A/N: Felt like I was harshly losing perspective for "Strategy," so played through KH2 again. The scene where Leon's freaking out about Sora and Cloud orders him to relax. Classic. Really no excuse for this. Just want to take my Proud Lion and have Crazy! Cloud dominate him down into the Submissive Kitten we all know and love. Don't worry. I won't abuse the Lion that much. I save that for Reno. He takes it like a man and gives me the middle finger for more. Tee hee. I love my ukes so. Originally published 1/7/09. Revised 4/23-26/09.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Summary: With Restoration over, Leon decides to start on a family, with a wife and kids. Cloud agrees, except he'll be the husband.

Pairings: Cloud/Leon (Squall), Mention of various other Yaoi pairings throughout FF7 and FF8.

Warnings: Yaoi, NON-CON SEX, BONDAGE, Crazy! Dominating Chocobo, Proud-Soon-To-Be-Submissive Lion, Cursing, Implied Future MPREG (Blame the Mako!)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fan fiction.

A Kitten's Light


Restoration had been complete for over a year.

Surveying the thriving village of Radiant Garden, with pride, Leon believed this a perfect time to start a family.

Unlike his much-missed father, Laguna Loire, Leon decided, if he ever got settled in one place, he would marry a good woman, and fill their happy home with cubs. Of course, he would fulfill the duties of husband, father, and provider.

First things first. Leon had to find a date.


The sun beamed its rays on another glorious day, when Leon, formerly Squall Leonhart, sauntered up to an arguing Tifa Lockheart and Cloud Strife. Actually, she yelled at Cloud's head, while he ignored the World.

Turning towards Leon, Tifa smiled, in greeting. "Lovely day. Isn't it, Leon?"

Cloud continued to study the ground.

Releasing a nervous laugh, Leon scratched the back of his head."Yeah. Um. Tifa? I know we don't know each other well, but you've gotten close to the new girl, who just arrived from Traverse Town. Right?"

Folding arms underneath prized breasts, Tifa frowned, with concentration. "You mean Penelo? Sure. She's working on her magic and dance act. I've seen the rehearsals. The show's really good. You should come by the next time she performs."

Cloud's eyebrow quirked.

Relaxing into his customary at-ease stance, Leon folded his arms over his chest."Yeah, about that. I wondered if you could put in a good word for me. Maybe let her know I'm interested? She asked me out last time, but the sewer system broke again, so I had to give her a rain check."

Giggling, Tifa nodded her head. "Of course, Leon. You're all she talks about. I should be seeing her today, so I'll let her know."

Staring harder at the ground, Cloud attempted to murder the dirt with his glare.

Leon smiled a rare, sweet smile, turning his face from pretty to breathtaking.

Tifa's mouth slightly dropped. She had never seen such beauty before.

Cloud began to growl.

Gaze darting over to Cloud's spiky head, Leon's smile returned to a frown. "Thanks Tifa. I owe you big time."

Cloud's growling increased in volume.

Sniffing a petite nose, Leon tossed his Lion's mane, with disdain for Cloud. Long, brunet locks waving in the breeze. These past six months, he had allowed his hair to grow. The length now ending below his shoulder blades.

Walking primly away from the couple, Leon voiced his feelings, loud and clear, so Cloud could hear him over the growling. "Nothing but a beast. Uncivilized animal."


Cloud lurched up to pounce on Leon's back.

Tifa's powerful hand slammed down on Cloud's chest. She waited for Leon to be long gone from the Marketplace, before she brought her hand down, and relaxed.

Since helping Cloud gather the fragments of his psyche, so long ago, Tifa had hoped to see improvement. She had been dismayed, showing up in Hollow Bastion, to find Cloud worse off than before. She loved Cloud like a brother. Since Sephiroth had been killed, she hoped Cloud would become more human.

Leon's innocent actions had awakened the Lone Wolf, which Tifa hadn't seen, since their travels with AVALANCHE. "Evil SEED Bitch. I'll show that delicious tight ass what an animal I can be."

