It all started the day that Annabeth's head began getting bigger.

Few half bloods lived past their teen years. Even fewer fell in love and managed to live a normal, human life. Even then barely any discovered the secret which children of Athena held.

Annabeth had never realised that she had inherited one very important trait from her mother, Pallas Athena.

When, the morning after she and Percy had talked about the prophecy and she had as good as admitted her true feelings, she was shocked to wake up with a swollen head and an even bigger headache.

Unable to concentrate on her architecture sketches, she was just about to go and talk to Chiron when she was forced to change her mind.

Rushing to the toilets and leaning over in one of the cubicles, Annabeth vomited repeatedly into the bowl.

Percy was walking outside when he heard the sound of someone throwing up very noisily inside.

Calling in hesitantly "Are you alright in there?" Percy was shocked to hear the answer.

"Percy?" came Annabeth's voice. "Can you fetch Chiron?"

In a flash Percy was inside and kneeling at her side. Putting his arms gingerly around Annabeth's shoulders, he held her awkwardly as she threw up again.

As Clarisse entered the bathroom, Percy felt relieved. He'd never expected that-to be glad to see Clarisse of all people!

"Clarisse! Fetch Chiron! Annabeth is sick, please!" he cried.

Perhaps Clarisse wasn't as bad as she had always seemed to him, because she disappeared almost immediately towards the Big House. Or Perhaps she and Annabeth had simply grown close over the time they had spent together.

Soon Chiron was at the door. Unable to enter due to his size, he called to Annabeth "Annabeth? What is wrong?"

Annabeth retched again before replying. "I don't know! I woke up with a horrible headache, and then I felt sick and had to come here…"

Chiron's face turned pale. "Di immortales!" He whispered. "Annabeth, this is amazing. I never dreamed of it and I doubt this has ever happened before."

"What is it?" she croaked.

"Annabeth, I believe you may have inherited more than wisdom from your mother. In fact, I believe that you may be pregnant."

Annabeth went paler than the sickly hue her skin had already been. "But Chiron, that's impossible!"

Percy was pale too. "That can't be true!" He agreed.

Chiron looked at them awkwardly. "Not if Annabeth bears children in the same way that her mother does." He spoke.

"Oh, gods!" Annabeth wailed. "I'm pregnant!" Chiron nodded.

Then Annabeth paused. "But…I know who the father is."

Chiron sighed. "Who is it, my child?"

Annabeth turned green. "Mother, forgive me." She muttered. Forcing herself to look Percy in the eye, she spoke. "Percy, it's you."

Clarisse burst out laughing, and Perseus Jackson fell to the floor in a dead faint.

Up in Olympus, 12 immortal beings were gathered around a small TV set bearing the legend of Hephaestus TV, with both Athena and Poseidon fuming in chains and glaring at each other.

Aphrodite giggled with delight as she heard the last sentence. Dionysus groaned. Zeus smirked. Hades gave an evil grin. Hera sniffed disapprovingly. Artemis began muttering about boys. Apollo laughed out loud. Ares tried not to show his amusement. Hephaestus grunted. Hermes clapped "I knew it would happen someday!"

11 pairs of eyes stared at him. "Well it was obvious, wasn't it?" he defended.

Athena growled whilst all the other God's, including Poseidon, nodded in agreement with Hermes's statement.

"You've got to admit, it was clear from when they went on that Tunnel of Love ride." Percy's father commented.

His chains unwrapped. "Thank you! Can't you trust me to not kill Athena who is now" The God went pale. "My Grandson's Gran? Di Immortales!"

Athena tried again to break free of her chains whilst the other gods laughed.

Aphrodite was the happiest she had been in 2 thousand years. Now all she had to do was arrange a little meeting with a certain daughter of Atlas…

Ooh, this was like a soap opera! One of those cheesy ones she loved. Just it had her in!

Back on Earth, Percy had awoken and was now undertaking a very difficult task.

"Mum?" He spoke into the phone. "I have something to tell you."

"Yes, Percy?"

"Umm….Well, you know how Athena was born out of Zeus's head?"


"And you know how Athena's children are born out of Athena's head?"

"What are you trying to tell me, Percy?"

"Well, Annabeth is more like her mother than we thought."


"Congratulations! You're gonna be a Gran, mum!"

There was a sound of the phone being slammed down and Sally Jackson heard the dialling tone.

Then she, who was more similar to her son than she sometimes cared to admit, fell to the floor in a dead faint.