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Delightful Deception [Chapter 4//Severus Snape]

Scarlet couldn't have been more embarrassed. The night gown she wore was little more then a sheet of green silk. Opened at the back, and barely covering the tops of her thighs, she felt overexposed. She had tied her hair up in a loose bun but now entering the bedroom again, she wanted to pull it down, hoping it would gain back some of the modesty lost.

Snape was locking up his secret room, and hiding it back in plain sight as she entered. She stopped to look at him, just as he turned around to face her. If she had lost pride over his nonchalance over her physical attributes, it came back now.

He stumbled back as if pushed. His eyes taking in all of her.

And strangely she found herself no longer wanting to pull down her hair to cover up; but pivoting so that the material hugged her curves tighter. Something like desire coursed through her blood, her voice coming out huskier then usual as she asked, "Shall I turn down the covers?"

Snape gave a quick, jerky nod and she turned slowly to the bed. She could feel his stare and the warm feeling spreading through her body surprised her.

If a look makes you feel like this, wonder what a touch would do?

Shocked at herself, Scarlet opened the curtains surrounding the bed. A soft curse fell from her lips as she remembered they would be sleeping together.

He fought this foreign feeling. He wanted to take her, make her his own. He wanted to know how her bare skin would feel against his. He wanted to know what noises she made as she…

He stopped himself. Desire vanishing as it replaced itself with self disgust. She was half his age, she didn't want him, she didn't even like him. He had done a lot of despicable things in his life, but never had he had he forced himself on a woman.

Gaining back his cold reserve that had stuck with him through the years, the same attitude that had probably saved him more times then one, he went to the bed.

He had always slept nude, but with her in the bed it wasn't a workable idea. At least not tonight.

He replaced his clothes with a night shirt, feeling much older then he had began. Pulling the curtains on his side back, he looked at his bride.

Her face marred with worry. Anger flared up briefly inside him.

"I'm not going to force myself on you." The words came out harsh, a bark more then a sentence.

She looked up surprised, "I know, I trust you."


She trusted him? It was his turn to be surprised.

She was still speaking as he tried to work around this new revelation, "It's just that I'm not one of those "need my own space" kinds of sleepers. Do you know what I mean? I tend to gravitate towards other people. I've always been like this."

He was one of those "need my own space kinds of sleepers". But before he could tell her that, he found his mouth opening to say, "That's fine."

The small smile she shot him made him want to smile back but he quickly walked over to the bathroom.

Scarlet crawled into bed, her mood better then it had at the beginning of this day. Better then it had been for the past few weeks, ever since her parents had sprung this marriage on her. She could have had it a lot worse. He didn't seem all that bad, definitely not what she thought a Death Eater would be. Voldemort's right hand man wasn't even close to the evil incarnate that she had imagined.

He walked back into the room, not even looking at her. He settled onto his side of the bed before he turned off the lights. Darkness enveloped them.

She whispered, "Good night," not expecting a reply back and was pleasantly surprised when he did, his gruff voice soothing in that moment.

Though she had fallen asleep earlier, this day was more exhausting then she had thought. She feel asleep easily again, her breathing barely making a sound.

Snape had thought he would be getting very little sleep. This new body invading his bed, his life. But sleep came quicker then he imagined. The day's activities finally taking their toll on him as well.

Morning came, light flooding the bedroom. Before he opened his eyes he could feel a warm body wrapped in his arms. Memories of the day before came to him. He had a wife. A wife who was not apparently one of those "need my own space" kinds of sleepers.

He opened his eyes slowly, not wanting to wake up and lose the warmth of her. She was using one his arms as a pillow and the other had somehow come to hold her around her waist. She had her back to him; her backside nestled against his groin.

Embarrassment filled him as he realized he had woken up… aroused. He needed to get up, but the little vixen seemed to know his intentions as she seemed to hold on tighter to his arms, getting even closer to him. He could feel her bare skin against his chest. The heat passing quickly through the light material of the night shirt.

He held his head up, looking at her face. She seemed serene. She probably thought he was someone else. That thought bothered him more then he was willing to admit.

He needed to entangle himself from her before she woke up.

Moving swiftly, he got out of bed and started his day. There were things that needed to be accomplished.

He stopped as he realized she had given a sigh. As her eyes started to open he left the room.

Scarlet woke up with a heaving feeling in her chest, something she couldn't put her finger on. As she looked around, she realized where she was.

She fell back into bed as she realized that today was her first real day as a married woman.

Lord help them all.