With a sigh, and a crack of the neck, Tifa punched Cloud back into the wall. The hit wouldn't do any good. The impact would hardly hurt him. However, the punch made her feel better, and she might be able to talk some sense into him.

The Lone Wolf part of Cloud's personality proved to be a tricky beast. A master at fooling everyone into believing him to be plain Cloud Strife. Everyone, but Aerith and Tifa. Aerith, because she was a Cetra. Tifa, because she knew Cloud since the two were babies.

The Lone Wolf feared both his 'Big Sisters' and would only lower his head for them. Only them.

"He's straight, Wolf. He doesn't like you. Even paired together in the Coliseum, you told me he slapped your face the very first day."

The Lone Wolf actually sniggered. "Bitch doesn't like getting bit. Blood's sweet though. Sweeter than wine."

With shock, Tifa drew in her breath. Hands locked into ready fists of fury. "Wolf! You didn't molest him! Did you?"

The Lone Wolf whined a little. Oh no. Big Sister Tifa wasn't supposed to find out about that. "Bitch got knocked out during Behemoth Round. Had a head wound. Never knew. Only licked it clean. Bitch lay sleeping the whole time."

Tifa's eyes squinted, with rising anger. "Wolf? Call him either Leon or Squall."

"No. The Evil SEED Bitch calls me a perverted beast every chance he gets. He's going to be my mate. He's my Bitch."

Growling, Tifa punched Cloud again. "What's his name?"


Punching Cloud's stomach, Tifa then roundhouse kicked his head for good measure. "WHAT'S HIS NAME?"

"Cloud's Evil Bitch?"


The Lone Wolf held up his hands quick, while lowering his head in defeat. Final Heaven would actually hurt a little. "Squall. It's Squall. I'm never going to call him Leon. He'll be Squall Strife. Happy?"

Tifa lowered her fists, but her lip remained curled in disgust. She loved Cloud, but Leon had been correct about a few things.

The Lone Wolf was a horny, possessive, dominating pervert. The last time he showed up was because of Chaos's scent, which had been released to entice Cid.

Vincent shot the snarling Wolf over twenty times, with Cerberus's triple rounds, just to slow him down.

Cid marked Vincent that night, so the Lone Wolf would leave him be. At least, that's what the couple told the rest of the group.

Yuffie snidely remarked that the old man had been looking for an excuse since Shinra Manor.

Tifa never saw Yuffie run that fast.

The marking worked.

The Lone Wolf went back to being just regular, somewhat insane Cloud the very next morning.

Tifa would have to get Penelo and Leon together soon. He seemed willing and she had been more than game. The one problem would be keeping the Wolf in line, until then. "Remember that; or I'll tell Big Sister Aerith what you did to Leon in the Coliseum."

Whimpering, the Lone Wolf lowered his head further. Big Sister's Aerith's green light hurt the Darkness which fed him. The Light being the only thing that could. "Okay, Tifa. Just no Final Heaven. All right?"

Glaring, Tifa placed her fists on her hips."Promise me you'll stay away from Leon from now on. He's straight. He doesn't want Cloud Strife and, especially, not Wolf. Understand?"

"…I understand and I promise."

Tifa stared at Cloud's bowed head. She wanted to look into his eyes, but he refused to raise his head. Taking what she could get, she gave Cloud a kiss, and walked away to look for Penelo.

Sensing Tifa had left, the Lone Wolf began to laugh hysterically.

Cloud Strife's brain had many rooms. In each room, a different part of his personality lived. The personalities all saw themselves to be separate entities. However, everyone answered to the moniker, Cloud Strife. This made living easier.

The Lone Wolf had made sure to push seven-year-old Cloudy front-and-center to make the promise to Tifa.

A scared, spineless baby creature. Cloudy did everything the Lone Wolf wanted, so he wouldn't hurt. Of course, the Zack saved him, holding his crying body close, away from the snarling Wolf. However, the promise had been made.

The Lone Wolf had been freed to prowl and hunt his prey.

The Evil Bitch needed to be marked and made to submit.

