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Rock On!
Chapter Two
by Special Agent Starr

The whole drive home his vision was half blocked by heavy lids. He had even been afraid to blink in fear of them never opening back up, so he only allowed himself to blink when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, there wasn't too much traffic and he made it to his residence within 15 minutes unharmed, minus the pinch marks he inflicted on himself in attempts to stay conscious. When he parked his car he contemplated where or not just to stay inside it, his body did not want to move. He quickly rationalized however that the awkward position that would put his body in would only lead to further aches and stiffness when he awoke again. If he was only getting 2 hours and 15 minutes worth of rest it was going to be the best quality he could make it.

Sluggishly making his way up the walk, dragging his feet the entire way, he reached his door. Though he had forgotten about the little step up in the concrete in front of it, sending him flailing forward and clutching to the door frame for support, he was home. Searching for the key in his pocket, he pulled it out proceeded to unlock the door. It wouldn't go in. He tried again, nothing. After many tries, he finally realized that he was holding the key upside down. With a deep sigh of frustration he turned the key the correct way and the door opened right up. He could smell the soft, clean linen from where he stood.

'Almost… there!' his body struggled to not bolt toward its desire. There was still one thing left to remember to do.

He stepped inside, closing the door behind him, and locked it. Satisfied that it was truly locked and he hadn't made a mistake again, he allowed his mind to shut down completely and let his body carry him the rest of the way. On autopilot, Tim made his way through the living room to his bedroom. There could have been a purple elephant with orange polka dots playing Twister with a group of talking mice and he wouldn't have even batted an eye. There was only one thing that Timothy McGee wanted right now and when he reached that door it was like reaching the Gates of Heaven.

Making the few final bounds toward his destination, he plummeted onto the bed, simply letting himself fall, shoes, coat and all, flat on his stomach. Not caring that he was lying horizontal instead of vertically across the mattress.

He made it!

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

In what couldn't have been more than five minutes later, at least to him, the most awful, screeching sound blasted in his ear. Peace and quiet was all he'd asked for, falling into a comfortable, soothing sleep, which he had finally found and now that something had the nerve to disturb him, he was irate. He was not getting up. Absentmindedly, he felt around him on the bed, in search of his gun. He didn't know what the sound was or why it was happening, but he was going to shot the damn thing! Not knowing where the racket was exactly, because he was not opening his eyes he figured emptying a clip in the general direction of where it was originating, should do the trick, if he could just locate his sig.

As Tim let his hands glide along the sheets, he came in contact with a foreign object on the side he wasn't facing. It wasn't the expected cool metal of a gun however but another type of fabric. Trailing his fingers along it, they identified it as lace, but then the lace ended, turning into soft flesh.

This contact sent a spark through him, forcing his body and mind into alert whether they wanted to be or not. The only sound he could hear now was the rising pulse of his heart beat, the panic spreading.

He was not alone in this room.

"Geez McGee! I thought at least the "date" part of the date came before this? Or has it changed since the last time I went on one?" she teased. She knew he couldn't see her or where his palm was currently placed on her body.

'Hey I know that voice' now he just needed to remember who it belonged to. He turned his head, facing where the voice was coming from. Willing his eyes to open, he was met with a pale arm that was propping up a head containing two glittery green eyes rimmed in black liner, long black pigtails, and a sweet smile.

"A…Abby?" he said groggily.

"That's me!" she nodded at him, "Now could you please turn off that annoying sound! No hitting snooze either mister you've done it once already. We've got 25 minutes 'til the doors open."

He didn't recall ever hitting the snooze and considering the alarm was set on his cell phone it would have required a lot more activity than simply pushing a button. He had a feeling he might forget to set the alarm when he got home, so he did it at the office. He'd even had the mistake/good idea to ask Tony what the most annoying sound in the world was, predicting that it would really have to be obnoxious to break him from the deep trance of sleep. Leave it to Tony to come through for you perfectly with something like that. But Tim knew he'd rather listen to that noise an entire day, than be faced with angry, stood-up Abby. Speaking of…

"Abby… what are you doing in here? I could have sworn I locked my front door."

"I've been watching you sleep Timmy…" she mocked a stalker-like voice, but quickly brightened and continued, "You did lock it. I just remember where the spare key is. It's a good thing I did too. Otherwise I think someone would have slept through our plans for tonight. Although, I can't imagine how anyone could sleep through that!" she pointed to his phone.

He then became aware of a circular motion on his back.

"I could practically hear you snoring when I got out of my car McGee! I'm surprised the whole apartment hasn't been shaken apart! It sounded almost painful, so I thought I'd come in here and see if I could help. I found this to be the most soothing remedy." She repeated the action.

For a moment he just looked at her through sore eyes, enjoying the sensation of comfort and warmth the motion was giving him. Then his eyes began to wonder, where he noticed that his hand was cupping her breast. He quickly pulled it away, though that did explain the comment she'd made earlier, and the different textures he'd felt.

She laughed, "C'mon Timmy lets go! Clocks-a-ticking! ... Oh and I need to borrow one of your ties if that's okay…. You still have them right?"

"Yeah I think I put them in the back of my closet." He confirmed, as she bounced off the bed and over to his closet to search for a long tie to go with her outfit, in the bundle of ties he hardly ever wore anymore.

While Abby was choosing, Tim decided to push himself up off the mattress and sit on the edge of the bed. If he made it that far with face planting back down. But he did make it, and was sitting at the edge shaking his head and rubbing his eyes.

"Ah ha!" she said triumphantly.

He watched her pull out the black, silk, winner and begin wrapping it loosely around her bare neck, matching the black, lacey corset, purple and black plaid skirt, black, thigh high fishnets, and black boots perfectly. He could help but stare just a bit; she looked like some kind of dark, naughty, school girl.

With a satisfied sigh, she made her way back toward him questioning, "Are you ready to rock out Timmy?!" her voice enthused.

He let out a monstrous yawn as she smiled, grabbed him by the hand, and led him out to her car.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

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