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Authors Note: This is based on my own MSI & TBM concert exprience... Unfortunitely I did not get to attend the show with Tim or Abby. But it was a blast none the less!. =]

Rock On!
by Special Agent Starr

"C'mon McGee… Please, please, pretty please with a shiny new typewriter on top!" she bribed.

He rolled his tired green orbs. Why, of all nights, did the concert Abby was currently trying to hook him into attending with her have to follow one if the most exhausting days of his life?

The case they had just wrapped had been a grueling one, one that left Tim unable to see the inside of his apartment for the past three days. Now that it was finished, he just wanted to collapse on his bed and indulge himself in hours upon hours of much needed and well deserved sleep.

He knew Abby, on the other hand, who had been working just as long as he had, wouldn't be phased by the extensive labor. Fellow employees in the building had dubbed her the name 'Energizer Abby' for a reason.

"You do owe me that Brain Check, remember?" she threw out the guilt card, referring to the last time she'd tried to get the gang together to go see Brain Matter, which had been foiled no sooner than she'd handed them the tickets.

"What about Ziva or Tony? I'm sure they would enjoy going" though he knew that was far from the truth.

They were equally as exhausted as he was. He'd even caught Ziva dozing off while sitting straight up at her desk. He'd heard the snores coming from the desk beside him, the volume of which increasing the more time past. While it wasn't uncommon for Tony to 'lie down on the job' it had occurred much more frequently than usual.

For good measure he added "Or maybe you know someone who would be more interested in seeing… who'd you say was going to be there again?"

"Mindless Self Indulgence and The Birthday Massacre" she answered excitedly.

'Yeah, like someone who knows who the hell those people are! Go home! BED!' his rundown brain snapped at him.

He cleared his throat hoping his thoughts would keep quiet, "Yeah, them."

"But I want to go with you Timmy! I've been waiting all month for today, ever since I found out MSI and TBM were coming into town! I really, really, want to go see them live! Please Timmy! Be my date for the show? Please!" she begged, with pouty lips and big, round, soft, electric green eyes.

He wasn't sure if even a child could have pulled off that masterful pout.

Tim found himself at a fork in the road of decision. Down one direction was a bed, a big, comfy, soft bed that was all his own. A nice, quiet, room, in a warm home, where he would be free from mostly all disturbance. Free to allow a peaceful slumber to consume him and not let him go until his body and mind were drenched with rest.

Down the other path, a stuffy, little, packed club with blinding lights and blaring speakers, listening to music that he didn't prefer but yet had no problem with. The event would surely last late into the night, depriving him of another night of rejuvenation.

The choice for anyone in his situation seemed obvious. However, one of these paths contained an element that topped all others, good or bad, and she had begun to speak again.

"I promise it'll be worth your while…" her sparkling eyes and tone matching a mischievous, suggestive manner.

'Go!... Go get your groove on Timmy' his brain encouraged.

'I thought you just told me to go home and sleep? Which one do you want? Sleep or Concert?' he questioned himself.

'Rephrase the question Timothy, and you'll have no trouble with finding the answer' his mind assured.

'What?!?!' he was completely confused with himself. Maybe the lack of rest was so extreme that he had actually started going crazy.

'The question is not sleep or concert. The real question is sleep or Abby?'

He felt his heart tug.

"Um… what time does it start?" he asked, trying to buy himself more time to make his final decision.

She pulled the tickets from her pocket and examined them, "Doors open at 6:30pm rain or shine! Hmm... That's kind of any irrelevant statement considering it'll be inside…" she popped back on to the topic, "I'll come and pick you up, since I know where the club is and everything…" she was practically bouncing in anticipation of his answer.

'6:30 okay, and Gibbs is letting us off at 4:00…' he quickly calculated the simple equation in his head 'that gives me two and a half hours to sleep. Not including the time it'll actually take me to get home, so at the very least two hours.'

'Or you could convince her to just skip the show and come home with you then the two of you could go to sleep together' the brain opted another solution.

'Oh would you stop it! Who's side are you on here?!' he looked up, as if looking at his brain, and glared.

A familiar tingle slithered in the front of his pants.

His glare deepened.

"Why are you growling McGee?" Abby wondered, hearing the low rumble.

"Me? I'm not growling," he defended, trying to ignore his mind laughing at him being caught.

"McGee I distinctly heard a 'GRR…' come from your general direction and since you're the only one standing over there…" she reasoned.

"It wasn't a growl 'GRR…' it was a 'GRR…' as in that's sounds great!" he covered lamely.

Her face twisted into a weird look as she tried to make sense of what he'd just said, but then quickly changed as if she had had a revelation. "Does that mean you'll go?!" she was bouncing this time.

'Aw… look at her Tim. She's so excited! And she wants you to go with her. You guys hardly ever hang out anymore." His heart gave an agreeing thump, 'Go, try to have fun. You can sleep anytime; I'll shut up for the rest of the night. Plus you'll get the two hours before.' His brain persuaded.

If he didn't know better he could have swore he heard his heart whimpering like a puppy.

'Guess it's settled then.' He concluded.

"Yeah, I'll go with you Abs."

"YAY!" she skyrocketed to him, enclosing him in a hug he thought might leave bruises.

"You're the best McGee!!" she exclaimed, clearly ecstatic with his answer.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

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