The Lone Wolf snarled with joy, striding out of the Marketplace, towards the Bailey. Bitch tasted so delicious. He wondered if his chosen still had the bite mark, on the right buttock, he had left him with at the Coliseum.

The Lone Wolf giggled. Concussions were great. They let him get away with murder.


Leon rushed into his bedroom, without turning on the light. He could see enough with the twilight coming through the window. Taking a shower, he got ready for his date that night. He could barely hold back his excitement.

Penelo had caught up with Leon, leaving the Committee's headquarters. Agreeing on dinner and a movie, she had even given him a kiss.

Leon's lips still tingled with Penelo's cotton candy taste.

Wearing skin-tight leather pants, and nothing else, Leon came out of the bathroom. He finally noticed a silent Cloud staring at him from the small window seat.

Cloud's sitting figure had been hidden by the loose curtain.

With the sun down, the sole reason Leon could see Cloud was because of the fierce Mako-blue eyes glowing in the dark.

Even fighting to the death, in the Coliseum, Cloud's eyes never shined so bright.

For some reason, Leon felt scared. "Strife? What are you doing in my room?"

Tilting his head, in thought, Cloud refused to answer Leon.

Leon ventured a brave step forward. "Strife, if you don't answer me, get the Hell out. Matter of fact. Just get the Hell out. I have a date with Penelo. I don't have time for your games."

Cloud growled with annoyance.

Backing up, Leon hit the bedroom door, with a thump. He mentally swore. This was his house. No one else lived here. Because of bone-deep prudery, Cloud would probably kill him, because he had worried about phantoms seeing him naked.

Resting an elbow on his knee, Cloud's glowing glare froze Leon in place. "Mouthy bitch. Aren't you? Knew I let you run free too long. Tifa's already on to me. No more time. Has to be tonight. No more waiting."

Leon felt confused.

Except for the first demeaning remark, Cloud directed the rest of the conversation to himself.

From their first meeting, in the Coliseum, Leon knew Cloud would always be insane. Each subsequent meeting hammered the truth home.

Swiftly rising up, Cloud walked slow towards a now shrinking Leon.

Right hand scrabbling for the door handle, Leon attempted to wrench the door open, and get away.

Cloud's glove-free hand slammed flat right next to Leon's wide eyes. The breeze fluttering his eyelashes. "Evil SEED Bitch calls me a beast in public. Teases with tight swaying ass, calling me an uncivilized animal. Just like every other bitch. All brave, with other bitches, but runs away when it's time to be marked."

Hearing Cloud's offensive, mocking remarks, Leon's fear turned quick to anger. He now knew the creature talking to him.

Aerith had warned Leon about the Beast, when Cloud first showed up, in the Hollow Bastion Library. This wasn't Cloud Strife. She had named this aspect, the Lone Wolf.

Swiftly moving, Leon tried to punch Cloud directly underneath the Adam's apple. If he timed the hit right, he would also be able to break Cloud's collarbones. A surefire winner Zell had taught him a long time ago.

To the Lion's dismay, Cloud caught the fist easy mid-strike. He slammed the clenched hand, against the door, next to Leon's whimpering face. The other hand following suit. He used enhanced body weight to press Leon tight against the door.

Leon winced, hearing the quaver in his voice. "Not a bitch. Don't call me that again. Told you before at the Coliseum. I know you remember, Wolf. Yeah, I know what you are. Aerith warned me, when you came back the first time. I don't know why. No one wanted you back. No one wants you back now. Perverted animal."

With fear, Leon started to sweat, filling the room with his scent. The exotic aroma drove the Lone Wolf crazy with want.

Instead of growling, Cloud began to purr. Nostrils flaring. "Big Sister warns, yet Bitch teases more. Fine. Have to call you something, in front of Big Sisters. Don't want hurting green light or Final Heaven. Leonhart who wields Lionheart. Evil SEED Bitch thinks he's a Lion. Hmm. Kitten. I'll call you Kitten. My little Kitten, who'll be swollen soon with my cubs."

