Christmas Day

Gibbs woke up to the feeling of something heavy lying on his ribs. Looking down, he saw the plaster-encased arm of Abby. He turned completely to face her; staring into the closed eyes and watching her even breathing. This, he thought, is how Christmas Morning should be; peaceful, love-filled and serene.

Sleepy eyes slowly opened and green gazed into blue.

"Morning Jethro."

"Morning Baby."

"I just need to close my eyes for 5 more minutes and I'll be ….." The rest of the sentence was lost as Abby's eyes clanged shut again.

Gibbs smiled, kissed the tip of her nose, and slipped out of bed. He grabbed his boxers and T-Shirt from the floor and put them on. That was the problem about staying here – almost all of his clothes were at his place; along with his coffee-maker that was set just so, and the half-finished boat in the basement. He missed working on the boat; Christmas or not, he'd have headed down there for a bit while Abby slept on. All there was in her apartment was a temperamental coffee percolator, some weird CDs and a bookcase full of classic non-fiction. Gibbs pondered the selection of books; there was nothing he wanted to read, but he thought the bookcase was nice …. True to form, Abby surfaced an hour later. She wandered into the sitting room and blinked owl-eyed at Gibbs who was standing in the kitchen, frying pan in one hand, spatula in the other.

Christmas breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and coffee was consumed among kisses and hugs. There were other small, silly gifts to open and one package for Abby, wrapped in the dancing Santa paper that definitely hadn't been under the tree last night. She left it to last – opening the Toxic Dump CD, Ginger and Vanilla shower gel, and tub of body glitter first. (Gibbs had finally discovered the joys of online shopping – at least that's what he told Abby. Cynthia, however, would probably tell a different tale!) At last, she got to the dancing Santas. This time, she carefully opened the wrapping, and her jaw fell open. Inside was a set of Madame Lou Lou underwear; a red silk thong and red plunge-front bra the clasped at the front. And, it was the right size!! "There's another little gift, but we have to play Hot N Cold" said Jethro. Standing up, he gently moved her chair backwards and led her to the middle of the room. "You've known the rules of this game since you were a kid. Right now, you're neither hot nor cold. So, start looking!"

Abby moved left and heard "cold" so switched to the right. She went past the tree to the front door and heard "getting cold again" so doubled back. Heading towards the table brought a "nope, cooling down" response. She stood for a second – if the front door was cold and the left side of the sitting room was cold, that meant that "right behind" was warm. She turned, and faced the tree. "Hot" came the shout from the kitchen; and Jethro stopped washing the dishes to watch Abby search the tree. Inside, tucked amongst the branches, was a small cracker about 3 inches long. She brought it out and raised an eyebrow at Jethro. He nodded. "Want me to help pull it?" he smirked. They pulled on the count of 3 and it snapped. Inside, there was a paper hat, corny joke, a plastic tooter and a black silk thong. "Replaces the one I, em, destroyed" was his rather sheepish explanation. "Madame Lou Lou is going to love you!" was Abby's response. "And, I really need it for tonight ……." Suddenly aware of what she said, she twirled the tiny piece of fabric on her fingers, looked down and whistled a Christmas carol. Gibbs, intrigued, pressed her. "Why black, why tonight? What are you wearing anyway – and what's Ziva got to do with it?"

"Ziva's coming over at 4.30 and helping me to dress. What I'm wearing is a surprise (and, she thought, one that you are going to love!) so you have to stay out here with Tony while I change. You'll also have to change before I do – so no peeking when I'm in the bedroom!" He smiled, wrapped his hands around her waist and said: "Don't suppose there stockings and a garter belt that goes with that thong, is there?" She smiled into his eyes, and said nothing.

Later on, they went back to Gibbs' house to get his suit. He'd been a bit quiet on the journey over. He'd been mulling something over for a couple of days and had, finally, plucked up enough courage to speak to Abby. As soon as they got through his front door, he pulled her towards him and held her tight. "I have something to ask you and I want you to consider it carefully before you answer. Will you do that?" She looked into his eyes and nodded slowly. "Will you move in with me? I love you Abby and I don't want to be a day without you. But staying at your place is driving me nuts. I mean the apartment's fine ……" He never finished the sentence. She was smiling broadly and nodding enthusiastically.

