Month 6

When I had my father arrest Mike that one night we ended up getting called into court again. When the judge started asking James and Victoria questions they flat out told him 'he's not our father, Edward is our dad. Micheal was just the sperm doner!" When they got to the final desion Mike was sentenced to 120 hours community service and couldn't be with in 500 feet of my family. When I went to the doctor month 5 they couldn't tell the gender of the baby but Edward and I were going today and I couldn't wait.

Edward and I dropped the kids off at Carlisle and Esme's for the afternoon. We drove to the same doctors office we went to the last time. Edward was excited again because this was always his favorite part of the pregnacy. We sat for five minutes and then got called in, I was beyond excited. "Ok doc, lets find out what this baby is!" I said and Edward and the doctor laughed at me. After we had the gel on my stomach she froze the sonogram. "Well Mrs. Cullen it looks like your having a little girl and little boy." She said and thats when I froze. "Wait you said a little girl and little boy...does that mean were having twins again?" I asked, six kids, I mean I knew we wanted a big family but wow, how could they miss this.

"Yes, the other baby had been hiding behind its sister, and we just noticed it." "Wow, I mean wow. This is my third time with twins." She gave us the sonogram and wiped the gel of my stomach. Edward and I just sat there staring, I couldn't beilive that we were having twins again, and it was a boy and girl again. We drove to his parents house and talked, I knew we could handel it but it was just so surprising that I was having multilples again. "Hey mom we're here, and we have some news." Edward said and she told us to come into the kitchen. "What is it that you want to tell me kids?" she asked. "Well, we found out the gender and something else that surprised us." He said and she looked at us funny. "We are having a little girl, and a little boy." She looked at us wide eyed, "Wait, I thought Bella was only having one baby." "Well thats what we thought to, until the doctor told us that the other baby was hiding being it's sister. I just don't know why I am showing less than I usally do."

We ended up talking for a while because Jaser, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie came over. We told them what happened and James and Victoria couldn't beilive that they were getting another brother and sister. I knew Rain and Nessie didn't understand be we told them to and they just 'oh'd' and went back to playing. I told Charlie that we were over at the Cullen's and when he came over we told him the news. I knew he was happy because I was his only child and I was giving him more than enough grandchildren. We all stayed for dinner catching up and waiting for Carlisle so we could tell him the news. He was confused on how they missed this, it wasn't normal for them to take this long. We went home later after all four of the kids fell asleep, and it took us two trips for us to take them inside.

After we changed them and put them in their beds we went into the kitchen and sat down getting ready to decide on some names. "I want a to name a little girl Carson Cameron, and I am still set on name the little boy EJ, Edward Anothony Cullen Jr." I smirked and I knew he was laughing at me. "Well, I want to name the girl Blanie Marie, and then I want the little boy named Kellan Daniel." Edward said. I put the face on that I rarely used. "Edward can we please name out little boy Edward Anothony...I like Blanie and I really want to use Edward." He looked at my face and I knew he would give in. "FINE! We can name the little boy after me, but we are naming the little girl Blaine!" He said and I threw out a yes! I knew the world work. I skipped up the stairs and started getting ready for bed, Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a kiss, I knew how this night was going.

When we woke up that morning I really wanted eggs for some reason. "Edward, do you think you could make me some eggs?" He looked at me funny grabbed my hand and then took me downstairs. I laughed at him and then walked back up the stairs and then went to wake James, Victoria, Rain, and Nessie up. I loved having a big family. The five of us walked down stairs for breakfast, and Edward was getting out the makings for chocolate chip pancakes. They all sat down at the table and started to wipe away the sleepys from there eyes. A couple minutes later Edward was putting a pancake on each kids plate as I cut the little kids one. Then he handed me my eggs and I started to eat. Once Edward had sat down to eat his breakfast I took over cooking so we did things evenly. Breakfast was always a big thing with us and everyone loved the family breakfast's, I just hoped that it would be the same when they were teenagers.

