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Prologue: Day One

I never thought that my life would get as bad as this. Sure, I was clumsy - so was my little sister. But never had I lost control of my car before. Never had I endangered someone's life so horribly.

And there was no way I would ever get over it if there was some kind of damage I had caused the other driver and his passenger.

I sighed to myself, trying to ignore the persistent beeps on the heart monitor beside me, or the preplanned laughter of the audience in Friends. I turned the television off with the remote beside my bed. There were flowers and get-well cards from my sister, Bella, and my parents, Charlie and Renee and her boyfriend Phil. The hospital was like every other hospital - sterile, blinding white, and smelled like peroxide.

Not even a day in Forks and I seriously injure two other people and wind up in the hospital, I sighed heavily, blowing a strand of hair out of my face in frustration.

"Time to eat up, kiddo," Charlie walked in, still dressed in his police uniform, and sat a tray of plastic-looking hospital food on my lap.

I looked up at him, one eyebrow raised, and pushed the food away from me with a sigh. In all honesty, I hadn't eaten or slept well since the accident.

I was driving down Main Street, looking for some silly little restaurant where I was supposed to meet Charlie and Bella. I couldn't believe Dad expected me to remember where it was - I hadn't been stayed in Forks for years and I hadn't ever driven there.

I spotted it and sighed with relief. I was about to turn into the parking lot, when a child no more than four ran out in front of my Bonneville. I gasped, swerving out of the way, knowing that if I didn't I would hit the child immediately. I swung my car into oncoming traffic - really, I had no where else to go - and immediately slammed into another car.

The impact was harder than I thought it was, as my head hit the steering wheel before the airbag even went off. I felt my car's back wheels lift off of the ground at the force of the hit. As a result, another car slammed into the driver's side of mine.

Finally, the chaos ended and the dust settled, so to speak.

I groaned, leaning back in my seat, feeling light-headed almost instantly. I pressed a shaky hand to my forehead and felt a warm, sticky substance oozing down it. I pressed harder to stop the bleeding and I shoved the door open. My first instinct was to make sure the kid was okay, and then, to see how the other drivers were doing. I saw the child crying in his mother's arms but looking ultimately all right. I stumbled over to the car I had hit and blanched. They were both unconscious and looked way worse than I did. The driver that hit me hurried to my side to see if I was all right.

"Hun, you've got to eat something," Charlie frowned, taking my hand, "the nurses told me that you haven't been eating well."

"I… I can't, Dad," I replied slowly, fighting the stinging sensation in the back of my throat that always signaled a heavy flow of tears was coming, "I'm not hungry, okay?"

Dad sighed, his brow furrowed in concern, "Well, Hols, Bells is bringing you some fast food - she'll be back any minute. Will you eat that at least?"

"I suppose," I shrugged. I wasn't promising anything. I still hadn't heard how the others were doing and it was really all I could think about. Apparently, the hospital's best doctor was working on them now.

"Hey, Hollie, I brought your favorite," said a girl who looked a lot like me, only with longer hair and darker eyes, entering the room. My little sister, Bella, had a bag of Wendy's in one hand and a Frosty in the other.

"Thanks, Bella," I replied smiling slightly, accepting the food in place of the hospital's offered TV dinner or whatever it was, "sorry you had to miss your first day of school."

She shrugged slightly, replying, "Well, you missed your first day on the job… we're two of a kind."

"We are sisters," I smiled, before turning to my dad again, who was watching a sports game on the television.

"Dad, do you know how the others are doing?" I inquired, taking a hesitant bite of food.

"Nope, not yet," Charlie shrugged, turning to me and saying, "ya know, Hollie, it wasn't your fault."

I sighed, pushing a fry around in the Frosty, "Sure. Whatever you say, Dad."

"Hollie, no one thinks it's your fault," Bella stated, inspecting the cards on the stand beside me.

I rolled my eyes. Of course it was. I hit them after all, didn't I? Why didn't they get it? I mean, sure I could've kept going, if I were some sick lunatic and hit the little boy. But, that was something, well, a sick lunatic would do.

"Well, Carlisle said he would come and tell you how the others were doing as soon as he knew," Charlie continued, "he heard about how worried you are about them."

Suddenly, his pager went off and he sighed, "Sorry, Hols - I have to get back to the station. As soon as you know when you can get out of here, let me know, all right?"

"All right, Dad," I replied with a slight nod. I looked at Bella, stating, "You don't have to stay, ya know."

"It's either stay here or stay at home alone," Bella replied with a shrug, "and, seeing as there's nothing to do at home…" She looked thoughtful for a second, before inquiring, "So what do you think of Forks?"

"Well, when I'm not trying to run down its citizens," I rolled my eyes, "I think it's all right. I mean, I remember more about it than you do I think. Hopefully we can find something interesting to do around here."

"I'm sure we will," Bella replied, "after all, I get to go to a new school, you get work at my new school."

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I was a teacher. Well, this would be my first real teaching job, teaching at Forks High School in the history department. Miss Hollie Ann Swan, twenty-three years old, five feet tall, shoulder length chestnut brown hair and matching eyes - that's me.

"Miss Swan," a nurse poked her head in the room, "Dr. Cullen will be with you in a moment."

Hopefully, this Dr. Cullen would be able to tell me how much havoc I wreaked in my first day in Forks.

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