Note: Hi, this is my first ever story that I will put up and I was wondering, if you read it please don't be too harsh on me? I am very sensitive when it comes to my talents or rather what talents I lack!!!

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Zack Fair was on the soldier floor, doing his daily squats. He smiled as he saw Angeal walking over.

"Hey Angeal!" The taller man was walking with a second that was even younger than Zack. Angeal did not acknowledge Zack, because he was too busy laughing. Zack grunted and ran in front of the two soldiers.

"Hello??? Is anyone in there? Angeal!" The older man frowned and looked at Zack.

"What??? What could you possibly want from me now?" The younger second giggled and covered his mouth. Zack frowned at the snickering and rolled his eyes.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Angeal simply rolled his own eyes and continued to walk. Zack simply stood there with his mouth agape. The younger second followed, practically on Angeal's heels. The spiky haired second watched them leave and pondered what he could have done wrong.

The younger second looked up at Angeal and turned slightly pink in the cheeks. "Umm, sir?" The taller man cut him off immediately.

"Angeal is fine!" He smirked down at him, the boy turned red and nodded "Yes si...Angeal."

The tall man smirked and walked up to the elevators and proceeded to press the up button. The second began to bite his bottom lip and rubbed his thumbs against his pointer fingers in little circles.

"What's wrong little one?" Angeal said with a playful smile on his face, the boy shook his head and smiled nervously.

"Nothing! Nothings wrong s…Angeal." The boy shuddered wondering if Angeal had caught his little mistake or not. Of course Angeal did but seeing how fidgety the boy was he decided not to mention it.

There was a ding and the boy practically jumped out of his tight fitted uniform, Angeal couldn't help but laugh a little. The boy turned red and walked onto the elevator followed by the large soldier.

The boy suddenly felt a fear deep in his gut, realizing that he was going all the way up this huge building alone in an elevator with this large man. Angeal looked him over as the door closed behind him.

"Is something wrong, boy?" Angeal's booming voice broke the tense silence and the boy looked up at him shivering a bit and shaking his head. Angeal took a step toward him and gently touched his cheek.

"Good, I don't want you to fear me…or do I?" He smirked, an evil smirk that made the boy shudder and turn white. The elevator soon made that heavenly ding and released the boy from his paralysis. The boy became less tense and let out a deep sigh, only to tense up again as Angeal began to enter the pass code to his bedroom door.

"Here we are….Are you ready, boy?" Angeal smirked, he had a dark glint in his eyes and a vile, evil smirk on his face. The boy gulped down a cold ball of lead and nodded, proceeding into the larger mans room.