Chapter 5

Note: I hope you guys are liking it so far, I know it's kind of sad, but it should be getting better!...I hope! D:

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Zack's eyes slowly opened, he felt pain everywhere, he didn't know where he was or what had happened.

He stared at his upside down world and winced, he lifted his head to see Kunsel passed out on top of him, they were both naked.

Kunsel moaned and slowly opened his eyes, seeing Zack and smiling, sitting up and getting off of him.

They sat there till Zack rolled onto the floor and gagged, running to the bathroom and heaving into the toilet.

Kunsel laughed a bit, expecting it from Zack, who wasn't really a drinker at all. "You okay Zack?"

There was some more heaving and than a flush and some running water before Zack stumbled out of the bathroom.

Kunsel looked him over and frowned, Zack had dried blood down his legs, he didn't want to tell him.

"How about a shower Zack? Hot water will help with the sick feeling!" Zack stared at Kunsel for a long time before he started toward his clothes.

Zack grabbed his shirt and pulled it on, his boxers and pants took him a while, but he eventually pulled them up.

Kunsel watched and offered him a hand, but Zack smacked it away quickly. "Don't touch me! Don't!"

Zack looked furious, scared, and hurt all at once, Kunsel didn't know what to say or do.

Soon Zack was staggering out of Kunsel's room and down the hall, holding his boots in his hand, he just wanted to go home.

Angeal was walking down the hall when he saw Zack slumped against the elevator doors, he looked like hell.

He walked over with a questioning look and waited to see what would happen, just than the elevator dinged and opened.

Angeal gasped and sprinted forward, catching Zack before he fell into the open doors, he shook Zack but there was no response.

Hours later Zack struggled to open his eyes, he had no idea where he was, but he was warm.

He looked down and noticed someone's hand was washing his body, his heart began to race and he started screaming and kicking.

Angeal looked shocked and held him down a bit. "Zack! Zack! PUP!" At the last word Zack stopped and stared at Angeal, his eyes filled with pure fear.

Zack panted and covered his member quickly, needing two hands to do so mind you. "What are you doing to me?"

Angeal frowned and gently pet Zack's soft hair, he had a worried look in his eyes. "Pup…I found you by the elevator…..you were raped badly last night pup!"

There was a silence and Zack began to sniffle and hyperventilate, Angeal hugged Zack's face to his chest. "Shhh pup, it's okay!"

They sat there for a long time before Angeal pulled away and rinsed out the dirty cloth, which was a dark copper color.

Zack sniffled and jumped when he heard the water begin to drain from the tub, this is the first time Angeal had seen him naked.

Angeal stood up and grabbed a huge black towel, it looked like the softest, and warmest towel ever, and it was too.

Zack whimpered as he was carried into a bedroom and laid down, quickly covered by a blanket, that wasn't needed, but Zack liked it anyways.

Angeal was rummaging through his closet and pulled out a huge black tee shirt and walked over to Zack. "I'll leave you alone to put this on…"

He left the room and Zack sat up, drying off a bit more before slipping the shirt of and wincing, feeling his butt hole.

Angeal sat in the other room, wondering who had done this to the poor kid, vowing to kill the person.

Just than there was a scream and Angeal bolted into the bedroom, Zack's hand was bloody and so was the carpet.

There was a bright red streak running down his leg, Zack has reopened his wound by accident, it was barely closed as it is.

Angeal acted fast and wiped up the blood, hugging Zack tightly, Zack clutched his shirt tight and whimpered against his chest, he really was like a puppy…