"I was hoping you'd ask."


"Oh, last week I gave the building manager notice I'd be leaving!" was the response. Gibbs stared at her. "We've only been a couple just over a week Abbs. How did you know I'd ask?"

"Oh, Jethro, Jethro, you lovely man! Don't you know that a man chases a girl until she catches him? I knew you'd ask me and, besides, I know you miss working on the boat at night. And then there was the clincher."

"What's that?"

"Your bed's much bigger than mine. You also have two bathrooms to my one. Your coffee percolator makes your coffee just how you like it. And you have a garden."

"When do you have to leave your place?"

"Any time. Theoretically I still have the apartment for a month, but I don't think he'll mind if I go earlier."

"Want to move in before New Year?"

"I'd love to move in before we go to Ducky's but we'd never get Tony and Tim to help!" was the response. "So, 31st December will be fine. Then I'll get to wake up with you every day, go into the basement every night and help sand the boat (Gibbs' raised eyebrows told her that wasn't going to happen); well, ok, watch you sand the boat; and maybe come the spring I could help in the garden? I'm really good at weeding …."

Jethro kissed her temple and relaxed completely. She snuggled into his arms and sighed deeply. She hadn't turned him down; hadn't thought the suggestion was dumb; he was so happy. "Please God," he prayed "let us stay this way." Before they left, his spare key was attached to her keychain.

Ziva and Tony arrived at Abby's promptly at 4.30. Tony too was amazed by this "getting changed at Abby's place" scenario and tried desperately to find out what outfits the women were wearing. But, true to her word, Abby kicked both men out while she and Ziva changed. It took them almost an hour, but after frantic knocking on the door and cries of "We'll be late", both were ready. The bedroom door opened and out stepped Ziva – still wearing the full length grey coat she'd worn to the apartment and her flat boots. Abby came out behind her wearing an ankle-length black coat, and her platform boots. The only real change was her hair was worn down, instead of in pigtails, and was lightly curled around her face. Her makeup was dramatic eyes, subdued lips, and a hint of blush. Ziva too had adopted this femme fatale look – to great effect if Tony's reaction was an indicator. His eyes swivelled from one woman to the other and he tried to picture what each was wearing under the all-enveloping coats. With his libido firmly in overdrive he was about to crack a joke when Gibbs got in front of him and said quietly: "Conference Room on Monday, DiNozzo?" Tony swallowed hard, got the keys out and helped the ladies with the gift bags. Gibbs shut and locked the door behind them, and they headed to the elevator.

Tim was helping Lisa out of his car when Tony pulled up beside him. "Strange" thought DiNozzo, "all the girls are wearing long coats and flat shoes. I hope to God it isn't some 'reverse' Christmas thing they're working on – coming in work clothes. I'm going to feel a fool if that's the case. I've got my good suit on …" Gibbs, too, was puzzled by this. He was even more puzzled when all 3 women got together and started whispering and comparing the contents of various bags. This stopped when Ducky opened the door. Hugging all his guests, he led them into the hallway and Abby winked at him and said: "Ladies, I think we need to do some running repairs" and headed upstairs, grinning at Gibbs as she went. Ziva and Lisa followed. Tony looked at Ducky, who shook his head and muttered something about "the fairer sex" under his breath and found hangers for the men's outdoor coats. All were still standing in the hallway when the ladies started their descent. Gibbs, Tony, Ducky and Tim stared, and kept on staring until all 3 were at the foot of the stairs.

"And that" said Lisa to her new-found friends "is how a girl makes an entrance".

The 3 women were dressed identically – but in different colours. Abby wore the black Madame Lou Lou basque (with the ribbon definitely laced!) and fitted black silk chiffon skirt that ended about 5 inches above her knee. Her bat pendant was around her neck; the only other 'jewellery' was a black ribbon tied round her right wrist. The outfit was finished with sheer black hose and stiletto heels with an ankle strap. Ziva wore the same outfit, but in red and Lisa had opted for green.

There was silence in the hall as the men digested what was in front of them. Gibbs looked very appreciative, Tim's eyes were out on stalks and Tony looked like the cat that's fallen into a vat of cream and didn't know whether to scramble out or start lapping.