After breakfast James and Victoria went to their bathrooms to take a shower and I bathed Rainier and Nessie in Edward and I's jacuzzi tub. I filled it up and ignored the bubbles they loved because I knew if would never get them out of there. I put shampoo and conditioner in their hair and then rinsed it out getting splashed with water in the process. I laughed at the finished with them having Edward take and dress Rain while I dressed Nessie. I put her in some nice clothes because I knew that we were planning to go out to lunch. I called Rose and Alice inviting them and Emmett and Jasper to lunch. We decided that we would go to TGI fridays becaure they always had tables for big partys.

"So Bella, how do you feel about having twins again?" Rose asked me when we were at the resturante and I was putting Rain in his high chair. "I am used to it, I mean when I found out I was only having one it was kind of weird. I was used of finding out that I was having two." Alice and Rose laughed. "Have you figured out the name yet you two?" I asked Alice and Rose. "Yeah, we found out we are having a little girl and we are naming her Aspen Ray. Jasper loved the name when I told him." "Well we found out we are having two little boys! I was so happy, we are naming them Emmett Kyle and Austin Lee. What are you naming your twins?" "Well, it looks like we are going to have two Jr.'s because our little boy is Edward Anothony, and our little girl is Blaine Marie." Rose laughed that we were both going to have Ej's it was funny. I loved having lunch with the crew we always had such a great time, but it usally resulted us in going shopping afterward. But today we were going back to my place for some bonding time, this is going to be fun.

Month 9

I had two days till my due date and the whole family was watching me around the clock. You could say it was getting beyond annoying but they wanted to make sure the babys were safe. Rose had another two weeks and Alice was a week past her due date. It was a Saturday night and Edward was at the grocery store while I was sitting in the living room watching a movie with James and Victoria while Rainier and Nessie slept. I got up to get some popcorn for the kids and in the middle of the hall my water broke. "James Victoria, go get Rain and Nessie, my water just broke I am calling your father." I saw them run up the stairs to get their brother and sister and I picked up the phone and called Edward. "Where are you?" I asked him. "Pulling in the drive, why?" "Well don't stop the engine my water just broke." I saw him runnning in the house and grabbing my bag, when I saw James and Victoria bring down Rain and Nessie in their coats. I texted Alice and Rose telling them that I was in labor and when I got a text back it said 'we'll meet you there.'

The hospital wasn't surprised to see us there they all knew I was pregnant because Edward was shadowing. One of the nurses Kate took the kids to the nurses lounge to keep them busy while they got me in a room. Fifteen minutes later Alice and Rose showed up with Emmett and Jasper right behind them. Edward was calling my father to tell him and he would tell Edward's parents. With all the excitment Alice grabbed her side, and said a quick ouch. I think I was the only one that noticed but ten minutes later she did the same thing. When I called the nurse in she was confused. "What is it Bella?" "There is nothing wrong with me, but I think Alice is going into labor, she is getting contractions every ten minutes." Alice looked up at me and the realized it when her water broke. The nurse took Alice to a room and Jasper followed after them, it was now Edward, Rose, Emmett, and I.

Rose and I talked for a while, my contractions being six minutes apart. Rose was excited to get another neice and nephew, and with everything her water ended up breaking too. I couldn't beilive that all three of us girls were going into labor on the same night. It was 8:30 when they told me I was ready to deiliver. With in thirth minutes of being in delivery I had gotten both of my babies into this world. Not ten minutes later Emmett came in the room saying that the babys were out, and ten minutes after that Jasper came in telling us about Aspen. I couldn't beilive that the five babys were all out with in 20 minutes of each other. Birthdays would be a big thing to celebrate for all of them. This was the perfect family, we all belonged together.

I was going to do a sequel but it is hard for me to right in a different point of veiw. If any of my readers was to co-write a sequel with me let me know because it would probably be easy thanks.