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Warnings: This story will contain yaoi, het, rape, abuse and improper language. Basically all the things that you are dying to read. SasuHina, OroNaru and ItaNaru.

I am going to try to keep everybody as in character as possible. Naruto is going to be hard to keep loud and brash, so you'll have to bear with a slightly paranoid Naruto. And Sasuke is not a depressed emo-kid in this fic, because his clan was never slaughtered.

Orochimaru and Itachi are my favourite characters in Naruto, so therefore I'm keeping them as much as in character as possible.

Some of Naruto's experiences are things that has happened to me, so think twice before you comment it (it is okay to mention it and ask questions, but I don't want you to tell me that I need to get over it. I am over it.)

This is for the broken. This is for the taken. This is for the ones that has been raped and humiliated. This is for the ones that has been neglected and abused. This is for the forgotten. This is for the dirty and unloved.

But, most of all…

it is for the ones that have been fooled.

You are one of God's mistakes

For a day he had almost thought that he could escape.

For an hour he had lived in the belief that he would be saved.

For a minute he had felt beautiful.

For a second he thought that he was loved…

P r o l o g u e I

A blonde boy in the age of sixteen was sitting outside a normal-sized house. He was lying in the wet grass and staring up in the grey sky. At least it wasn't raining, and for that he was grateful.

He was a bit too skinny and short to make you believe that he actually was sixteen. He looked like he could be in the age of fourteen, or at least a year younger. He had wide, innocent eyes with the colour of a summer day sky that made him look even more childish.

The baggy clothes he was wearing were getting wet from having lain on the ground for almost an hour, but that didn't face him one bit. The cold wind was making the little hair he had on his arms to stand up, though.

He was only wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which was way too little on a chilly day like this. He lived in the house that was behind him, but he had yet to go inside and get a jacket, or at least a sweatshirt.

He sat up as a black car swished by only to stop by the house on the other side of the road. His curiosity was spiked when a tall man with dark hair stepped out of the car, followed by two other, younger, males and a woman.

He couldn't see them too well in the grey weather, but he could make out that they all were pale and dark-haired. They looked beautiful, even from afar. The tall man walked to the front door, the shortest of the other males following him eagerly.

He blinked a couple of times before getting up and brushing off his pants. He sniffed and put his arms around himself. It was getting colder, and he could see how the woman ushered her other child inside before it started to rain.

Uzumaki Naruto turned around to his own house. Maybe his guardian would let him inside now?

To Be Continued

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