"My name's Le-!" Cloud halted Leon's rant, with a firm hand over his mouth.

With the other hand, Cloud collected Leon's wrists, and held them over his head. "You'll be called Squall, Kitten, or Mommy by our cubs. Don't ask for anything else, because you're not going to get it. You know what I can do, Kitten. I won't kill you, but I have to mark you, before that bitch gets her claws into you. I would have to kill her then. If I have to break your arms and legs, to get what I want, I will. The breaks would be clean. They would heal, but you couldn't be the proud Leader for awhile."

With the promise of pain, Leon shook his head no. He knew what Cloud could do. He just never thought Cloud would do such a thing to him.

The pair had mutual friends.

The warriors had fought back-to-back together.

Sure, Leon had taken every opportunity to put Cloud down.

However, Cloud never showed any sign the name-calling really bothered him.

For a battle-trained former SEED Commander, Leon couldn't have been more blind.

Leon attempted to speak past Cloud's hand.

Cloud removed his hand, so Leon could talk. Negotiations proved useless with the Lone Wolf. Though, he did always find them amusing. He would plan ahead, while the victim blathered away.

Of course, the victim, Leon, knew nothing of this. "Wolf! I'm straight! I told you that before! I can't have your cubs. I'm a guy. I can't have babies! Besides, I'm going to marry Penelo, and have a family with her!"

Too late, seeing Cloud's reaction, Leon realized his erroneous slip of the tongue.

Eyes flaring with Mako energy, Cloud roared in anger.

Flinging a yelping Leon, Cloud tore his leather pants off one-handed.

Flopping naked onto the bed, Leon scrambled to get away. A firm flat hand stopped the progression, pressing down on his lower back, keeping his wriggling body on the bed. He cried out, when an enraged Wolf began to spank him.

Cloud punctuated each word, with a hard spank, leaving red handprints on each of Leon's tight butt-cheeks. "Don't ever speak that bitch's name in front of me again! Smelled her scent on you, when you came in. Thieving bitch! Trying to steal my mate! Kill her! Kill her dead!"

With rising anger, Cloud's spanking became harsher.

Leon's cries changed to pleading sobs, when the dull soreness became fiery pain. Cloud would break his pelvis, if he didn't let up.

To Leon's horror, he heard himself begging. "Stop! Oh Shiva! STOP! It hurts! It hurts so bad! I can't take it! You'll break me, Wolf! You'll break me!"

Spying Kitten's tears falling from eyes to chin, Cloud halted his actions.

Gathering a sobbing Leon close, the Lone Wolf hugged him from the back. Kissing across heaving shoulders, and the back of the neck, he crooned soothingly to his mate. "Oh, Kitten. I'm sorry. Just the thought of you being taken away upsets me. I don't like being upset. I love you, Kitten. Stop crying. Love you."

Leon, now hysterically confused, laid in Cloud's embrace, breathing in the comfort. He thought over the Lone Wolf's previous remarks.

The Lone Wolf's love came at a high price.

Aerith had explained the Beast demanded complete submission. Anything less would be met with brutal force and even death.

Leon knew himself to be straight. He didn't love Penelo, but he could learn to.

In truth, way back when, Leon hadn't been too sure of his love for Rinoa. He had only been eighteen. She had initiated the affair herself. While she did all the hard work towards the relationship, he had sort of hung around, following her lead.

In terms of relationships, Leon had almost zero experience.

One thing he knew for certain, Leon had to get away from the Lone Wolf. He didn't want anything to do with the insane pervert. But before he could do that, he had to gather information, and assess the situation. He could then act.

Squall Leonhart hadn't become SEED Commander at eighteen for nothing.


Lower back and behind aching, Leon knew he had to have black-and-blue bruises on his ass. The beautiful skin always bruised so easy.

Feeling a sudden warmth, Leon held his breath. Laying prone on the bed, he twisted around, to see where the niceness came from. He spied a grinning Cloud holding a small lighted ball over his ass. He could actually feel the healing from the inside out.

