shush from Shadow made her leave the room.

"Yea, so much for that."

"At least he's.......... By the Oracle! What is that thing?!?!?!?!"

"What's wrong?"

"Corona," Igneous said nervously. "I think we've got trouble."

"Got it!" she said. "I'll call the others." She ran outside of Arachnia Castle, where all the Spider Riders lived. It was made of a strangely pink stone and was rather large. "Venus, Spider Out!" A ball of light erupted from her manacle and splashed to the ground next to her revealing a battle spider. Venus was a pink spider, but she is just as tough as the rest of them.

"Calling all Spider Riders!" Corona called into her manacle, opening lines to all the manacles. "Meet me in front of Arachnia's walls."

Corona closed communications. "Go, Venus," she called. Venus started ahead, going as fast as she could. When she reached the walls, she spotted Igneous battling some weird machine things. She held her manacle up and yelled, "Arachnia Power!"

Her body was covered by a gentle light in the shape of a spider web. Her clothes turned into battle armor and she got her special weapon, a bow. Venus' body also armored itself.

She shot an arrow from her bow and it destroyed the machine that Igneous was fighting. The machine was all rods and pulleys. They must have been pretty strong though because Igneous had been struggling with it. Venus leaped into the air and came down with a thud next to Igneous and Flame. "Thanks," Igneous said breathlessly. "I owe you one." Then he leaped at another machine. Corona pulled at her bow's string and an arrow appeared. She shot it at the nearest machine.

The machines kept coming. When one was taken down, two sprang up in its place. Just as they were going to be hopelessly outnumbered, four low notes sliced through the air. That was Magma's horn. Help had arrived. Corona looked over to see the four remaining Spider Riders in full battle armor.

As the rest joined the fight, Corona found that with a strike to the chest, where the main wire was,that the machine ceased to work. "Guys!" she called. "Hit them in the center of the chest where the thick red wire is. It's there weak point. If you hit them there they just seem to shut off." Every rider attempted it and their targets fell. Finishing the army off wasn't too hard after that little discovery.

After the army had been finished off a woman appeared. She had short black hair and dark, dark, dark, dark purple eyes. An orb was floating between her outstretched hands. 'A psychic,' Corona thought.

"Who are you?" Aqune asked. She never really trusted anyone besides her comrades since her part in the Invectid war. She had been controlled by Mantid and was forced to fight against them instead of with them.

"Nobody of purpose," the person said cruelly.

"I order you to tell us who you are," Prince Lumen ordered.

"What gives you the right to do that?" she asked.

"I'm the prince of Arachnia," Lumen said smugly.

"Very well. I am Melinda."

"And your purpose?" Sparkle asked, her young, innocent eyes curious.

"I am the leader of the army that you just destroyed. And I am here to take a certain Spider Rider to my leader. I think that you may know him. His name is Hunter Steele." The riders went cold. She smiled, the sight sending shivers down the spines of the riders. "You must have noticed the fever by now. I placed it there and it will keep getting worse and worse; before long, he will die."

Corona's manacle beeped. She pressed the button and asked, "What is it, Shadow?"

"It's Hunter, he answered, sounding the more concerned than Corona had ever heard him. "I tried to wake him, but he wouldn't wake up. He keeps tossing and turning. It's like he's having a fit." Corona looked up, shocked at first then angry.

"To get to Hunter, you're going to have to go through me," Corona said, quietly. Melinda smiled, sending shivers up everyone's backs again.

"Then it's on!" she said.