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Warning: Femmeslash, Alice/Bella

-AU, Bella had never really met the Cullens when in Forks. This is my story of how Alice and Bella met and how they got together.




Year 2009, July 1st

I am Alice Cullen, supposedly twenty-four years old, fashion designer for a well-known fashion corporation in Seattle. Living in a mansion with the rest of my adopted family, I have everything that I could ever possibly wanted, fame and fortune included. All except for one thing that I had never had.


For I, am a vampire.

I have lived for almost 110 years now, 108 to be exact. After graduating from a high school in Forks, I have decided to pursue something of my own interest. For us, time meant nothing at all. We have all the time we want to go after different things we wanted, pick up different hobbies, while we take on different identities within our lifetime.

Fashion has always been my love and passion, and designing, one of my fortes. This was the reason for my chosen field. Though I may seem to be extremely young in this field, I have seen more than the oldest human on Earth. I know the different trends from a hundred years ago till now. Naturally, that would give one an edge when it comes to my line. Plus my extraordinary ability to see the future, it was not at all a surprise for me to rise up so fast in the ranks at such a "young" age.

Needless to say, I have gained fame and recognition for my work, though quite thankfully, not in the public eye. I'll be risking the exposure of my true identity and the revelation of the guarded secret of our kind, one of the gravest laws that a vampire could have break.

But I am not concerned about acquiring fame that much, for after another twenty years or so, I would have to disappear from this industry to avoid drawing suspicion to the fact that I, am not aging.

Like I have mentioned, I have everything that I could ever wanted, except for love. I used to have a relationship with a fellow vampire, Jasper, but it did not work out. He was just like a brother to me. Anyway, he was. We were both adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen, who took on the role of the "parents" in the Cullen family.

Actually, we are all vampires. But we are special, different from many others. We don't drink human blood, unlike the others. Instead, we go for the blood of animals like bears, mountain lions and deers. Though their blood may be less sweet and tasty as compared to human's blood, we would rather stick to it then to kill humans. Even though killing was in our nature, I still find it extremely barbaric to kill off humans when we can do less harm by killing animals. This was also why we decided to live right beside a dense and remote forest. We had jokingly referred to ourselves as "vegetarians" too, though logically speaking, we aren't, as animals are not considered plants, are they?

After the bunch of us, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and yours truly graduated from high school in Forks, we had moved to Seattle, on the pretence that Carlisle had gotten an attractive job offer from a famous hospital there. This was also to hide the fact that we were vampires from the people in Forks. It was getting pretty obvious, since Carlisle and Esme look much younger than they claimed to be.

I had taken to the road in my yellow Chevrolet, a gift from my brother Edward. It was pretty handy to have a brother who was able to read your mind, as he would know exactly what to give you for a present. I was more than excited when I got the vision, though I couldn't say the same for Edward. He was kind of pissed that his surprised was ruined, and decided to hand the keys over to me before I bugged him senseless. It wasn't like the car was going to be much of a surprise to me anyway, given my ability to envision the future. But nevertheless, it was still pretty nice of him to get me the darling car without me pestering for it.

Trees, buildings, people all zoomed pass outside the window as I generously applied force to the accelerator. I was heading back home, having just left the office about five minutes ago. There actually wasn't really a need for me to stay in an office, since I could work anywhere as long as I have my brain, paper, pencil and my creativity with me. But for the sake of appearances, I just complied. Why attract more attention to myself than needed? I am already attracting so much attention by just being myself, adorable and lovable.

Just as I was nearing home, a sudden craving to go to the bookstore just popped up. I could pick up a few good reads, along with some fashion magazines to note the trend and the popularity of the different designs in the market and maybe get some inspiration for my next batch of clothing. Guess it wouldn't hurt to pop in and have a look.


After much browsing, I had gathered a basketful of books and magazines. It wasn't a lot, but they should do; I'm guessing that they would be able to keep me busy for about a week. After paying by card at the counter, I gathered up the bags and headed for the front door.

Pushing open the door harder than required, I felt an impact as I did so, together with a horrible crashing sound.

"Ah! OUCH!"

I stepped out of the store hurriedly to find myself looking down at a lady decked in jeans and a printed tee-shirt (which was not exactly the trendiest outfit in my opinion) sprawled on the floor and rubbing her head with her right hand. Immediately, I held my breath and stop breathing. Cautiously, I sniffed the air discreetly. Good, no traces of blood. It has been about four days since I last fed, and I don't want to risk hurting anyone. The temptation of human blood may be too much for me to take.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Are you all right?"

I offered her my right hand, shifting all the paper bags to my left one. Her expression changed into one of shock when she looked up and saw me standing there, offering her assistance. But she managed to regain her composure and took my hand with a smile.

"Thanks. No worries, I am fine. Accidents happen to me all the time. I'm quite accident-prone."

Rubbing the back of her head quite abashedly, she stood up and brushed herself off. It was then I when I really noticed her. Letting my keen vampire eyes roam over the smooth curves and contours of her body, I took in all of her beauty. Her amber eyes shone as she smiled, while her silky brown hair glowed softly in the rays of the setting sun. She was only slightly taller than me, maybe about an inch or two. The unflattering clothes draped upon her body concealed her figure, which was quite a pity. Either she has quite minimal self-confidence, or she has totally zero fashion sense.

"I'm Alice, Alice Cullen"

I extended my right hand out to her again, grinning slightly.

She looked rather taken aback for a second, but she took my hand, nevertheless.

"Bella, Bella Swan."

"Really sorry about earlier. I really didn't mean to knock you down; I didn't notice that you were behind the door."

"It's okay, I'm fine! I'm used to it, haha. Don't worry so much about it."

She waved a hand dismissively, and then glanced down at the many packages I was carrying, all of which was still in my left hand.

"You just finished shopping for books?"

I nodded.

"Wow, that's quite a lot. You must be really strong." Her eyes roved over my body.

I suddenly felt rather self-conscious as she did so. Then, I realized what she had said in the first sentence and quickly transferred some of the packages over to my right hand. Damn, I had almost given myself away. I attempted to direct her attention away from my body and my unexplainable strength.

"Do you live around here?"

"Yea...what about you?"

"About ten minutes ride away from here."

She nodded in interest, before glancing at her watch. Then, she turned to face the bookstore.

"Oh. I live a few blocks down the road from here. All right, then I shall see you around. Bye!"

She waved goodbye to me with a smile, and then started walking towards the door of the bookstore. Turning around briefly, she gave me another slight wave before disappearing through the open door, which slowly swung shut and swallowed her into its depths.

Nothing could explain why she looked so familiar to me, nor why I had felt so disappointed when she walked off.


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