Sensing Leon's questioning gaze, Cloud looked up. His grin becoming more maniacal."It's Mastered Cure Materia. Don't let Yuffie know. She believes it was all destroyed with our Planet. She'll tear Radiant Garden down, to its original foundations, to find the rest I hid. Good thing I always keep this on me. You're going to need it. No enhancements or healing factor. Can't treat you like the Coliseum whores."

Completely forgetting the deeply thought out plans, a grimacing Leon sat up, and punched Cloud soundly in the eye. Filthy beast.

Cloud's head barely twitched and Leon knew how to throw a punch.

The Lone Wolf didn't blame Kitten.

Kitten would always be special. He didn't like being compared to the easy bitches, male and female, who followed the warriors around for their hard-earned munny.

Flopping back down, a furious Leon showed Cloud his pleasing back.

With Cloud hovering over him, blocking the only way out, Leon naturally fell back on Squall instincts. He consciously closed himself off from the animal.

The Lone Wolf snarled, feeling the naughty Kitten draw his Light away from him. Evil SEED Bitch. "Be thankful. The easy bitches kept me from marking you at the Coliseum."

Bad Kitten shrugged."Whatever."

The Lone Wolf's snarl became a roar. He met with nothing, but denial, when Kitten hissed that blasted word. Well, no longer.

Eyes darting around, Cloud looked for something to hold Leon still. Mako-blue eyes alighting on the open doorway of Leon's closet. With an evil grin, he purred with delight.

Having Squall Leonhart for his chosen mate, the Lone Wolf would always have constricting leather belts around to help his cause.


To Leon's prudish horror, he found himself quickly tied up with his own belts. Forearms belted tight to shins, he had been left completely open to the Lone Wolf's ravenous gaze.

A battle-hardened warrior, Leon had lived through war, commanding a whole Flying Battle Fortress. He would never be deemed a coward. However, he did consider himself a survivalist.

With anal virginity, inner pride, and much-loved freedom on the line, Leon went down to basics. Beginning to scream, he screamed loud, for anybody, anyone at all, to help him.

Whining, Cloud backed up, from where he had been previously standing, next to the bed, with satisfaction. The Evil Bitch's screaming hurt his enhanced hearing. The noise would bring the Big Sisters!

The Lone Wolf didn't want to hurt his Kitten, but he had to make him quiet. Scrambling on the bed, he slapped Leon hard across the face.

The screaming halted, but the crying began.

Cloud hung his head, in shame.

Big Sister Aerith said only bad men hit their bitches. Bad men like Hojo.

The Lone Wolf knew he'd always be an animal, but he believed he was way better than Hojo.

Whining louder, Cloud nestled up to a sobbing Leon. "Have to be quiet, Kitten. Screams hurt my ears. They'll bring Big Sisters and Little Sister, Yuffie, with her shuriken. It would stop me for now. But I promise you, you'll never be free from me."

Leon turned his head away. He had been hit before. He used to be a mercenary, for Hyne's sake. Seifer had tortured him in prison. He had no idea why he reacted the way he did. He hadn't been this soft, since the Orphanage, and his sister, Ellone, leaving him.

The sheer presence of the Lone Wolf, in Cloud, had reawakened the submissive Kitten, in Leon.

Cloud softly kissed the bruise left on Leon's cheek."With my healing factor and enhancements, Hojo made me so I would never age, and be extremely hard to kill. We have to find a way to keep you from dying. Sephiroth became insane because he lost his Puppy, Zack. Can't happen, Kitten. I know, for sure, I'll be a lot worse. Can't live without you, Kitten. Just can't. I won't let you live without me. Sorry."

Against his mental will, Leon's head turned back to receive Cloud's soft kisses and apologies. The crying had even lessened.

Cloud busied himself, with holding the Materia against Leon's swollen cheek, to heal the bruise.

At a complete loss, Leon heard himself ask the question that had bothered him, throughout this whole ordeal. " Cloud? You talk about Hojo and what he did to you. Does that have something to do with the babies? I'm just a normal human male. I don't want to make you angry. But it's the truth, I can't have babies."

