Chapter 1; homecoming

As I sat there in silence I was wonder how everything was happening. Tears rolled down my cheeks, this was the worst 8th birthday in the history of 9th birthdays. First I get up this morning and my parents tell me that they are getting a divorce, and then my three best friends (Alice, Emmett, Edward) tell me they are moving. I ignored all my gifts and ran up to my room locking my door once I slammed it. Nothing just nothing was going right today.

2 weeks later

My mother made me pack up all my things last week. She then told me that I was going to live with her in Pheonix. I didn't want to leave my dad behind, but my mother said I was going with her, no if ands or buts. Edward, Alice, and Emmett left the day before last and I didn't know if I was ever going to see them again. But today I was leaving for a three day drive to Pheonix with my mother, good-bye Forks i'll miss you.

9 years later

My mother had gotten remarried three years ago and now I had my 'half siblings' James and Victoria. I hated Pheonix, and thats why I made the desion to go live with Charlie. When we left Forks I found out that both my parents came from money and had money. So did my stepdad Phil, now both my parents were millionaries. I left Forks at the age of 8, being chubby and short; but now I lost all the baby fat and now i'm 5'6 and a little under a 115lbs. I got off the plane in Port Angles and automatically saw Charlie. He hadn't changed much in the last 8 years. I had my Coach hand-bag on my wrist, and my Louis Vittion bag in my other hand. I ran towards my father with open arms, I was beyond excited to see him. "DADDY!" I said "Bella, oh how i've missed you!" We hugged each other for a couple more seconds "Bella, why don't we go get your baggage, and then I can take you to the new house." I nodded to my father as we walked to baggage claim.

"Bella, I wanted to let you know that the Cullen's moved back to Forks, they live right next door to us. Just for a heads up." He said as we grabed my six Louis Vittion suit cases off the carts. "I have to us the bathroom before we go, so i'll be right back." He nodded and I headed towards the ladies room. I walked threw the bathroom door and went straight to the full length mirror on the far wall. My light blue skinney jeans, gray and white sweater with a white cami from Hollister, the black round toed Kate Spade heals, and gray and ivory coach bag was perfect. From sitting on a plane for 3 and a half hours there were no rinkles.

Charlie drove the the mansion in the seculded part of Forks. I looked at the houses around and they were pretty fancy, as Charlie pulled into the yard of the most beautiful house I look to the house next to it. Sitting on the front porch I guessed was Alice. As soon as we pulled in she ran over to the house, my dad started on getting six Louis suit cases out Alice was talking a million miles per-hour. "OMG! Bella, I love your outfit, it is soo cute!" "Yours too Ali!" She was wearing a white weat seal sweater dress that came right above her knees and pink nine west leopard print heels. "Bella you were saying something about your car while we were driving, what was it?" "Oh yea, mom is sending my audi Sunday, so I have to go pick it up, and I will have it for school next week." He looked up and nodded so I knew he heard what I said. My dad, Alice, and I got the suit cases in the house with one trip. As we got to my room my dad left Alice and I to catch up.

Alice was sitting on my bed talking to me when I started to unpack. "You have and Audi? I have a yellow Porsche 911 turbo." I nodded as I opened the door to my huge walk in closet. I set my first suit case on my queen sized bed, and Alice gasped. "What?" I asked confused, but I saw her eyes fixed on my suit case filled with desinger shoes. Everything in every suit case was designer, so every time I opened a suit case she gasped, and I started laughing. But as we unpacked I found out different things, like her Edward and Emmett would be starting senior year at Westward prep with me. I finished unpacking and Alice went home right before we sat down to eat dinner. But tomorrow we were going shopping and Emmett and Edward would be coming to carry out bags, Alice said they didn't have a choice, I wasn't surprised by what the little pixie could do.