The Cat Spirit

Chapter Eleven: The End

"I love you, Harry. I have for a long time now," Draco confessed and with blinding light the cat disappeared from his lap. Only to make room for a lot larger body. Draco blinked to get his sight back only to blush from the sight he got. Harry was now sitting on his lap.

Stark naked.

Not exactly what he'd expected. Draco moved his heated gaze from Harry lower regions to his eyes that were staring at him. Tears were making their way to those glorious emerald eyes. Draco was hesitant in comforting him.

"You mean it," Harry's unused voice said as a statement not a question. But Draco answered anyway.

"Yes," the blond breathed out.

"God!" Harry exclaimed hugging Draco suddenly not caring of his nude form. "I'm glad."

"No need to call me that. Simply Draco will do," he joked relieved. Harry chuckled.

"Moron." Harry stated playfully.

"I thought…" Harry whimpered. "I thought us could never lead anywhere. You seemed to make it so clear that morning," he whispered.

"I apologize, my love." Draco said looking into the emerald eyes to see Harry had already forgiven him. "I panicked. I know I shouldn't make excuses…"

Tears started to make their way down Harry's soft cheeks. He was too relieved to notice. His mate wanted him after all. The raven leaned against Draco, who circled his arms around the smaller boy. Harry felt safe. He didn't want to move in a very long time.

"I'm sorry for everything I've done," Draco said with a soft voice. "I've put you through so much. I shouldn't have."

"I forgive you." came the quiet answer near his ear. Warm breath contacted his skin making Draco shiver.

"I know," the blond said. They fell into silence.

Draco was about to apologize again, even if he didn't have to, when he noticed that Harry had fallen asleep in his arms. Now he had time to look at him. Nothing seemed to have changed in Harry. Only when he looked closer he could see the light stretch marks on his stomach from the pregnancy. It made him regret not seeing Harry while he was pregnant with their child. But Draco never doubted he'd have new opportunities.

Harry woke up after sun had risen hours ago. Draco was beside him. Watching him. Harry blushed. 'It wasn't a dream.' he thought and excitement filled him. 'Draco loves me. He loves me.' Harry thought repeatedly. 'I wouldn't have been able to change if it weren't true.'

"What did you say?" Draco asked smiling.

"Good morning," Harry yawned. "And I said nothing."

"I swear I heard you say something," Draco shook his head unbelievingly. 'I didn't say anything, I thought it.' Harry mused hearing Draco gasp.

"You thought it!" Draco exclaimed.

"Yes," Harry smiled. "It seems we've finally accomplished to mental connection."

"I'd forgotten about that," Draco admitted. "You were the one to call for help when Lilian was attacked," he mused. They lay in silence until Draco needed to rise up to visit the bathroom. Harry gripped his shirt.

"Don't leave me." he pleaded knowing it was unnecessary.

"I won't," Draco promised smiling softly. "I'll never leave you."

Time passed flying by with Narcissa's insistency on the wedding arrangements and future plans for the young couple. Lilian kept giggling in their presence as if feeling her fathers reluctance on the subject. Not that their wedding and future didn't matter but because of the fussing Narcissa showed towards them, especially Harry.

Draco grew annoyed enough to escape with Harry to the Malfoy cottage in Scotland for a romantic getaway. They warded the surrounding premises and prevented the use of the floo. They spent the weekend in peace concentrating only onto each other. With the way Draco made him see stars in their bedroom at night - and day, every morning… - Harry was sure he'd be pregnant again before their wedding. The raven knew they weren't exactly cautious to prevent it. Draco did try to remember the contraception spell before falling into bed with Harry but who could blame him for forgetting in the heat of the moment.

Their wedding went rather smoothly. Despite the scene Harry's friends caused when they saw him for the first time in nearly a year and when they - especially Ron - realized the occasion was Harry getting married to a Malfoy. After people calmed down or passed out - Ron after a hefty drink of Firewhisky - or fainted - Molly and Ginny right after realizing Harry was marrying another man - they could continue the ceremonies.