Placing the Materia back on the bedside table, Cloud got up, and began to get undressed."It's the concentrated Mako in my system. Only SOLDIERS, First Class could withstand this much Mako running through our systems. Everyone else got Mako poisoning and died. If the SOLDIER had a male partner, they had to be careful. The Mako in my semen will alter you from the inside out. It's a severe side effect."

Leon's eyes widened at the sight. He had never seen Cloud unclothed, not even in the Coliseum. He still believed he wasn't gay. Why was he getting an erection?

Cloud continued the explanation, while removing his pants, leaving him nude."There weren't many SOLDIERS who even made it to First Class, so Shinra never attempted to correct the problem. In fact, Old Man Shinra saw it as a plus. We were not only used for battle. Through the infantry, and the collected semen of the First Classes, Shinra would have its own stable of ready SOLDIER-level warriors. The project had been called DEEPGROUND. You can ask Vincent about it, when he comes back from Halloween Town with Cid."

Leon cringed over Cloud's story. He had heard of the devilry of Shinra, from the rest of AVALANCHE. The company had used their own soldiers for breeding stock. He felt certain, especially for the infantrymen, the transformations had been nonconsensual. "Cloud? What happened to the changed males? Did they survive giving birth?"

Tilting his head, Cloud frowned, viewing Leon's scared expression. Glowing eyes widened, realizing why Leon felt scared.

Leon had grown up in an Orphanage, helping Matron take care of all the babies and toddlers, of mothers who had died. He had seen, and experienced first-hand, the damage of losing a mother, at birth, could do to a child.

Whining at his mate's distress, The Lone Wolf laid back down, next to a still-bound Leon. He snuffled him to give comfort. "The males came out fine. Shinra filled a huge underground city, with the mothers and offspring. I would never put my Kitten or cubs at risk. I love you too much."

Leon hid his face in Cloud's neck. He didn't want this, but he didn't see any way out of it. "I still don't want this. I'm not gay. I want babies, but not like this. You may take me now, but I'll fight you forever."

Hearing Leon's murmurs, Cloud stiffened. He then made himself relax. This was Kitten showing his spitfire attitude. He would never wish that away. His chosen's strength would only make the cubs stronger.

Kitten would fight him now. But with the birth of the first cub, the Lone Wolf knew Kitten would be completely preoccupied with the baby. He had to be.

Leon's natural instinct would always be to protect and nurture.

Cloud noticed the endearing quality, when he first met Leon at the Coliseum.

A fierce Leon protected Yuffie, against the perverted warriors, surrounding them.

Yuffie could take care of herself, but she was still a petite teenager.

Horny battle-hardened warriors proved hard to fend off, especially when the group ganged up on you.

Big Brother Leon made sure that never happened the first day.

Cloud made sure the harassment never happened the rest of their stay. Kitten had no idea, the amount of men he had killed, to keep his virtue safe.

Leon had been lusted after way worse than Yuffie.

Cloud sighed. If worse came to worse, he would tell Leon what he did to protect him.

If Leon reacted to anything, he reacted to guilt.

For now, the Lone Wolf had to mark his mate, so he wouldn't have to murder anymore people, coming after Kitten's delicious tight ass. "I know you'll fight me. I expect it. It's okay, Kitten. It's okay."


Whining, Leon wiggled in discomfort. "Take them out. They're cold."

Forearms and shins still bound by his own leather belts, the only movement Leon was capable of, really, was rolling around like a ball.

Cloud made sure to keep Leon wide open to his hungry gaze.

Leon's prudery died a slow agonizing death. He had never felt so exposed in his whole life.

Cloud stretching Leon's virgin anal entrance out, with two well-lubricated fingers, didn't help matters.

Leon barely touched back there to cleanse himself.

Cloud's fingers drilled for oil.

Leon yelled, when Cloud prodded his prostate, for the first time.

Noting the location, Cloud concentrated the pads of his fingers on that location.

Leon continued to yell and writhe with each prod.

