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You are one of God's mistakes

S l u t g a r d e n

The need to save, to protect won over all rational thoughts.

He didn't think as he practically pulled Naruto with him, ignoring the threats that were called from behind them. He opened the front door to his house with more enthusiasm than was needed. He more or less pushed the confused blonde inside of the house without as much as a sound. He was unsure what he was supposed to say, and therefore wisely kept quiet.

Upon hearing his mother's soft footsteps against the floor, he tried to make up some kind of excuse. Some kind of explanation as to why he had dragged their innocent neighbour over to their house. He couldn't very well say that he had been planning to ask Naruto out and then seen how this Orochimaru locked the blonde inside of what seemed to be a closet.

"Naruto-kun? Itachi-kun?"

Mikoto sounded confused, wondering what the commotion had been all about. She offered a kind smile when she noticed how ruffled Naruto looked. Her mother instincts kicked in, and she held out her hand to the small blonde.

"Would you like to take a shower, Naruto-kun? I'll make you something to eat, and you'll borrow some of Sasuke-kun's clothes. Come here."

She took his hand in hers gently, and they disappeared from the hall. Itachi stood there, trying to calm himself. He had to admit that mothers were amazing creatures. They seemed to know what to say and what to do, without even knowing the entire situation. Itachi was sure that his mother understood that something was wrong, but he was also positive that she wouldn't push the subject.

Itachi, never a coward, walked into the kitchen. Fugaku was sitting by the table, reading one of his favourite newspapers. Upon hearing his oldest son entering the room, Fugaku looked up. He put away the stylish reading glasses and folded the newspaper neatly. They stared at each other, both fighting internal emotions.

Itachi wished that his father would say something.

Fugaku hoped that his son would speak up first.

Itachi wanted to know... Fugaku needed to know...

Did they still love each other?

Neither man looked down, but they could both hear the familiar steps of Sasuke as the youngest Uchiha entered the kitchen. Without understanding that he had interrupted something, the scrawny teen looked at Itachi curiously.

"What is Naruto doing here?"


Naruto didn't know whether to be grateful or scared. As he stood in the shower, trying not to look at the bruises, he could hear Mikoto rummage around in the room next to the bathroom, looking for clothes that would fit him.

She was very understanding, not asking any personal questions. She merely wanted to know what he would like to eat for dinner and if he would like to sleep in the guest room. He wondered how it would have been if his own mother had been alive. He couldn't remember if she was kind and sweet like Mikoto.

His parents had died when he was merely ten years old, and he could barely remember their faces. All he knew about them was the fact that he looked like his father, but was as stubborn as his mother was.

Of course, Orochimaru had done everything in his way to make Naruto different from his parents. In a way, Naruto could understand that perfectly clear. Orochimaru wanted to show that Naruto was his now, that Naruto was his son. And Naruto would never be able to thank his guardian enough for taking him in.

While Orochimaru wasn't a "normal" father, he wasn't horrible either. Naruto was a fairly smart boy – he knew that most didn't receive a beating when they failed to make dinner; he knew that most didn't get fucked so hard, so deep because they had missed the bus.

Yet, he knew that his time with Orochimaru had been so much better than it would have been with anyone else, or in an orphanage. He had heard so many awful tales during his small stay at the local orphanage that he never wanted to return to that. He was safe with Orochimaru, but that didn't meant that he liked what happened.

He didn't want to be locked inside a closet anymore.


Sasuke was sitting in the living room, a pout on his pretty face. He would rather be sitting in the guestroom with Itachi and Naruto, listening to whatever they were talking about. He was curious; he wanted to know. He didn't want to be left out; Naruto was his friend now. He would like to help as well. He knew why Itachi had brought Naruto here, though; he couldn't understand how his brother had figured it out.

There was a harsh knock on the front door, and Sasuke got up. Despite the threat of facing Itachi's spiders if he moved, he walked through the kitchen and to the hall. He opened the door, the pout long gone. Instead, he scowled darkly at the man who had knocked on the door.

Orochimaru was a lot taller than he was, and it made him feel inferior. He disliked the feeling greatly, and therefore had to fight the urge to spit in the man's face. Besides, this was the man that was abusing Sasuke's friend. The man was nothing but trouble.

So, being the genius Sasuke was, he leaned against the doorframe, preventing Orochimaru from entering the house. "Can I help you?"

"I was wondering..." The hiss in Orochimaru's voice was unsettling. "...if you had seen my little Naruto?"

Sasuke nodded slowly, "yeah."

"Oh? Is he here, perhaps? He left in such a hurry."

Sasuke dearly wanted to punch the man's leer away, but knew that he was too weak to ever engage in a fight with such a powerful man. "Nope. He is with Itachi. They left half an hour ago. They seemed to be in a hurry, yeah."

"I see," Orochimaru said leisurely. "Did they inform you when they would be back?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Sasuke shifted, feigning impatience and irritation. "Itachi just got in, packed a bag and then they left. Guess they went to do some camp–"

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun. Please call me when they return. Naruto left his phone at home, you see." Orochimaru's leer was back on, and Sasuke refrained from gasping when the old man leaned in close. "Perhaps you would like to give it to him when you see him?"

"Nope. I'm no delivery man." Asshole, Sasuke thought and took a step back. "Nice talking to you." He offered a painfully fake smile before slamming the door closed in Orochimaru's face. He watched through the door's window as the tall, pale man walked away slowly in the chilly spring weather. A smirk appeared on his face, feeling as if he had accomplished something.

He stood there and watched through the door's window as Orochimaru got into his car and drove away. As soon as the car was out of sight, he relaxed slightly. He practically jogged up to the guest room, passing Fugaku's workroom without greeting his father.

He knocked on the door, getting inside before the boys inside the room had a chance to react. Itachi was standing right before him, back faced to him, and Naruto was sitting on the bed. The blonde hair looked slightly darker when wet from the shower.

"I told Orochimaru that you left in a hurry to camp."

Itachi blinked, and Naruto tilted his head slightly. Neither said a thing. Naruto looked a bit troubled, as if he didn't knew what to say. Itachi slowly turned his eyes back to Naruto, and once again the older Uchiha was engaged in a staring contest with the young blonde.

And Sasuke shrugged, pretending not to be hurt by their indifference as he left them alone.

To Be Continued

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