Remembering the day before Harry chuckled quietly not to wake his husband up. It was the morning after their wedding day and was still in bliss. He was married to his mate and they Weasley family and Hermione would come around eventually and see how happy Draco made him. The twins and their older brother most had no problem with him being married to a Malfoy. Arthur wouldn't say a word that could upset Molly and Molly was still outraged for his ignorance of Ginny feelings.

'It has none of their business.' Harry thought frustrated. 'Ginny's feelings aren't my responsibility.'

"Damn right." Came the growl from the blond next to him. "You're mine!"

"Indeed I am." Harry smiled and jumped out the bed to race to the nursery. He wanted to see Lilian. And if she kept to her habits she'd wake up in a moment.

Draco rushed after his husband laughing and then spelling some clothes on them as they had been sleeping naked. Harry hadn't bothered to dress before leaving their bedroom. Harry, with his quick feet, reached the nursery before the blond. As Draco managed to get through the doorway Harry had their daughter in his arms already.

Lilian giggled happily and snuggled into her father. Draco smiled at the sight, not wanting to disturb the moment. Still, he walked to them and wrapped his arms around them both. Lilian sighed contently between her parents. Harry leaned towards his husband to share a gentle good-morning kiss. They stood there till a house-elf came to call them to eat breakfast.

"Dad! Dad!" their oldest called out when the group of kids rushed over to them.

"Yes, Lilian?" Draco asked from his daughter turning to face her still not letting go of his content husband.

"They don't believe me." Lilian whined even if her father had tried to teach her out of the habit.

"What is it that they don't believe?" Harry asked opening his until now closed eyes.

"They think I'm lying about you being a cat, daddy!" the nine-years-old pouted. By them she meant the hoard of redheads, the children of the three families with the last name Weasley and Ginny. Over the years their former relationships had improved after initial shock of Harry's marriage had worn off.

Ron and Hermione were married with six children already, having one pair of twins believed to grow up to replace the former pranksters. George had married a younger wizard who had given birth to two boys with the help of pregnancy potions. Percy had already had three kids with his wife and Bill and Fleur had two. Ginny had married a Ravenclaw from her year and had one child with him and another on the way. Charlie was still single and was being bullied by his mother about marriage.

"I spend only a couple months as a cat, dear." Harry told his daughter. His three-years-old son nodded hastily to the other children. Lucas looked more of Harry than Draco, as it had been the opposite with Lilian. The children started asking questions loudly trying to be heard over each other.

"Be quiet." commanded soon-to-be-eight-years-old Tyler who was much like his blond father. Harry often joked that their second child was a little copy of Draco. Even at a young age Tyler was a serious child and a little overprotective of his siblings. "You'll wake Alice."

Harry looked into the crib to see their youngest sleeping soundly. Harry suspected that when his little Alice grew she'd look much like Lilian. He smiled contently leaning back into his husband's embrace as Draco told the children to go back to play.

Draco wasn't surprised that Harry was still tired. He'd been released from bed rest only the day before. Harry hadn't been allowed to leave his bed since the birth of their youngest. Draco had heard how his father had exclaimed that Draco and Harry would soon beat the Weasley record on the number of kids born into one family. Draco chuckled at the thought and heard a displeased noise come from his husband who'd already fallen asleep again. The blond to be as still as possible to let Harry sleep.

They'd decided to keep the celebration of Alice's birth after Harry got better but Harry had insisted being fine enough to keep it today. The raven had mostly slept through the day but at least he'd managed to see the Weasley families they didn't meet that often otherwise. Severus and Remus came weekly for dinner with their 15-years-old adopted son, who was beginning to resemble Severus more than Remus. To Severus displeasure in the beginning, the boy's name was James and he'd been ten-years-old when they adopted him and hence couldn't change his name if they wanted him to feel they accepted him as himself.

Life was good in Draco's opinion. He and Harry had a wonderful marriage, a large family and four beautiful children. And no doubt more on the way in the future. Draco didn't mind and Harry had always wanted a big family after all, hadn't he?

The End

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