"I have to stretch you out or I'll hurt you really badly. It's for your own good."

Trying to keep his heart in his chest, Leon barely heard Cloud's reply. He had never felt such pleasure, even when Rinoa gave him blowjobs, or when the couple had sex.

Leon wasn't gay. He wasn't!

Yelling again, Leon rolled his eyes back. Hips moving, on their own, to meet Cloud's three questing fingers. The added digit brought slight pain, but the pleasure made it worth it.

Leon whined with dismay, when Cloud withdrew the fingers.

Cloud rebuked him, with a spank to the ass. "Patience, Kitten. You'll get your milk."

Pouting, Leon turned away. Coarse, perverted animal. If what Cloud informed him truly happened, he would make sure the cub never learned his father's way of living. The cub would be a little gentleman or lady, just like Matron brought him up to be.

Cloud slipped a pillow under Leon's thin hips.

Leon's attention returned to the present. He instinctually tightened back up.

Smelling the fear, Cloud spanked his Kitten again to loosen him up.

Leon sobbed. He couldn't help being scared.

When Zell had his first time with Seifer, he said the penetration hurt really bad. He walked with a limp, for two whole days, after the deed had been done.

Squall had been leery of gay sex ever afterwards.

With a firm gaze, The Lone Wolf stared into Leon's eyes. "Relax, Squall. The tighter you are, the more it hurts. I don't want to scare you, but I don't want you to go through more pain, if you don't have to."

Nodding, Leon consciously tried to relax. However, the situation made the effort difficult.

Viewing Cloud's erection, Leon felt certain the member would never fit.

Cloud seemed certain the member could.

Knowing a slow penetration would only hurt his Kitten more, Cloud took hold of Leon's hips, positioning himself. With the tip of erection somewhat embedded in his whimpering mate, he shoved Leon down in one go. Not hearing a peep, he looked up fast.

Leon had flung his head back, with mouth opened wide. The throat worked, but nothing came out. Tears leaked from underneath clenched eyelids.

Cloud stayed his position, to get Leon used to him inside. Licking up the tears, he softly kissed the lower quivering lip. "Breathe, Kitten. I need you to breathe."

To Cloud's relief, Leon inhaled a swift breath of air.

To the Lone Wolf's chagrin, Kitten began to scream again. "Oh Shiva! Oh Gods! Cloud! Take it out! Take it out!."

Acknowledging the going would only get worse, before getting better, Cloud ignored Leon's wails, and commenced thrusting in and out.

When Leon's screams cracked, with one particular thrust, Cloud knew he had rediscovered Leon's prostate. Reaffirming the hold on wiggling hips, he began to pound away at that one spot. He interspersed the pounding, with rotations of the hips.

Leon felt himself choking. The actual penetration hurt so much! However, he found the pleasure overwhelming! He couldn't stand it. The confusing sensations would kill him. "Cloud! Ah! Ha! Ah! You're killing me! Hah! Ah! You're! Ha! Uh! Ah! Killing! Gah! Ah! MEEEE!"

If anything Leon's screaming entreaties, inflamed the Lone Wolf even more. His thrusts sped up, becoming even harder.

Leon thought his hips would break soon. He squealed, when Cloud began to harshly fist his drooling erection. "No, Cloud! Let go! Let me go!"

Growling, Cloud gave the mouth below him a deep kiss. Tongue receiving a full tasting of his mate's sweetness. "Never, Squall. Never let you go. See you dead first. It would kill me too, but I'm as good as dead, without you. Never let my Kitten go. Kill all who try to take my Kitten and cubs away from me. Kill them all."

Wailing, Leon shook his head in denial. He didn't want to be owned. He would never be a loved possession. He didn't want this. He didn't! His mind screamed his refusal of the Lone Wolf's claim. His body betrayed his true feelings.

The Lone Wolf knew the Evil SEED Bitch, in Squall's mind, always lied. A bad liar at that. Back at the Coliseum, he learned to listen to Leon's body language instead. It always spoke the truth.

