"Is it dead?" Flynn questioned attempting to poke the creature with a stick. Before the pointed edge of wood could reach the creature Yuri snatched it out of his hands snapping it in two, then four and throwing it behind him into the water. "Hey!" he shouted outraged that his stick had been taken and subsequently broken.

"That's not how you're suppose to treat a puppy." the raven haired teen growled out looking annoyed at his friend. "And no, it's not dead. It's just barely alive though. Come on we'll take him back to my place." Yuri motioned and Flynn watched as the raven haired teen picked up the creature gently from it's collapsed state on the sidewalk.

The two of them marched up the familiar trek to Yuri's home above the tavern. "What's his name." Flynn asked as Yuri placed the wounded puppy down on his bed.

Yuri inspected the creature with a critical eye. "Repede." instantly two ears shot up and the strange puppy was looking all around. When it's eyes landed on Yuri the teen reached his hand out, not far enough to touch the frazzled pup but close enough that the dog could smell it. The next instant Repede licked Yuri's hand and returned to it's curled up position on the aforementioned teen's bed.

"How did you know it's name?" Flynn questioned moving closer to the puppy.

"He has a collar." Flynn nodded miming Yuri's actions earlier Repede looked at him then gave him an almost insulting look before going back to sleep.

"What the heck?" he turned to Yuri who looked exceedingly smug.

"Guess Repede likes me better." Yuri said turning and leaving his house, for what Flynn didn't know but he knew the teen would be back in no time.

"Repede you like me don't you?" The puppy raised it's head again looked around a little, as if looking for someone he wasn't seeing. Then in an almost human like he shrugged his shoulders and continued to nap, as though not willing to bother himself with Flynn's presence. "Meanie." he grumbled a little hurt that the pup didn't like him.

Yuri returned a little bit later with bandages and some foods that he believed would help Repede along. The two of them worked all night bandaging up the puppy, even though Flynn felt a little insulted by the creature didn't mean he wasn't going to help.

By morning Repede was awake and happily eating some of the food that Yuri had brought with him. Still the young strange looking puppy refused to look at Flynn, or to acknowledge that he was there. Finally when Flynn had given up all hope on the puppy ever liking him Yuri came and sat down beside him.

The smug smirk that the teen got whenever he knew something that Flynn didn't know was there and if Flynn didn't value his pride as much as he did he would have been pouting. Yuri placed a small golden locket in Flynn's hand. When Flynn turned to ask where Yuri had gotten such a thing the teen shrugged. "Saw it in the water near where we found Repede. Open it, I think you'll be surprised by the picture inside." Yuri stood up walking over to Repede who was sleeping peacefully on his bed yet again.

Flynn shrugged slowly he opened the locket and inside was a picture of a younger Repede, not much younger maybe only a couple months, and a man who looked just like him. "Who-"

"It was Repede's old master. You look just like him right?" he spoke in his ever-calm voice. "I think Repede is mad at something his master did before they got separated and is taking it out on you because you look like him." When Flynn was about to retort that though Repede seemed smarter then most dogs he was still a dog Yuri cut him off.

"He does not like to be thought of as a dog. That's not to say he want's to be thought of as human but he believes to be a higher class then a simple dog." Yuri spoke.

"Oh, and how do you know that?!" Flynn was getting annoyed with Yuri's apparent omnipotent-ness. "What did he tell you that or something?!" he yelled but when he received no shocked look from Yuri he stopped in his tracks. "Wait, you're kidding right?" he questioned almost afraid of the answer.

"Kidding about what Flynn?" Yuri said with a sly grin letting Flynn know he had been conned.

"Go away Yuri, just go away." he groaned out too tired to deal with his friends antics.

It would have gone on longer, as Yuri was never one who just 'went away', but a whine came from the bed and the two teens jumped up over to Repede's side. "Repede?! Hey are you okay?" Yuri's voice was panicked checking for suddenly red bandages, thinking that the dog was in pain.

"It's okay boy. It's okay Repede." Flynn's hand found it's way into Repede's shockingly soft fur. "Don't worry Repede, nothing's gonna happen. You're safe." Flynn tried to comfort the dog and soon the whines ceased and Repede was sleeping peacefully again.


The next morning Flynn woke up on the floor to a mouth full of slobber. "Ugh! Yuri What the hell?!" he screamed wondering how Yuri's breath had gotten so bad smelling.

"Thanks but no thanks. As appealing as your face is to lick I'm good." Yuri's sly voice came from above, not from the side where something was still licking him excitedly. Opening his eyes he was face to face with a happy looking Repede, who gave him one last wake up lick before trotting beside Yuri who was cooking breakfast.

"R-Repede was licking me?" Flynn asked strangely more shocked that the puppy had been licking him to death then the idea of Yuri waking him up in such a strange manner.

"Yes, it very cute watching you to snuggle together. After I got up Repede scooted over and slept with you. I even invited the neighbor up to see it." Yuri smiled slyly before returning back to cooking.