"Ladies, you look delicious!" said Ducky.

"Yup, definitely edible and totally gorgeous, and infinitely lickable and wonderfully sweet and …"

"Don't make me slap you DiNozzo"

"Ok Gibbs, shutting up. But you can't make me close my eyes. Can't see where I'm going then. Wouldn't be able to find the dining room or the Turkey either. So, have to keep my eyes open – yep, definitely open – need to see everything, absolutely everything; tree, decorations, turkey ..."

Ziva put a hand on his cheek and smacked him gently. "Tony, enough."

Lisa slipped away momentarily and headed for the dining room – Abby had told her where it was – and she quietly changed the place cards around. Ducky and Mrs Mallard would face each other at the end of the table. But Tony would be seated between Abby and Ziva and directly opposite her. Now, let him try to get through dinner without making reference to "breast" or "thighs"! This was going to be fun!

Ducky took them into the formal sitting room and his mother who had been snoozing quietly in a chair by the fire woke up. Today was one of her good days and she admired the ladies outfits, told a risqué story about being on safari in Africa with a former beau, and drank three Martinis in quick succession before trying to marry Lisa off to Tony. Ducky wisely switched her drinks to apple juice mixed with soda water.

Dinner was served and poor Tony didn't get through the starter before "thighs" and "breasts" were mentioned. Gibbs, sitting beside Lisa, gave him a patented "Gibbs stare" and he fell silent. But, Gibbs was feeling a more than a little uncomfortable – actually, he was feeling pretty hot and very bothered. Lisa, a cheerleader with the Redskins, had a figure that could stop a train and the outfit enhanced every curve. Ziva, although more petite than her companions, nonetheless was a showstopper – red was definitely her colour. And Abby, his Abby, well, she'd look good in paper sack, but this ensemble had him squirming in his seat. Abby grinned across at him and, stretching out her foot under the table, rubbed it up the side of Gibbs' calf. He almost squeaked when she touched him. Her toe continued, right up past his knee to his thigh and came to a stop just before reaching his now aching balls. Then, slowly, she started to rub. Very gently, back and forward, she kept going – all the while maintaining an outward façade of complete innocence and chatting to Tim and Ducky. Jethro was doing all he could not to groan out loud; this was so hot. Every now and then Abby would lean forward, giving him a glimpse of those delicious mounds and at one point he could see the edge of a pink nipple – a nipple he'd like to suck, lick and tease right now. He was fighting a losing battle against his desire. He was rock hard and he'd have to excuse himself otherwise there would be a major disaster. With a quick "please excuse me" to the other guests he got to the guest bathroom with a bare 5 seconds to spare. He'd reached the commode when he came and he clamped his jaw to stop himself from moaning aloud. God, he wanted her – now! After tidying up he walked slowly back to the dining room. Abby turned innocent eyes towards him; but her smile held more than a hint of devil. He signed "naughty girl" to her – she signed back "Who, me?" and promptly turned towards Tony to hand him the sweet potatoes. Tony got a full view of her breasts, before Ziva chimed in with "Do you want sauce Tony" before handing him the cranberry relish, or was it her breasts she was handing over? He didn't know where to look. Everywhere he did look all he could see was breasts; lightly tanned (Lisa), pale and creamy (Abby) and slightly olive toned (Ziva). Breasts everywhere, different sizes, different shapes, different tones; oh God, not now! … He excused himself to the bathroom.

It was almost 1.00am when the party ended. Mrs Mallard had gone to bed at 10 – after eliciting a promise from Tony that she would be on his guest list at his upcoming wedding to Lisa. All were replete and happy; Ducky stood at the door and waved them off. All the ladies carried their formal shoes in their hands as it was too slippery underfoot for heels as they headed to the cars. Tim left first and Tony a few seconds behind carrying a silent Gibbs, sleepy Ziva and positively fizzing Abby. With quiet roads Tony had them back at Abby's flat within 20 minutes. After saying quiet goodnights (Ziva was asleep and softly snoring) they headed upstairs. Gibbs was holding Abby's arm more tightly than usual and as soon as they were in the lift he backed her against the wall, found her mouth with his own and took possession. He was growing again but this time it wouldn't end the way it had at Ducky's. He'd come – but inside her; and he could listen to her moan and cry for him. The lift stopped and grasping her hand he half pulled, half walked her to the door. Within seconds the door was open, they were inside and the deadbolt shot home. Abbs grinned up at him.

