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Unrequited Desires

Summary: She desired to have someone by her side. He had no desire in taking a commitment. Yet they were together for their own personal, selfish reasons. But when she finds what she longs for in someone else, will his feelings for her change?


Chapter 1

The rain appeared to be heavy tonight. And from the looks of it, it wouldn't be stopping anytime soon.

She was looking through the window. Not that there was anything good to see since the room she was currently occupying didn't have much of a view. All she could see from there was the rooftop packaged unit on the flat concrete roof of the adjoining but much smaller building. Her green eyes gazed aimlessly at the water running down the window.

Then, for no reason, she studied the shadow of a petite frame staring right back at her, sadly. She sighed.

Maria felt miserable.

But what was the reason for her to be? She had everything, or at least, that was her friends told her. She couldn't figure out why they admired her so much. Sure she was a gifted fashion designer; she could make her own clothes including her in ring gear. And sure she had the opportunity to grace the cover of Playboy. Not every diva could get that chance. She had been lucky. And sure, she was a beautiful woman. She would always get compliments even if she had a bad hair day.

But what did they give her? It was not that she was not aware of the many blessings she had. But the fact of the matter was that she wasn't a happy person. She felt empty.

So she was claimed to have everything? She knew that she was nowhere near that kind of perfection.

In fact, she found it rather ironic that she thought that they had everything.

Okay, so maybe this word everything been exaggerated when the actual truth was that they had something that she didn't. The one thing she envied them for.

A boyfriend.

It seemed as though she hadn't been lucky when it comes to love. All of the relationships she ended up had lead to breakups. Although she thought it was nice to be on her own, extreme loneliness could be a scary thing sometimes…whether she wanted to admit this or not.

She wanted someone to care for her; someone to love her…

It's meant to be this way, I guess.

There were doubts that supported this mental thought. There had not been a slice of hope that she could find true love, just like Theresa from Passions when she had Ethan; just like Piper from Charmed when she had Leo. Or even (to be more realistic) just like her best friend Mickie James when she had a fun loving Sexy Beast of a boyfriend, Chris Jericho.

Why did it have to be so hard to find that someone? She would feel out of place whenever she was around couples. Just one glance of a couple kissing, on the bench at a park, for example, would plunge the red haired diva into a state of depression.

Looking away from the window, she turned her attention to the dressing table where her cell phone was. She reached for it and dialed the number. There could only one solution to her problem. And the solution to her problem would lay within that phone call to a particular someone.

After two rings, a deep voice drawled on the other line. "Hello?"

"Are you in your room?"

"I am. Want to come over?"

They both knew the answer to this; otherwise she wouldn't have called in the first place. She didn't need to explain herself.

She answered him eventually. "Yes."

"Alright. I'll wait for you."

She hung up her phone and slowly put the device on the dressing table, thinking about the meeting that had just been arranged. It seemed that she wouldn't be alone.

She was going to see him. Tonight.


The elevator doors slid open and Maria stepped out. She searched for the number to his hotel room. Once she found the right door, she began to knock. She heard the doorknob clicked and it wasn't long until a man appeared behind the door.

She looked up and down at him, quite surprised to dress up casually as if he was planning on going out somewhere. "You're all dressed."

He chuckled. "When you rang me I just reached back here from the bar downstairs."

"Oh well that explains it," Maria beamed. She stepped inside. She turned to look at him after the door closed.

"So how you've been?" she asked.

"Never been better. How about you?"

She smiled weakly. "To be honest, I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling."

Silence plunged the room. Their eye contact never broke since she came. He steadily approached her. Maria didn't move from her position. Soon his tall figure towered over her; his crystal blue eyes looked into her green ones.

"Maybe I can do something about it." Randy Orton's voice was low and gentle.

"I was hoping you would say that." Maria whispered back. Then her lips attached to his in a matter of moments.

She felt him pushing her body backward until she collapsed onto the bed. Her fingers reached for his white dress shirt and began to unbutton it.

With his shirt unbuttoned completely, Maria slid it down his muscular arms and tossed it to the floor. Her hands rubbed his back whilst tilting her head upward for his mouth to peruse her neck.

She knew that this was wrong. She had known better. But now wasn't the time to ponder about morality.

Tonight would be the night that belonged to them.

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