My hands were still around his throat. Ready to tighten their grip. But still motionless. The young man was looking at me with some hope. He was understanding what was going on. He knew that here, in the brain, there was a fight between her and me. The human was taking the control. Melanie.

The love.

I had underestimated the power oh this emotion.

Love had given her bravery. Strength. And the desire to fight. This desire that I had managed to defeat with time and patience.

Let him go, her voice whispers menacing.

I couldn't. It was my duty. Save my nation and give rise to peace on Earth. How could she reject the thing after what humanity had run after for centuries?

There is no peace and you know it. There are only tamed people by you. You dare say you are here for peace whereas you get into our body, take our memories, our lives. You're destroying the mankind.

We save us. Your world turned out badly, Melanie. Before we arrive, there were wars, attacks: death was everywhere!

Liar, she yells.

I had to pull myself together. My hands tightened aound the young man's throat.

NO. Don't touch Jared, she cries.

I felt her fight to take back the control. I had learnt to restrict her implulses with ohter souls' help. But this time, she was too strong. She loved him so much. A love so pure. So great. I saw my hands relax their grip.

Jared understood it was her who was here.

His Melanie.

I felt my heart beat faster. My body's curbs espoused his. My hands memorized his features. Fire of two bodies which are burning up. Love's fire. I love you, she murmurs between two kisses.

Let me love him, Wanderer. Do you feel this fire which is burning you? Do you feel the intensity of Jared's look? Do you feel your heart's beats coming faster? They are giving rhythm our dance and our love.

Stop it. Even if I let him go, you couldn't be together. Souls wouldn't let me leave your body without kill you.

A wave of sadness rushed into me.

Her sadness.

Tears appeared.

It was the chance to take back control and finish my job.

But, against all odds, my attack had given her more strength. She glanced a last time at Jared. Look full of love. Full of promises.

Live, Jared.

She ran. As fast as she could to make me go away from the one she loved. I tried to fight but she was keeping the control. She ran always and always. Until she became too weak. I put her back in her place.

You know, Melanie, they're gonna kill you this time. They're gonna get me into a new body and they'll take care of yours.

Her laugh rang out in my head.

Jared's gonna live.