"Enjoy dinner?"

"Would have enjoyed it more if the appetiser had of been hot" came the reply

She laughed. "You didn't need anything else hot Jethro; you'd have spontaneously combusted! No-one else noticed but I know why you went to the bathroom so early on. It had something to do with that little massage and all that cleavage on display, didn't it?"

In response he grabbed her butt, ground himself into her and growled, "You'll need help getting out of those clothes Abigail" before releasing her. Her coat came off along with his; his jacket and tie followed. He quickly spun her round and began unhooking the basque from the back and then dropped it on top of the other clothes; he spun her round again to face him. He bent down and took one nipple in his mouth and sucked. The other he played with. Abby moaned at the gentle nipping and rolling; and the sucking sensation, which was intense. She leaned back against the door as Gibbs switched breasts. She tried to undo his shirt buttons but with only one arm functioning properly it was difficult. Then he halted and faced her. His kiss was searing hot; his tongue taking complete possession and he moaned aloud into her mouth. He was rapidly getting too close again and Abbs quickly undid his trousers, reached in and grasped his swollen cock, gently squeezing just below the head, to take his erection down. "Not going to make it to bed, Abbs" he growled.

"Here's just fine" was the quick response. "Anywhere's fine, as long as it's with you."

He slid her skirt up to her waist and noted with delight that beneath she wore stockings and a garter belt. He was watching her eyes change colour as his fingers grazed the top of her stockings, gently stroking the soft flesh, and she dropped her head onto his shoulder and mewed softly. His fingers moved to the edge of her panties and he felt and heard her breathing change. Then they brushed aside the sopping fabric and gently rubbed her swollen labia. This time, she moaned aloud, and jerked forward trying to impale herself on his fingers. Instead, he dropped his trousers and boxers, positioned himself and pushed into her, hard. He placed his hands under her butt and lifted her off the floor as her thighs wrapped round his waist. She clung on to his shoulder, riding him hard, matching his need with her desire and quickly, all too quickly, they came together. He smiled at the door as he heard her mewl and groan aloud. Then he carefully put her back down on the ground and placed his arms around her waist. After a couple of minutes she looked up at him – her eyes still emerald and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Let's go to bed".


"A bit."

"Glad it's only a bit".


"You still owe me a dessert. And I still owe you a spanking. I fully intend to collect on both."

Abby, beamed and bounced with glee.

Across town, Tony lay in his bed, confused, amazed, happy and exhausted. Ziva was curled up like a cat beside him and he still couldn't quite fathom what had happened. Sure, he wanted her, but to have actually made love to her – that was something! The flashed a patented "DiNozzo the Predator" smile as he remembered just how they'd got here. That was one for the record books! She stirred and turned over, wrapping a leg around his and allowing her hand to wander down his chest. She mumbled "Merry Christmas Tony" into his shoulder and slipped back to sleep. Tony rested his head on hers, grinned widely and fell asleep. All in all, it had been the most wonderful Christmas day.


Abby purchased Gibbs' silver fox via a telephone bid with the New York branch of a London auction house. The fox was designed and made in London in the early 1900s which makes him over 100 years old now. The box and its velvet lining are original. It's believed that the silver fox wearing a deerstalker hat and carrying a magnifying glass is an allusion to the great fictional detective, Sherlock Homes, whose author was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. "Silver" actually exists although he is smaller than Gibbs' version. He stands approximately 2.5 inches high and was once attached to the chain of a fob watch my late Grandfather wore. He is now sitting on top of his box on my computer table at home.

Gibbs' purchase of Abby's necklace from Tiffany is pure fantasy. I have no idea if Tiffany would accept a photocopied bat picture and/or a signature scrawled on paper as suitable templates for a bespoke piece of jewellery. However, if anyone from Tiffany is reading this, and wants to make a tribute to NCIS's Goth forensic expert, please give me a credit. Or, better still, send me a pendant too!