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Delightful Deception [Chapter One//Severus Snape] A Marriage

It was two years after the war between good and evil and somehow it was the Lord of Darkness that came out on top. In that final battle, the Boy Who Lived had died at the cruel hands of Lord Voldemort and with Harry Potter's passing away, the rebellion against the Death Eaters and their leader died out quickly. The Order of the Phoenix's members had died under the Unforgivable Curses as soon as they were found, all but for one. Severus Snape; the notorious murderer of one of the greatest wizards ever to live, Albus Dumbledore; the one man who had played both sides; the man whose true intentions were never clear but never the less still trusted by those in the position of highest power. He was the one who the Dark Lord now recognized as his right hand man, the one with whom he was forever indebted to because without him Voldemort felt he could not have won at all. And in times of great trouble having power is both a blessing and a curse.

The Death Eaters all walked into a room, large and circular where empty chairs had been set up against the wall. Once all had filed in, they all bowed, slowly kneeling towards their leader, satisfied smirks upon all faces but for one... which sat as impassive as it had always been.

They all knelt down as Lord Voldemort stood up, his handsome face as perfect as it had been before Harry Potter had turned his own curse against him. There was only one man who knew the numerous potions and enormous pain that Voldemort had gone through to look that handsome and it was that man that was truly the person they were here to celebrate.

"My friends," a cold emotionless voice said. The Death Eaters all turned their heads toward the Dark Lord, knowing that whatever was about to be said could only mean good for them. "I asked you here because I have gifts for you, gifts that I know will give you great... pleasure."

At the word, the twin doors behind them opened again, this time to admit several beautiful young women, who were taken to seats by their parents. The smirks on his followers' faces grew even bigger, but for one, whose expression became stonier, if that was possible. As their lust filled eyes took in the sights before them, they all stopped at the seat where an impossibly breathtaking young woman sat. Both parents had their hands on their shoulder, as if to both restrain her and to keep any one from taking her right there.

Her straight black hair cascaded down to her breasts, which rose with every shattered breath that she took, her eyes an unusual color of amethyst, that were rimmed red, unshed tears still on her long eyelashes. She was slender yet womanly curves were a delicious contrast to the sweet face. A gown of pure white provoked anyone to take it off her caramelized skin.

Voldemort followed his followers' stares already knowing where it would lead. A cold smile appeared on his face as he put out a hand to beckon her to stand.

As she stood, it was clear that she was shorter then most of the women there reaching only average. But her height was the only thing average about her. She was unmistakably one of the most beautiful women anyone of them had ever laid eyes on.

"You may leave," he said to the parents of the young women, all leaving easily but the one, but as Voldemort turned his eyes to them they left as well, with a last glance to their beautifully tragic daughter.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Miss Scarlet Evelyn Sparot. You may recognize the name, an ancient pureblood family of the highest regard. But the family has spent much of their time in Switzerland so you may not be familiar with their faces. Especially this face," Voldemort with a finger tilted up the said face to gaze at him.

Her gaze was stoic, though tears trailed down her cheeks.

"I was going to take her for myself, but there is one among us deserving a prize that even I covet."

All eyes turned to the tall dark-haired man who could not easily be described as attractive. His hooked nose was his most prominent feature and his eyes held more intelligence then emotion. He gave no sign of being acknowledged but rather kept his eyes locked to Voldemort.

"Severus, no one knows more then you how I got to be. You have always been one of my most loyal followers and I believe appreciation is due."

He motioned for Snape to come forward and as he stood before the Dark Lord, the young woman turned her gaze to him, her eyes proud past the tears.

"My lord I don't need a gift from you, your happiness is enough. If I have pleased my lord then nothing more would please me"

All eyes were swiftly turned to Snape, not any of them would be passing up the gift before them.

Voldemort smiled his cold smile again as he said, "You have been unmarried for far too long and I promised you that I would find you a wife that even I would want after my war had been won. I always keep my promises."

Protests stopped themselves as they hit Snape's tongue because the look on Voldemort's face was resolute. The same look he had seen time and time again. Voldemort placed the young women, a girl really compared to his age.

My god, she must be half my age. He thought as she came to stand next to him.

Words flew by both pairs of ears as a marriage ceremony ministered by the Dark Lord himself took place. Agreement was not necessary but both placed rings on each other's fingers, both reluctant. It was only the words "Mr. and Mrs. Severus Snape" that brought them back to the reality of the situation.

Polite clapping ensued as they were turned around. Voldemort's cold hand pressed against Snape's shoulder and he whispered "Take her home. I'll stop by soon to visit. You must be eager to…"

Their home was a gothic mansion, big enough for a family of twenty to live comfortably. A small lake sat in the center of the front of the dark house. Looming gates enclosed and isolated them from neighbors. It was not a welcoming home for a young bride of barely eighteen. It was not a welcoming home for a man of forty. Nevertheless it was theirs.

Scarlet spoke no word as they came to the house. She spoke no word as elves opened the double doors to let the newlyweds inside. She stayed absorbed as she was led upstairs to their room. It was only then as she sat on the bed that she looked up at Severus Snape.

Her husband.

This wasn't the life she had envisioned for herself. She hadn't thought she would be married before twenty-five. She hadn't thought her husband would be a man she had never met. And never in her life could she have possibly even dreamed that her husband would be Lord Voldemort's right-hand. She was a good person, she hated everything Death Eaters even stood for and now here she was married to one.

All because her parents were weaklings. Too scared for their own lives to fight for their daughter's. But then again she didn't have the nerve to fight in front of Him. The Dark Lord. It had taken everything in her to look at him and even that small nothing had drained her. And now here she was… married.

Her husband stood with his back towards her, slowing taking off his clothes.

His clothes.

Oh shit.

She had forgotten about that small detail.