"Don't want this! Don't! Can't make meee! AHHHH!" With the scream, Leon came. Semen shooting out of the erection Cloud continued to fist.

Cloud directed the stream to hit his own chest and face. The other hand rubbed the fluid into his skin.

Leon sobbed in disgust. Filthy animal. He had been mated to a filthy animal. A filthy animal continuing to rut, with abandon, inside his exhausted body.

Sensing his body at the breaking point, Leon resorted to pleading to the oblivious beast. If submission would get Cloud to stop, he would submit this one time only. "Cloud? Please! I can't take anymore! I don't have enhancements! Remember? I'm breaking apart! I can feel it! Come, Cloud! Come now! Please! Oh! Please!"

Hearing Kitten finally submit, the Lone Wolf flung his head back, howling with the orgasm rocking his body. He hadn't masturbated once, since returning from killing Sephiroth, six months before.

Feeling the huge load being cannoned into him, Leon became terrified, thinking it would never end.

Jerking, Cloud held Leon's squirming hips flush against his pelvis. This had been the best orgasm he ever had. The Lone Wolf couldn't wait to take his Kitten again.

Cringing and crying, Leon veered his gaze away from Cloud's ecstatic expression. He yelped, when Cloud collapsed on top of him.

Cloud's enhanced skeleton almost crushing Leon's cowering body.

Catching his breath, Cloud sat up. Grasping hold of the crying Kitten, he rocked him gently, humming all the way.

To Leon's dismay, Cloud still lay embedded deep inside him, and didn't seem interested in pulling out. "Cloud?"


"How many times, would you do this to me, before I became pregnant?"

The Lone Wolf's mouth tilted with a slight smile. The Evil SEED Bitch already planned of ways to escape. Better nip that fantasy in the bud. It helped that he told the absolute truth. "You're probably pregnant right now."

Jerking back in alarm, Leon stared at Cloud's blank face. "Whuh? How? I mean, I know you explained it. Don't we have to do this a lot of times before it actually takes?"

Cloud groaned, when Leon's anal muscles constricted around his newly growing erection. He had been planning to give his Kitten a breather. It seemed Kitten didn't get enough milk after all. "I never said that. You should have asked me. For most of the infantrymen, it only took one time, and they were pregnant. Mako is just that efficient. Sorry."

Cloud didn't mean to laugh at Squall's expression, but he couldn't help it.

The Evil SEED Bitch's only escape route had been cut off by their newly forming cubs.

Snarling with anger, Leon gave Cloud's laughing face a hard head-butt. This only made him laugh harder. "Perverted animal. You counted on me not asking. Would it have made any difference?"

Cloud sniggered. "No."


When Cloud laid him back down, hips thrusting away, Leon began to struggle anew. He had hoped for a break, or at least for Cloud to take the belts off. "Cloud! Take the belts off! I can't physically fight you right now! I'm too worn out! Pull out too! If I'm pregnant, I need to rest!"

Cloud laid his head in the juncture between Leon's neck and shoulder."No."


Cloud's soft smile changed into a wicked smirk."You look hot the way you are now, Kitten. Beautiful, Squall. Just beautiful. Can fuck you all night long. You're so beautiful."

Leon pounded on Cloud's shoulders with furious fists."Pervert! Beast!"

Cloud released a small chuckle."You know, the put-downs only turn me on more."

Viewing Cloud's smirk of evil, Leon let loose another punch to the face."You're such a jerk!"

Laughing at his Kitten's antics, the Lone Wolf sped up his thrusts. "By the way, Kitten, the firstborn are usually twins. Twins being the norm. Although, Deepground had records of triplets and even quadruplets. Oh, Squall! I can't wait to see you swelled up with my cubs. If you think this fucking's too much, just wait until you plump out. These cubs will know their Daddy well."

Leon cried out, when Cloud's turgid erection, brushed his bruised prostate. "I hate you so much right now, Pervert."

Completely owning up to his mate's slander, a rutting Cloud grinned at Leon's pouting face. "Yeah. I know."