Almost done with Tales of Vesperia and I realized just how much I love this couple!

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They had known one another since birth, Yuri's parents had always been close to his, and they had always known one another but it wasn't until they were five years old that they became friends.

Flynn was always teased for his law abiding ways even at such an early age. He couldn't understand why people just couldn't see that going by the rules the parents, who are much wiser and more experienced then them, was the right and intelligent thing to do. Yuri never commented on his law abiding ways no matter how often the dark haired toddler was the object of his frustrations.

No it wasn't until a child from the royal quarter came down and started to mess stuff up. Flynn was first on the scene and was the one who started telling the other children off, not even noticing the difference in their class. The blue haired boy only laughed cruelly and shoved Flynn to the side and into the fountain. "That's priceless!" he turned to his two comrades, both equally large and equally rich, "That little piece of nothing thinks that the rules are suppose to be followed by everyone!" the children laughed harder. " This stupid little wet rat thinks that we're equal!" Flynn felt the tears start to well up in his eyes as no one, not even the adults he loved and respected, did anything to stop these children.

No one except Yuri.

"Hey! No one talks to Flynn like that!" the raven haired boy stomped towards the group of three boys all much larger and stronger then Yuri. "Just because you have got money doesn't mean that when people grow up they won't come after you for hurting them!" The raven haired child wagged a finger at the group "Then you'll wish you had learned to use something other then your filthy money to get to where you are in life." all three of the boys looked appalled that they, the nobility, were being told off by Yuri, a lower quarter rat.

"Look here!" A boy from the side stepped in front. "That rat provoked us and-" he didn't have time to finish his sentence as the five year olds shockingly strong fist slammed into the noble child's face.

"Yuri! Don't do this you'll just get in trouble!" No matter how much he was enjoying watching Yuri beat up the bullies for his sake, the last thing he wanted to do was to get the dark haired child in trouble. " It's not wor-" but Yuri turned to him with a fiery look in his eyes.

"No, it's not okay! I'm sick and tired of everyone making fun of you because you're a good kid. Then these pieces of filth come down here and talk down to you?! You of all the other kids they could have yelled at. If they had called me filth it would have been true but you're not!" Flynn felt like he forgot how to breath for a moment at the touching words.

That was the exact moment that Yuri became his best friend.

Unfortunately the other two children reported how the children of the lower quarter beat them up for no reason and Yuri got to spend his first official night in jail. Flynn had never apologized so much before in his entire life when Yuri got out.

The raven haired child waved it off with a light smile and Flynn found himself enjoying the company of the delinquent that day. So each and everyday he would return to Yuri's side to apologize for the trouble he had caused the raven haired child until he no longer remembered to apologize. Soon the time came that he was no longer following the brave delinquent.

They now walked side by side.


Well theres the start of my first multi-chaptered story