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Chapter 2

"Come on Maria! The whole roster's gonna be in the club tonight. It's the grand opening!"

She knew that her best friend Mickie would not give up until she heard a yes from her mouth despite of her wish to stay hidden in bed for the rest of the night.

"I'll be fine here. You and Chris can go and have fun. I'll be fine here."

"But I want you to come," Mickie whined. She sat on the edge of Maria's bed and turned to the rather large lump in a form of Maria's slender body coiling underneath the sheets. "I wouldn't be fun without you."

"I'll be fine here." She couldn't care less if she had repeated this for the third time. All she needed at the moment was to be alone.

"It's just for one night," Mickie insisted. "Come on we've been talking about this place for ages! You can't tell me that you're going to change your mind now."

"Well I am."

Mickie sighed wearily, not knowing what else she could do to get Maria out of bed. and The redhead had been in this state for a good while since she and Antonio had split up. It was not at all easy for a girl to breakup with a guy, especially when she thought that she knew that he was definitely 'the one'.

But how could this be if it wasn't destined to last? Maria thought it funny that all the guys she went out with turned out to be jerks.

"Please Maria. I can't stand to see you mope over the idiot. He does not deserve you at all! There'll be other guys out there…"

"If this is a way to get me to--"

"No I'm not going to set you up with a random guy if that's what you're thinking," Mickie told hastily. "I just want you to have some fun. So will you go? Please? For me?"

A sigh was made as a response. Then Maria popped out from them. "Alright…fine. I'll go and take a shower."

"Yay!" The brunette diva grinned and hugged her. "I'll call Chris and tell him to give us a few minutes."

Maria nodded. "Okay."

With that plan in place, she couldn't break her promise now. So reluctantly, she went to start the shower.


Though it had been just an hour since her arrival, Maria wanted to leave already.

Throughout her time in the nightclub, she only had two dances. One with Mickie and the other was with Chris, being the gentleman as he made a request to dance with the red head. They were trying to get her to have a good time and for that, she appreciated the thought that they didn't want her to feel left out.

Now the couple was dancing slowly to the song 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams. The moment that the DJ announced that the song was requested by Chris, a soft smile found its way on Maria's face. She thought it was touching that he requested his and Mickie's song.

They looked so happy together. Maria could see that and she would wish nothing but to see her best friend happy…even if at the moment things were not going well for her.

She found herself wishing to be in the same position as Mickie. Dancing with that special someone, to a song that could make them fall for each other all over again.

That beautiful image etched in her mind seemed too good to be true but alas her imagination wasn't enough to convince her that she would find happiness in reality.

Suddenly a voice dragged her back to reality with a question, "Excuse me, Miss?"

It was the bartender. For a minute, Maria almost forgot that she had been sitting at the bar for a good while now.

"Can I get you a refill?" He politely asked.

She looked at her martini glass and smiled. "No thank you. Actually I think I'll go now. How much do I owe you?" Her clutch bag was at the ready.

"Don't worry about it. I have your drink on Mr. Jericho's tab so he'll pay for yours later."

"Oh okay. If he asks for me can you let him know that I left, please?"

"Sure no problem."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome," The bartender beamed. "Have a good night."

Maria nodded and slid off the stool; a frown replaced her smile as she began to squeeze her way out through the congested area of people.

Pushing the heavy doors open, she was finally greeted by the evening breeze. The music and the noise from the crowd failed to reach her ears as she proceeded down the parking lot.

"Have a good night," Maria muttered. "Yeah…good one."

She could see a car making its way out; only to stop for her to cross. She held a hand out to the driver and crossed over to the sidewalk.

She hoped that a taxi would arrive soon. Obviously her stilettos wouldn't do a fine job of undertaking the long walking distance from here to the hotel so a taxi would be a better option.

Perhaps it wasn't at all necessary had not she heard a roaring sound of an engine at her side. This captured her attention along arousing her curiosity that the same car that stopped for her was the same one that was going slow like a snail as if to keep up with her walking pace.

All of her questions swirling in her mind would be answered as the window eventually rolled down and a familiar face came into view.

"You might want to be extra careful. There could be creeps lurking."

Maria chuckled lightly. "I'll be fine. Just looking for a taxi."

"Going to the hotel?"


"That's where I'm heading too. Hop in."

She smiled at the kind offer. She went around to the car and slipped into the passenger seat. She fastened her seatbelt and looked over at the driver.

"Thanks so much Randy. I would probably get stuck waiting out there for hours."

The driver in question chuckled and risked to take a look at her. "You're welcome."


Morning light spilled through the curtains and onto the side of the bed where a slender body was laid. A few toss and turns later, the green eyes unveiled; scrunching slightly to avoid the sun's rays.

She held back a yawn before she sat up on the bed. Whilst gripping onto the white sheet around her body for warmth, it had hit her that the surroundings weren't at all familiar to her.

It had dawned on her that she was not in her room but in someone else's.

Maria looked over at the tanned muscular figure lying next to her.

Randy was still asleep. She stood up cautiously as to not wake him up and went to retrieve her clothing that were scattered carelessly around the floor. She slipped them on, picked up her black sandals and crossed the room by tiptoeing. Though she had succeeded as she reached to the door, her attempt of leaving had to be ruined.

'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no

A sudden blast of music came from her cell phone; at a bad timing. Maria jabbed the button for it to stop.

"Shit." She cursed under her breath. She looked at the bed where Randy still had his eyes closed. She let out a relieved sigh and went to twist the knob.

Just as she pulled the door open, a deep voice had her heart jumping with fright. "You're leaving?"

The redheaded diva averted her eyes from the door to the bed she was in previously. His eyes were fully awake now as he sat up.

"Um, yeah." Maria nodded, feeling rather awkward. "Actually I have a training session with Mickie this morning."

"Okay." He nodded. "I guess I'll see you later then."

"Sure." She forced a smile to appear. "Bye."

Once the door was closed behind her, Maria tried to gain composure as she was shaking like crazy. Not because of the air conditioning that was left on overnight. Her body was reacting to something much more: her guilt.

This was wrong. And the memories of last night proved this. Had she not known the risk she was taking for putting her own body for pleasure?

Yes, she did. But that didn't stop her from going back to the Legend Killer.

Leaning against the wall, she looked into the screen of her cell phone where it read 'one new message', the main reason why her phone went off before she could make an escape. She pressed a button to read it.

Hurry on down or Chris will help eat your pancakes lol. – Mickie.

Despite that it was supposed to have her laughing, it didn't work. Not a hint of a smile appeared on her face.

Instead her eyes found the ceiling above her and sighed. "Great."


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